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My friends and family think it’s HILARIOUS that I get to go shopping for a living.  With other people’s money.  It’s like getting my retail fix without melting the plastic.

Well, last week they were laughing even harder.  Not only did I get to go shopping for a living.  I got to take a friend – blogger Bronwyn from Maid in Australia – and we were BOTH styled by a Westfield Chermside stylist. Oh, and we both had $500 Westfield Gift Card to spend.

Yes, I had to pinch myself.  And pick my jaw up off the floor after meeting our stylist, the drop-dead-gorgeous Christie Nicholaides. I then clocked her Easton Pearson dress (I. Die) and quickly picked my whole body up off the floor to set her two very different challenges.

Together we had one hour with Christie.  Yup, 30 minutes each for her to work her magic, whipping up a new look based on spring-summer 11-12’s hottest trends.

Westfield’s Style Guide has narrowed these trends down to include:  Colour Pop, Minimal White, Floral and Ladylike.


Style mission no.1

Bronwyn was searching for a head-to-toe outfit that would be versatile for her day-to-day work and family lifestyle, as well as a planned visit in October to Melbourne for a blogging conference.  Check out the video below for she got started.

In the change room at Sussan, Christie worked her magic, summing up Bronwyn as a hybrid hourglass and rectangle shape and quickly gathering pieces and accessories from the Tribal trend for Bron to layer on and enhance that shape. The combination of tribal print maxi, black tank, stone vest and necklaces worked to elogonate Bron’s shape.  Nude wedges from Joanne Mercer and pops of turquoise in a necklace and ring from Adorne completed the picture.

Bronwyn gets a Westfield Chermside style makeover

What Bron thought: I loved that there was no pressure to buy the outfits that were suggested to me. They were suggestions, just that, and I was able to leave things on hold, go away, and come back and buy when and if I decided they were right for me. Having initially been a sceptic about personal shoppers, I would totally recommend the service now, and I would go back myself. And next time, I may be brave enough to try colour blocking! 

Budget:  $100 under!

Christie’s key styling tips for Bron

1.  Always choose a scoop or v neckline

2.  Show off the waist by choosing garments that skim the body and cinch in under the bust.

3.  Choose a 3/4 sleeve to bring focus to small wrists and hands.

4.  Choose straight or a-line skirts.

5.  Add two long necklaces to elongate the neck.

6.  A pair of neutral wedges give height as well as wearability.

7.  Change the tribal look by adding a flash of colour – red or turquoise.  Or a white jacket.


Style mission no. 2

I was keen to embrace the Minimal White trend, or specifically find a white blazer that would become my hero piece for the season.  For me it was about finding a couple of key pieces that would update and bring a new-season lift to my wardrobe.  Watch the video to see how it unfolded.

Christie took me to Country Road after quickly checking out a white blazer at Veronika Maine (too formal). I’d seen the ivory Country Road jacket online but hadn’t tried it on. And the orange dress was a huge surprise. Feminine and flattering. I’m planning to add key bright accessories and nude shoes for a Melbourne Cup outfit. Love how my tuckshop arms are nicely covered, thank-you very much. The jacket will be on high rotation this season. Over maxis and dresses, as well as with jeans. And yes, I’ll get paranoid about washing my hands and taking it off to eat but it will be SO worth it.

Nikki Parkinson gets a style makeover at Westfield Chermside

What I thought: I tell you, it was SO lovely to be on the receiving end of some styling advice.  And seriously, Christie was just the most gorgeous person to do it.  She worked in a very limited time and absolutely nailed it. Once I planted the seed of the white blazer she knew exactly the stores where we would need to look and she confirmed to me that more should be spent on a purchase like this.  I’m not worried, on a cost-per-wear basis it will have paid for itself by the end of summer.

Budget:  Oops … $29 over

Christie’s key styling tips for me

1. Spend more when investing in something like a white blazer so that the cut, shape and sleeve length is perfect for you (push sleeves up to create most flattering length).

2. Treat white like you would black in winter, working back with everything as your neutral.

3. Keep on choosing classic, beautiful pieces, which you can update with statement accessories.

4. Use white as a way to link to the colourbomb trend without colourbombing from head to toe.

5. With these two pieces, change the look of them each time by adding in a yellow belt, hot pink bag, turquoise ring … anything that pops the colour.

6. Wear different tones of white together, for example a crisp white shirt under the ivory jacket.  It works!

7.  Wear the jacket with navy pants, a red and white striped top and layers of pearls for a new take on the nautical look.

For more information about Westfield’s fashion services, visit here.  There are even free 20-minute Style Lounge sessions at selected Westfield centres all around Australia. Check here for details.




Have you ever had a personal styling session?  How do you think it would help you get ready for the season ahead?

Well have I got a treat for one lucky Styling You reader.  Thanks to Westfield, I’m giving away a one-hour styling session with a Westfield stylist PLUS a $1000 Westfield gift card to spend at your session. Uh-huh. Amazing.

Entering is super easy.  Just leave a comment below telling me what’s your favourite trend for spring and why it would best work in your life? Australian entries only, sorry. And you need to be able to get yourself to the nominated Westfield nearest you. The winner will be selected based on creativity and originality, notified via email and name posted here. Competition opens 7am Tuesday, September 13 and closes 5pm Friday, September 23.  For full terms and conditions, please click here.


Comments 348

  1. I love love love horizontal stripes in white and any other colour. To cover it up I need help from Westfield. at last!

  2. I have to say the hype around colour blocking has made me dislike it before it’s even really begun, I like minimalist white, feminine soft and light!

  3. Bright Colours – I put some Colour on by wearing Colourful Clothes, Shoes, Accessories and Makeup because it helps me to look and feel Happy!

  4. I like my clothes to WORK FOR ME, effortlessly, so I follow the paparazzi’s lens for the latest trends, and colour blocking has celebs flocking.

  5. I love love love horizontal stripes in white and any other colour. Look amazing. It would work best in the correct fabric and cut because I always wear black. Always. And desperately need to break the cycle!

  6. Overweight, short and middle aged,
    it’s hard being fashionable looking this way!
    But after a long dull winter, bright colours are what I need,
    Strappy Wedge sandles with a Maxi Skirt so noone can see my knees.
    Soft, floaty top that hides the lumps and bumps,
    I’ll feel so comfortable and hopefully won’t look like a frump!!

  7. Recently fallen in love with heels because I’m short but I have chicken stick legs. Some advice will give me some spring in my step.

  8. For years my looks been kinda meek
    but not anymore, I’m going chic
    your blogs become my fashion bible
    I’m going wild and going TRIBAL!

  9. As a busy mum of 3 about to return to work (agghhh) I would love a styling session to get me out of the mummy uniform and back on trend. Even though I love the minimal white, I think the colourbomb trend might suit me (well, my kids…) best.

  10. I’m longing for shorts! A more modest way of showing off tanned legs – just need some advice on how to dress them up with something other than a T-shirt!


    I’m no Goth, but others seem to think so….bit of a worry actually, not exactly the look I was aiming for!!

  12. I’m totally taken by Minimal White,
    So wonderful in our Aussie light.
    Will emphasise my Summer tan,
    Prevent me from looking Melbourne-wan,
    “Suits” all occasions and demands.
    A statement piece is what I seek,
    To keep me cool, collected, ultra-chic.

  13. Hi there,

    I am 5’1 and have always found it difficult to find clothes that fit right. I have recently lost 7 kilos and would love some advice on the right type of clothes to buy. I would love to try some different styles and looks but I’m not sure what suits.


  14. My favourite trend is stripes! It works in my life because it’s a trend that seems to stick around for a long time, making my wardrobe versatile, rather than short-term. Love stripes!

  15. I like the urban tribal trend. I will be embracing my inner princess warrior and spicing up neutrals and basics with chunky wooden bangles and neck pieces. What better way to liven up a plain vest? I will also add print vests to basic pants or skirts and vica versa to take the ordinary out into the wild. Ive even got a few feather earrings and clip on hair pieces to complete the look. This trend works for me as you can take it from beach to work to bar nd back if you fancy it. It’s casual and summery but with some colour and an edge. Perfect for beach-side city living while still answering the call of the wild! Me Jane, you can be Tarzan!

  16. I have fallen in love with the gossamer like breezy kaftans of the likes of Louche and Camilla, there’s something quite Mediterranean, versatile and chic that can take you from lying on the beach to dinner and beyond all with a change of shoe and some accessories!

  17. I love the idea of colour blocking – I am always drawn to black, even in summer if I am honest – but having just lost 25kg and counting I am looking forward to adding some gorgeous colour to my wardrobe this year.

  18. I don’t really have one because if I did that would mean I know what I”m doing, fashion wise and due to the recent Frumpy Housewife look, it’s clear I don’t. Please help.

  19. Colourbombing or blocking, which I learnt about from you Nikki, is pretty cool and have wholeheartedly embraced it with a rare purchase! Found a gorgeous almost fluoro yellow sheer top from Witchery which I wear everywhere lately. Need a little help to bring me out of 2005 (the year I got married and my wardrobe budget was dramatically cut)
    Nicole x

  20. I love the bright wedged heels that are everywhere, but I’m worried they’ll make me look like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ – will they? HELP!!!

  21. I love the vibrant colours, they are so uplifting and positive and match perfectly with the colour palette that works best for my colourings.

  22. Spring’s here and I want to feel like a man!
    I do like the lighter shades but please help, or my wife will have me in pink and aqua colours!

  23. Simple shapes and lightweight clothing with splashes of bright colour and bright accessories – lifting my mood from winter gloom and hopefully conveyancing a positivism and optimism that will finally gain me employment after too many depressing unemployed months

  24. Colour Blocking! I love that you can put bold single colours together with reckless abandon, especially considering the fact that Im colour blind and REALLY struggle with matching things!

  25. My favorite trend for Spring would have to be the pop’s of white in an outfit…. the ladies continue to surprise us men! Though we too can put the pop into our outfits.

  26. Not 100% sure on that one! Im 26 with two kids and this year I have lost 13 kgs. I have no idea how to dress to suit my body shape and I dont go out to special events anymore because its embarrassing and I feel out of place.

  27. Spring is by far my most favoured season. Its like everything comes back to life once we have some warmth back in our world! I also enjoy re-introducing myself to my favourite staples that have been buried under layers the last few months of winter.

    My favourite trend for this spring is the cork wedge heel. Not sure where I’ll wear it working from home but every time I see a new style I sigh and wish I was about to embark on a Mediterranean holiday with a pair of those in my luggage!

    In reality it will be a minimal style that I adopt this spring, as life is about to get super busy! Anything that falls nicely and does not require handwashing or ironing will be a winner in my books!

  28. White works for me, i love the fact that it makes me look like i have some colour!! Anything that decorates my chest area, halter necks, big necklaces….dazzle!!

  29. I’m a Spring baby so come each Birthday
    I request new wardrobe items paving the Season’s way;
    This year I’m lusting over Maxi dresses and crochet vests,
    As a teacher this works best in my life for comfort and zest!

  30. My favourite trend for Spring is definitely colour-blocking, and I can see a lot of Melbourne faces frowning in disagreement…but hear me out! Please!

    Sure, we Melbournians are known for our black/monochromatic outfits, but I’m determined that a bit of neon bright in our wardrobes will brighten up our lives!! I mean, how can you NOT smile at an electric blue pair of shorts and an orange t-shirt? Bah, and dip-dye is so last season. I’m going to take this even further and go colour-blocked make-up, jewellery AND hair!

    Colour-blocking is going to revolutionise my life, and hopefully every Melbournian’s life, for the better!

  31. Exuberant colours, amazing shoes
    Need them to chase away winter blues!
    Declutter my wardrobe, buy gorgeous new BLING
    Check me out, honey! It’s definitely SPRING

  32. I’ve spent the last almost four years dressing as Mum. Jeans, tees, thongs or flats, safe colours to hide the fingerprints and puke.
    I want to start dressing like Kellie again, but it’s been so long I forget who she is. I want more colour, I want to try something new, I want to be brave and confident, but I need help!

  33. After 10 years of marriage I have recently found out my husband was having an affair with a friend of mine. I have 4 beautiful kids and no regrets, but it is hard to get the confidence to get back out there and get into the work force and even scarier the dating scene. Any help would be very very helpful.

  34. Well I have umm’ed and ahh’ed about entering this competition Nicki – not because I don’t think it is absolutely amazing (because I do) but for the getting myself to the nearest Westfield – I am in Hobart so while Westfield online and I are good friends I tend to only shop there in person once or twice a year. However I have finally decided that this is too good an opportunity not to throw my hat into the ring! So yes if I win I’ll happily make my way to see my own personal Westfield Stylist!
    The trend I really want to work this spring is Colour Pop (with some Minimal White – after seeing that stunning blazer white is a must have this season). When I first saw Colour Pop (or bomb or block) in the magazines I thought ‘no way’ but as I have started to see it styled on blogs such as Westfield and Styling You I’ve started to fall in love. I know when I am wearing brighter colours I feel happier and more vibrant so I know that wearing this trend will fit my current philosophy of doing things that make me (and my family) happy!
    I am not 100% sure exactly how to work this trend into my daily life but I would love to try! I am a stay at home mum so spend a lot of time at the park, library and beach (yep I know tough hey?) so the brightly coloured sky high heels I love are not going to cut it for me. I love the idea of having someone who knows her stuff help guide me towards the best choices for me!

  35. I’m so out of it I don’t know what’s in! And this colour blocking thing scares me! I want to try colour but I don’t know what suits me, I’ve worn basic black my entire adult life. And after the kids and the various ahem “changes” that happen to your body, I don’t know what suits me this way either. I’m a work in progress in desperate need of a project manager. I’d love to be told what to do. I’d love to look young and spunky again, but this time I’d realize that I am!

  36. To acquire a spring in my step I am ditching my work uniform and winter’s dark dreary dress and getting fitted out in vibrant, Spring colours and gold accessories to renew and impress!

  37. I love that maxi skirts are still around. I love a maxi skirt because I am the tallest woman in the world. And I can cover up any hairy leg issues or fake tanning accidents so easily.

  38. Bright beautiful colour seems to be everywhere so I’m going to take a guess and say that is a big trend? I have never had any help with styling or clothes and think I wuld greatly benefit. I’m mumma to a 21mo son and have reached that point of what happened to me..who am I now. I’m still wearing clothes I wore before I had bub (and adapted for wear when pregnant with bub)..If I ever buy something new it’s the same as everything else I have (and black) because as a bigger gal I’m not sure what or how to wear anything out of my norm…

  39. I love the colour blocking trend- but have no idea how to pull it off! Recently I’ve lost a significant amount of weight (30 kilos plus) and nothing in my wardrobe fits and when I go shopping I can’t even workout what size I am anymore. It is so confusing- I need help!! 🙂

  40. I love the new bold colour blazers that have come back in, great with white jeans or shorts. They can be dressed up or down and can change the look of any outfit.

  41. I haven’t quite grown out of the pastel pinks and bright oranges that I wore in my 20’s. I love colour, and luckily this season I can express myself with some bold choices, but I would love to know how to dress like a 30-something, but with all the fun and pop of a teenager!

  42. “If it is to be, it is up to me.” A wonderful quote and one I strive to remember in everyday life. I have read through the responses to this competition, and am glad I am not the one having to choose the winner. There are many heartfelt stories that have portrayed in only a few short sentences the delight and potential life-changing experience such a prize could bring. I, like so many of your readers, have faced a challenging period over the past few years, and recognise that life is about facing these challenges (and the ones yet to come) with a smile and a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. There is absolutely no doubt that dressing stylishly to suit your body and personality has a massive impact on your attitude and confidence. I don’t have the skills or expertise to be able to pick between the latest colours and trends, and would love the opportunity to be taught by the experts.
    I wish you luck in choosing between the entries, and my heartfelt congratulations to the final winner.

  43. Winter left me feeling drab.”Styling You” for inspirational ideas,colour bright and bold to carry me through Spring and Summer.Yer!bring it on.

  44. I went shopping for the first time in the city the other day and wow!….the amazing bright bold colours everywhere made me feel so happy.I’m looking forward to wearing something bright for a change instead of those dark and gloomy winter clothes.Bring on summer!

  45. If push comes to shove.
    It’s wedges I love.
    They’re unique.
    They’re chic.
    Would make my wardrobe complete.
    And shoe fetish repelete.

  46. I always love floral in Spring, because as I emerge from my wintery cocoon I love to become a social butterfly and be surrounded by flowers.

  47. BRIGHT clothes, especially the bright Orange. AS it matches my personally. If you get to wake up everyday. It’s going to be a breat day. Be cheerful and bright. With a BIG smile.

  48. This Spring I am determined to get a maxi dress have always been worried about wearing these in the past as I always felt I was too short. Loving a pair of espadrille wedges I spied today and colour blocking is a challenge I’m looking forward too. So much colour out there this year and I want them all.

  49. Maxi Dresses, Cute Cardis and Sexy Wedged Shoes just scream SPRING!!
    I love fashion that is fuss free and washable!! I am a Mum of 3 who on a daily basis struggles to feel fashionable, but this style really works in with my life.. 🙂 Oh to think that if you had’ve asked me 20 years ago I would’ve said fluoro overalls!! Eeeeekkkk…. xx

  50. My favourite trend is stunning but simple maxi dresses especially the lovely stripped ones with lots of accessories, a cute jacket, a belt and wedges. As a mum of five I need clothes that are comfortable but look stylish and will give me confidence , knowing I will look good all day from dropping the kids of to school to doing the shopping to going to P&C meetings.

  51. Hi, My favourite trend is nude and white, I really liked the wedges Bronwyn was wearing, she looked really lovely after her styling session. I have never had a stylist session and could really do with some advice. I have been a stay at home mum and I am currently studying to get back into the work force. My wardrobe really needs updating, as I don’t think denim capris and t shirts will cut it. Thanks for the info I have picked up already from this site. Amber

  52. Colour pop would best work in my life! I’m the queen of black, browns and grays so a pop of colour would inject a pop into my stride, a pop into the spring sunshine and most of all a big “pop” to enter the world of having a coloured wardrobe.

  53. My wardrobe includes lots of shades of black (ha ha!)… yes colour scares me! I want to embrace colour and love all the new season looks but I’m not confident to do it on my own… a stylist would be much appreciated to bring me out of my black phase!

    1. And the colour would work best in my life as I have been suffering a major depressive episode (I haven’t been able to get rid of the black dog for nearly 3 years) along with a vitamin D deficiency… The colour will brighten my mood when I look in the mirror and out in the sun I will be attracting vitamin D with all my colour!

  54. Summer/spring fashion is all about expressing myself for me. I have grown up in the subtropical climate and the season makes me feel close to home 🙂

    Nothing feels like summer as loose white t shirt and blue denim pants/shorts! Classic, practical and comfort personified! I’m colour blocking with bright color makeup, purple/blue eyeshadow with fuchsia lips, instant cheer up! This look would definitely stand out amidst all the bright coloured clothes everyone is wearing!

  55. Dear Wardrobe

    The last 5 years have been fun, we’ve had good times with the Mollini boots, my staple black shift dress, the leather biker jacket and those Robert Cavalli sunglasses. And there were the diaster items, the way too tight denim shorts, the maxi dress that did nothing for my figure and those pants that i wore with the top button undone.

    It’s time for us to meet a Westfield stylist to get the tips we need, get some colour blocking happening, add a sharp casual white jacket as our new staple item, red jeans to jazz up the denim scene and a flowy pleated skirt for a romantic look.

    This is the wardrobe update we’ve been desperately wanting to do. So how ’bout it, are you in?

  56. I’d love to master the floral maxi-dress trend this Spring as I find that worn right it looks flattering and feminine plus it’s super-comfortable which I really need now as my baby bump is rapidly blossoming and expanding! Some professional styling help would be excellent for boosting my pregnancy body confidence and so I don’t end up looking like a blimp in an over the top moo-moo! 🙂

  57. Colour, colour, colour! I’m loving the bright orange at the moment. But I don’t know how to wear it, and am not quite brave enough… yet! A full time mum with no time and no money, a style makeover is just what I’m in need of – I’m rather sick of dressing like a mum!

  58. To me, Spring says bright and cheerful colours for the start of a blossoming season with promise of life and happiness.
    So when I start my spring clothes shopping that’s what I try and aim for.
    It works for me because I do have the quarterly seasonal challenge of what to wear, so if I try and stick to the basics of seasonal wear.
    (IE: Warm colours for Autumn/Winter and bright colours for Spring/Summer)
    If I follow my rules, I can’t sabotage myself too much!

  59. I really have no style, sad but true! Being a larger woman makes shopping for trendy clothes very difficult. Plus lack of funds plays a huge part. Why is it that plus sized womens clothing costs more??(Is it cos they have to use more material…that seems unfair).
    I would love to be able to wear a dress during summer, to look and feel comfortable.

  60. A stunning style makeover is just what I need to get me out of my safe zone. I am a woman of a certain age, but keep my style on the youngishly side (without tipping over into the mutton dressed as lamb zone) My colours have become so safe and I am even boring myself! Pale greys, beiges and whites in summer and black, greys and creams in winter. It can’t go on — some big, bold colour in my life with the help of a style expert is just what I need.

  61. After drab neutrals all winter long,
    With bright colours I can’t go wrong;
    Garden green, piping hot pink, brilliant blue-
    Its spring style I’ll imbue!

  62. My favourite SS trend is colourblocking, which seems like a fabulous way to add a little punch to an older outfit that needs a lift. Colour heels, scarves, vests and jackets are looking very enticing to me, although I do need some assistance deciding what works for my figure!

  63. The strong palate of colour – pinks through to dark purple, happy, striking colours, goodbye unhappy blacks that depress me, “you had me a yellow!”.

  64. Love the maxiskirt/maxidress in colour blocking or floral, who can decide for my two?

    My two beautiful daughters would delight in sharing a personal style session and the prize money. They are opposites, one is tall and thin, the other shortish and plump. Personal Styling would be much appreciated as they both have a lot of potential, but unluckily for them, have had no guidance from their fashion/beauty/style illiterate mother!

  65. Been watching the Emmy fashion stakes and really love the bold block colours: they’re flattering and, as long as they match your skintone, look fabulous. Now I only have to find the block colour that goes with greying hair and a blotchy complexion

  66. A redhead like me likes colour and action,
    So rich Chinese CLOISONNE prints call me this Spring for smart workplace satisfaction!

  67. Once years ago a funky friend whose style I admired saw my shoe collection and cried out in a mix of horror and pity that all my shoes were black!

    At that moment I had a fashion epiphany and since that day my rule has been no black shoes. I haven’t looked back!

    So the neon-inspired shoe trend is my perfect spring trend. Happy times ahead!

  68. I’m loving jackets right now! A nice light & stylish jacket is definitely a spring move. I love jackets because they go with EVERYTHING & they add that edgy side to an outfit. L.O.V.E!!!

  69. Orange and pink! I often put my cheeky baby in it (watching her wearing a pink and orange hoodie now, too cute!) – would love to try it myself. Maybe a shoe?

  70. I am loving the red trend! And it’s so easy, just slap on some red lipstick or nailpolish, or accessorise with a bag, or my favourite – shoes!!!

  71. What could be my favourite Spring trend?
    Something to put my grey maternity wardrobe to an end…
    A trend that’s bold, bright, with some Colour Pop,
    To embrace my post pregnancy body as the kilos have now dropped!

  72. I’m loving minimal white, it’s fresh and summery. Living in Qld I’d like to dress to match the atmosphere. Wearing so many dark colours, I often get asked if I’m from ‘out of town’.

  73. Brouges are my new vogue. They’re casual chic, and perfect for enjoying leisurely walks in Spring gardens embracing the new florals.

  74. Wow what a prize. Now I need an outfit that suit smy work with kids during the day whether in a kinder or at school, little girls love when I look pretty, yet I then need to meet with Teenagers in the evening so have to have a certain funk about me too. So funky, bright and practical and I can’t wera very high heesl as I have to chase and play a lot too.

  75. LOVING the 50’s style dresses with the tight bodices and pretty, flouncy skirts, they are so feminine and flatter so many shapes. Topped with some sexy heels or ballet flats during the day, makes me so happy to be a girl x

  76. It pains me to admit that my daughter may have inherited any of her good points from her father – but she is so stylish, and I am so not. One style makeover and I could fool her that her perfect sense of style is all my doing.

  77. white blazer: This month I’ve returned to work after 5 years at home. My stay-at-home-mum wardrobe just doesn’t cut it, my all black work wear is uninspired – I’d love to learn to mix up more tailored pieces like a structured white blazer with colour.

  78. My favourite trend is jeggings! They would work for me as I have spent all winter trying to get my pre-baby body back – only now would I feel happy in jeggings!

  79. I love the knee length dresses that people like kate middleton have been wearing. To break free from my comfort zone of jeans and black clothes would be lovely, but knowing where to start to find practical, affordable, and beautiful clothes is hard when stuck at home with a little baby, and a new body shape that doesnt fit anything in my wardrobe.

  80. I would like to enter for my sister as she is always my stylist when we go shopping and it would be lovely to have someone do that for her.

    When I asked her what her favourite spring trend was and why it would work best in her life, she replied, “The maxi skirt because I don’t have to shave my legs.”

  81. my daughter is at uni, so dosn’t have much money. she loves clothes! all clothes! any clothes !. a styling session would be great to help her discover her OWN style

  82. I have always been a skirt gal, and the gorgeous full skirt style can help me channel Sookie Stackhouse, instead of my usual frumpy housewife!

    1. I should have read the instructions a little more carefully! So can I please add this to my entry!!!

      If you look in my wardrobe you can tell I live in Melbourne, I have black, black and black and for some variety I have some white and grey. I recently borrowed a red jacket to wear to a race day (over the top of my black dress of course) and loved how the colour made me feel.

      Would love to brighten up my 10 shades of black with some colour.

  83. Ladylike for me please. I’d like to unleash my inner Joan from Mad Men! While I yearn to be an Audrey, I am resigned to being a Marilyn, and want to wiggle my way through Spring in some curve-hugging dresses and cute skirts. Please help me release the vixen within!

  84. Block colours are totally going to be my thing. As a busy Mummy, I need everything to ‘go’ together easily, pull something on and run to our toddler activities – no fuss. I love wearing colour so I am excited about this trend. How fabulous to have the opportunity to win a stylist…something I’d never afford myself 🙂

  85. Little white dresses,
    Are sure to impress,
    With wedge platform heels, coral painted nails,
    I’ll have the hottest spring outfit in New South Wales.

  86. I’d love to POP some colour this spring & summer & I want to make sure I get it right, the right colours for me, the right balance & the right pieces. I want life to be a celebration & colour can do the most amazing things to your mood. Viva la Colour Pop at Westfield!!!

  87. Im loving the midi skirt trend, inspired by Mad Men…Its great when you find a trend that suits your body shape and as an hourglass, it seems like its time for my shape to shine!

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a styling session as I never really feel like I hit the mark with my styling despite spending lots of time researching, and it would be invaluable to hear all the do’s and dont’s from an expert. The $1000 to spend at the end would be the icing on the cake and a dream come true…I think my husband would be pleased Im not spending his money for a change too!

    Pick me!

  88. Love Maxabella’s comment

    “Ha, I’d love to try ‘Ladylike’… that would finally make my mum happy all these years later.”

    And I’m so there – my mum would be amazed if I suddenly started dressing ‘ladylike’.

    Mind you both my daughters would be thrilled to as they love it when I dress like a real lady.

  89. White is the best trend for me
    I’m obsessed with bleach you see
    I look great in white but I do get grubby
    Creating fabulous meals for son and hubby!

  90. It’s far too late to be a Spring Chicken when you are an old Hen,
    So, whilst I “used” to love to dress for seasons of Winter, Spring & Summer…back THEN,
    It’s quite a waste or WAIST of time, these days…as I’ve settled into the BLAND not the BRAND
    Becoming the bespoke Senior Citizen – am over 60- I rock each day in sneakers, orthotics, jeans & top.
    Don’t award anything to me, please Westfield….the Styling Session would FLOP.

    The pretties who have commented before and will after me, will rock this opportunity as did Nikki and Bron.
    Love Denyse XX

  91. Ha, I’d love to try ‘Ladylike’… that would finally make my mum happy all these years later.

    I think a Stylist would have their work cut out with me, Nikki. I’m not a ‘traditional size’ lady and frankly most stuff looks shite on me. I’m happy with my ‘look’ but my god I have to work hard at it. Stuff is hard to find, mate. x

  92. This spring I am digging the bright colours. If my neighbours peered over my fence at my clothesline they would see a sea of black and would wonder why I have been in mourning for so long. I popped on a bright pink top the other day and noticed not only was I ‘on-trend’ but the bright colour thing actually does something magical to your mood. This bright trend will do more than allow us to look good — it will result in a bright and zesty mood for those wearing it. Fashion that is good for your mental health. Big Tick!!!

  93. I’m super excited this Spring to try all the trends I have, as yet, been too afraid to try! Bring on the colour, the mixing of patterns, some neutrals with colour pops, I am excited! Get my out of winter drab and into Spring sunshine, first stop, fake tan!

  94. Dear Fashion,
    This Spring embraces the new me,
    A style I’ve been dying to have
    Ideas forever swirling in my head.
    White, brights and camel beige
    Lace, embroided and a pair of shades
    Leather shorts with flower flats
    Blazer’s nice but I’m searching one with short sleeves
    I’d hunt them down in Westfield before I could leave


  95. I’d love a hit of ladylike glamour! My Stay-At-Home-Mum uniform of jeans, ballet flats and fitted T is getting a bit boring and, I confess, I’m a little addicted to paparazzi shots of Pippa Middleton looking ladylike & sexy at the same time.
    I’d love a good Pippafying please!

  96. I have no style
    My most stylish outfit in my wardrobe is my work uniform
    I would love to be up to date with the latest fashion
    But don’t know where to start
    Would love to win
    So i can throw all my old clothes in the bin
    And start a fresh sexy wardrobe
    That would really make me grin

  97. I want to win this for my bestie who seriously needs some spring pizazz! I think her favourite spring trend would be would be seventies inspired jeans with a great bright wedge. She’s gorgeous and has had a rough time and it’s more than time to ditch those holey trackies and gym t-shirts for something to give her her mojo back. x

  98. I love colour blocking, but am not sure whether I’m brave enough for it. I know we are supposed to write about why it would work in our life… but I think colour blocking won’t work in my life at the moment as I am almost 7 months pregnant and already feel as big as a house without using solid bright colours to make me look bigger!

  99. Living in rural Nth Qld I never have the opportunity to take advantage of something as fancy as a personal styling session. I will have to hook something up during one of my work trips to the city one day, as I have no doubt it would be extremely beneficial for me.
    My favourite trend for Spring is the Slouchy Style trend, its me all over. Easy, well fit, comfortable clothing is ESSENTIAL when the vast humidity starts rearing it’s ugly head, as it normally does during this time of the year, so this trend will be sure to keep me looking like a relaxed but elegant chic this coming season.

  100. Hi Nikki,
    Well, the reason why I would LOVE to win this competition please is because I totally lack style and have lost touch with what IS the latest fashion! I have not bought any new clothes in YEARS (other than undies and gym gear!!) and when I looked through my wardrobe the other day, I still have my breastfeeding singlets. My daughters are now 6 and 4. How embarrassing. I work as a nurse so wear a uniform and am in serious need of help! I have no idea what clothes suit me and so usually just stick to plain colours – black, white and grey. Please, please, please consider me…. I would love to shock my husband by looking hot in some new clothes that actually suit me!!
    thank you from a rather desperate housewife!

  101. I would love to have some advice on how I can make colour blocking work for me (and not against me!). While I’m at it I’d like to experiment with the huge variety of belts that our out this season – all colours and styles. Can I wear a long flowy skirt or summery dress without looking silly? Finally, I wear glasses full-time (can’t wear contacts due to dry eyes) so I would LOVE to get a stylist’s advice on the different types of spectacle frames I need in my wardrobe and the clothes they match best.

    1. Oops, sorry, I forgot the most important thing of all:

      Can a gal who wears glasses enjoy the big statement earrings that are popular these days? Every time I try I feel silly, but maybe a stylist could help?

  102. Sweet shopping fairy,

    So many of us have a common story: we find a couple of styles we know work and that we like, and then seemingly year after year, we keep wearing those same colours, designs and fits, until one day we look inside our wardrobes and realise that we basically only have 6 items of clothing – repeated – many, many times over!

    So how would I like to emerge from this fashion conundrum and enter the wild and wonderful world of real up-to-date fashion?

    With style makeover from Westfield of course!

    It’s Spring which means new beginnings and along with this new season I am also entering into an exciting new career and nothing could help me be more polished, successful and vibrant than a wonderful new wardrobe!

    Please, please consider me to be your winner and I promise to be an angel of contentment!


    Vienda x

  103. Ladylike sounds gorgeous to me… I’ve never had a styling session of any kind, but have watched with fear and trembling as my favourite cousin runs a constant styling commentary on everyone she sees walk past. I kind of know what I like, in that I know what I don’t like… and what I like that won’t work for me… or something. Ahem.

    I love a vintage sensibility with a touch of Audrey Hepburn, if it’s possible to pull that off at size 14 and 5ft 7? I might be a tad optimistic there, but I’m not afraid of pushing the boundaries. Just preferably not in a literal, two sizes too small kind of way. I love layering but suspect that isn’t on the summer style list, more’s the pity.

    I also love consuming vast quantities of chocolate while watching old sci-fi repeats with my husband, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.

  104. Spring is all about an invitation to life; to flirt, to dance, to make love, soak up the sun, savour the tastes of everything in their prime, after the lack that winter often brings. So give me colour blocking – full blown passion that doesn’t sit on the sidelines like a wallflower. The time of wintry greys and blacks has passed and now we all rejoice in lusty colour and life. I also live at the beach so for me the intensity of something like a turqouise smacked up against a sumptuous and teasing cerulean sky just sucks me into living – leaving me breathlessly, knee-knockingly in love with everything. Okay all this talk about colour has got me worked up.

  105. Colour! I have such a neutral wardrobe – give me some color! I’m also a girl from the country so need some big smoke shopping time sans children – not too much to ask?

  106. OK – so I’m no fashionista so am not sure what the Spring trends are – except to say that slim fitting shirts for guys seem to be lingering far too long on the racks in my favorite stores.

    As a middle aged fella with a….. middle aged spread…. I have no idea how it should/could work in my life.

    My attempts at the slim fit shirt have fallen into two categories:

    1. squeezing in and having to stand all night at parties and avoiding any sitting (a button popping experience).

    2. buying XL or XXL shirts which fit around the ‘spread’ but which leave me with sleeves dangling below my finger tips and a tent like upper body experience.

    3. go to the gym – although what fun’s that and where is it supposed to fit into life between work and 3 boys 5 and under whose demands to play football, lego and reenact Toy Story 3 seventy two times a day are insatiable.

    Hence my need for some serious styling!

  107. Loving colour blocking… (have even bought a Louenhide orange bucket handbag in anticipation)…but not sure if I will look like one of my kids lego creations if I try it out!

  108. White has always been a mystery to me. Even by the end of a good day I seem to have changed from white to beige…I’m not sure how one keeps white white. How does one live a normal life, eat the odd salad sandwich, do the grocery shopping, pick up the kids and pat the dog in white? White to me is like asking for it. If I wear white I know by the end of the day I’ll be sporting a beetroot stain, have had a random dog jump up on me and the photocopier toner powder will have inexplicably been sprinkled all over the office. Maybe I need a white intervention. Or maybe I should just stick to colour…or maybe the camouflage of a lovely floral might be more my thing…help me Obi-styling guru, you are my only hope.

  109. Hi Nikki, I love the lot!!!! but my favourite would have to be the long colourful skirts, but I have really good ankles so should be showing my best asset off, problem is dressing fashionably without looking like mutton (not a good look). I need help mixing & matching so I don’t end up with a wardrobe of things that don’t go together…. especially with all the colours in season, maybe i should stick to the whites, I do love a good white linen pant, hard to find white long flowy pants that aren’t see through (not such a good look seeing the hail damage through the pant). I have no idea really…. H.E.L.P would be wonderful, I’ll keep my fingers crossed, which will make typing really difficult. Thanks for the competitions and the tips. Trudy.

  110. OK it’s early, that’s my excuse. Just re-read it and realised it’s still open. Yay!

    This season I really like some of the trends around – colour blocking, because bright colours look way better on me than blacks and neutrals, and minimalism, just because I’m lazy with accessorising.

    PS – love yours and Bronwyn’s new outfits!

  111. Well, I need colour that pops Nikki! After doing some ruthless springtime decluttering, my wardrobe is all but empty! No really, it’s a pretty sad state of affairs. And I’ve never spent that sort of cash on clothes in the one day…it would be the ultimate in retail therapy!

  112. First of all – Nikki, you look hot in that orange dress!

    And secondly – here’s my entry to the comp. I SO WANT TO WIN!!! Westfield is just up the road from me!!

    Anyway, I know colour bombing is a trend from Spring and I really need some colour in my life right now! I have been down in the dumps because my Husband and I found out we both have a blood disorder – alpha thalassaemia trait – which doesn’t affect us really…but it may affect our future offspring. There is a 1 in 4 chance that we will have a baby that dies just before or just after birth (thalassamia major) – now isn’t that just sucky?? I cried for days non-stop!!! We saw our Genetic Counsellor last week and her words “incompatible with life” still haunt me a week later…

    Sorry for a highly depressing comment!!

  113. Cardi’s are my saviour. I need to layer, cardi’s can be dressed up and down, and are cheap! yes affordable, within my budget. They come in many colours and will hopefully last many seasons (see getting back to that budget shopping). Spring trend that will walk into summer and then autumn, even better!

  114. Colour explosion for me please. Fresh, fun and fab for long summer days. The pinks, greens and blues just make me so feel the happy. I will also have heaps of enjoyment pairing makeup with these loud looks!

  115. My favourite trend for spring is the wonderful comfortable wedge sandals that are now available. I love heels but I have arthritis in both hips so I have to be sensible most of the time, however the new look wedge sandals are actually comfortable enough for me to wear all day! Love the fact I can wear heels and be comfortable.

  116. Most of my wardrobe consists of old maternity clothes old work clothes and singlet tops and jeans. Thats pretty much it. I could definitely use a makeover! As for the question colourbomb trend! love it. I used to hate those colours but i adore that orange.

  117. I love colour blocking. It works well for me because I live and work in Melbourne where most people wear black. Colour blocking brings some brightness to the office.

  118. My fashion trend this season would have to be the block colours, I love a bit of colour in my wardrobe instead of wearing blacks and greys to work everyday. Something to brighten up my life a little.

  119. My favourite trend for Spring will be light cotton with a lot of white to it is easy to match. The makeover would be Fab and a $1000 Westfield Gift Card would have me shopping for the whole day.

  120. My trend for spring is soft, summery and light clothing – this works best for me as I don’t like wearing heavy, warm stuff.

  121. I would love to win a visit with a stylist. I get very confused about my body shape and worry that I don’t make the best choices to flatter rather than fatter.

    Great giveaway…again.

  122. I have several really beautiful items that I am keeping ‘Just in case I can fit into them again’ but the main item is the beautiful $850 silk outfit I bought for my daughters’ wedding. It is actually still quite fashionable, but sadly I can’t fit into it and very much doubt that I ever will, but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it

    1. Sorry I hit submit before I finished, I have never had expert tell me what style suits me and what doesn’t. I love the ‘gypsy’ skirts and wear them often, but I am not really sure that they truly suit me

  123. I’d just love anything new and to have someone with style help me shop – I’m mid-40’s and dress only in t-shirts and jeans – help!

  124. There once was a girl from the inner west
    With sartorial elegance, she was sadly not blessed
    White on white’s what I need
    Well at least that is what I read
    Oh Westfield please help, you’re the best!

  125. I love this season’s colours- bright and bold,
    Luscious hues in which to enfold,
    I’d love to learn how to incorporate these stylishly,
    By winning a style session and shopping spree !

  126. I am after fashion that defies time, my favorite trend for spring is a soft and feminine dress or blouse in a heavenly fabric to make me feel like a bit of an angel. This trend would work best in my life as spring for me is filled with many social events including Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival, isn’t it nice to dress up and remember what being a woman is all about.

  127. I’ll be colour blocking for all I’m worth this spring. In addition to standing out from other black-clad Melbournites, colour can be used as a form of therapy. I’ll be breaking out the yellow on days I’m feeling glum, and wearing green on days the in tray is piling up at work.

  128. Hi Nikki,
    My favorite trend for spring would have to be the white jacket like yours as it would be a key piece to team with so many outfits (and possibly a good cover up of any spills from my 4 week old newborn little boy). I would love a styling session to help me put together an easy wardrobe as a new mum as some days I just can’t afford the time to decide what to wear and what still fits!! Fingers crossed…

  129. I’ve got two kids who never let me shop
    the three year old loses it if I try to stop!
    My nine year old rolls his eyes and hmppphs in despair
    I can’t get near the changeroom-I’m not getting anywhere!

    I’m looking at my wardrobe and there seems to be a lack
    it’s full of things I never wear (and much of it is black)
    Next year I’m going back to work and it would really be
    brilliant to return and know I’ve dressed so skillfully!

    I’d really like a pro to say, “Lets do the best for you”,
    and lead me through the maze of clothes until we find a few
    that fit so well and look just right and even a little cool,
    to win this prize and have some fun, well it would simply RULE!

    1. I know what you mean, I need to look after my 2 bothers every weekday and I cant have any time in shops “Im bored, Im bored” etc.

  130. Oooh forgot to answ the question. My favourtie trend for the season is the block colours. I love bright colours and the only thing that has been bright are my undies as I have been wearing loads of black. The bright colours this season is so positive, happy and flattering for anyone, it will definitely brighten up the buses and trains with splashes of colour injected. I think the block colours can also hide flaws.

  131. It would be absolutely fabulouso, Been working soo hard post baby and finally all that flabby bits are starting to disappear but my clothes hang off me and it seems like im wering someone else stuff. This would help me so much as since my body shape has also changed and trackkies no longer look good I need help to dress for my body and enter back into the workforce, please dont let me resort into looking in my mums cupboard! This will boost my confidence and complete my transformation back into the adult world or stimulating conversations, routine and make me that once hip person I used to be.

  132. Wow Nikki! What a fantastic giveaway! I’m loving white for Spring. Have always loved it. It’s like it never went out of style for me. It’s always so fresh and summery. Fits in so well with our lifestyle here in Brisbane. Just need to make sure I don’t eat anything with tomato sauce or beetroot while I’m wearing it! LOL Am so in need of a makeover. Here’s fingers crossed.

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  133. I would love to win a styling spring make over as I need to look the part for our new advertising business. I know what I like but I need a second opinion to give me the courage to put the right “look” together and pull it off with the warmer weather approaching! xo

  134. I love vests, although up until now i haven’t owned many, but am keen to try to incorporate some (particularly the new season Metalicus Acapulco vest!!) into my spring wardrobe to give my outfit that WOW factor.

  135. I would love to embrace the Ladylike trend! In the last 24 months I have become a qualified teacher & married the man of my dreams. As I move into my new career I would love some tips & tricks so that my new employers can see me as I am – a lady! Also, as a bigger girl I would love some additional help in identifying clothes that will suit my shape!

  136. I would love to learn how to wear dresses. My whole life I feel as if I have avoided wearing dresses. I this is is because I wasn’t quite sure what type of dress to choose? If I learnt how to choose the right dress maybe finally I would get to attend the Spring Racing Carnival and look like a pretty lady.

  137. Because I am a fashion tragic! I look at all the latest trends like colour blocking but have no idea how to wear any of them. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE not having to go through another season with no idea on what suits my curvy (very curvy in the middle) body. Love the nude heels and ballet shoes you had on here the other day, bought myself the country road wedges and have no idea what to team them up with – see I need help!!!

  138. I am *very* excited about colour blocking! I love how easy it is and how vibrant I feel. So far I’m very nervous to step away from my black-blocking; but maybe I just need some help to find the right colour combos?
    p.s. Love the white blazer!!

  139. I love to feel fresh, dressing so there is a ‘spring’ in my step. I love the sporty look or clothes with an amazing cut that makes you look sophisticated. Oh to have someone teach you what is right for you is something that any woman would feel spoilt with. Bright and fresh I think gives you the feeling of confidence.

  140. I’m really connecting with the whole boho nod to the 70’s vibe! Long floral maxi skirts, layered colours, funky scarves, boleros…I’m finding inspiration from Forever New right through to op shops! Life as a 70’s hippy is just fab!!

  141. Im intrigued by colour blocking. I think it would into my life really well because I am just about to start a new career and I think it would work well for business and take me into night out easily

  142. I love the florals that spring time brings out but lack the confidence to put a floral look together without looking like “mutton dressed up as lamb”. I also love the strappy sandals that spring/summer bring. Would love some help to create a “look”.

  143. I would really appreciate any styling advice as I feel like my 4 sisters always seem t look amazing and I am always in jeans. Would love to wear more feminine, flowing dresses and bright colours and surprise them all !!

  144. I’d love to get game and try colourblocking…but as others have mentioned, the shape of my body has changed after 2 kids and I’m just not sure how to put it together! Plus I find red-head inspiriation hard to find so never sure what colours to wear!
    HELP ME!

  145. My body has changed so much since having babies and I have never felt comfortable in my clothes since. I would love some advice on working with my mummy tummy and I am loving the florals for Spring/Summer. A session with a stylist would be a dream come true for this mama 🙂

  146. I’m torn between two trends this spring. I’m keen to try the colour blocking. As a redhead I’ve always been a bit cautious about really bright colours but I’ve added some bright pinks to my wardrobe and now I need the confidence to add some more bright colours. I loved the tips from Christie at Westfield Chermside to add it to your existing wardrobe and not go head to toe!
    And white, what can I say. I’m going to tackle this trend while I can!Before the pitter patter of little feet 🙂

  147. Im loving all the colours so bright
    but unless im dressed in black at work I just dont feel right
    But when it comes to going out at night
    I like to shine like a light
    So the bright colours fit right into my life!!!

  148. My favourite trend this spring is colour blocking. I’ve been doing it for years. Black t-shirt, denim jeans. White t-shirt, denim jeans. I am in need of serious help to be trendy.

  149. Checked out Westfield’s site on Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Trends….. Midi – the new Mini; the IT satchel; and Pop, Pop, Colour Block. Hmmm, now to choose between them! I am taking the plunge on reinventing my life from the staid corporate executive, and am daring to go out into my own business with a girlfriend. Something we have been talking about doing for far too long. Very exciting and nerve-racking time! For me a combination of the 3 listed trends would work a treat as part of this reinvention – a gorgeous Leona Edmiston feminine frock at midi length, balanced by the slightly more serious style of an Oroton elegant satchel bag. Open to other suggestions of course 🙂

  150. I love the look that’s being by country road this summer. It’s such a nice mix of sailor / Boho with the bright collies that is so ‘on trend’. I think I can go crazy crazy crazy in country road!

  151. You will think I am crazy but I am going to say this anyway. Four young boys, but I am lovin the white looks that are in this spring. What are my chances…

  152. Motherhood has seen my wardrobe fall into disrepair. Now its time to emerge. Love all the colours as they make me feel great. The colour blocking trend is for me, especially in the bright blues. I want long fitted tops, maxi dresses, flattering dresses, basically anything that makes me feel attractive. Plus l need accessories and shoes to make it pop. So l look like a fashionable mum, not a victim to black and the mummy uniform of jeans and a top. Now l just need to hope the stylist is mine to direct me in my need for a glamorous look and ensure l get lots of pieces l can mix and match.

  153. White tops slacks skirts and dresses with floral accessories, It would draw the attention away from my problem areas and give me several looks with one base outfit.

  154. The soft pretty corals that are available, its a lovely colour that suits so many people. I’m planning to wear it in tops or dresses, the colour should reflect and help my skin glow.

  155. Ready to pounce on the tribal look for spring with striking animal prints, a mix of textures and gold luxe accessories. Perfect for this mum when on the run fending for my large tribe or fighting my way through a day of jungle like activities.

  156. definatly ‘ladylike’ I want to wear heels, nice dresses that essentuate the female figure.. very much agree with ‘choosing classic, beautiful pieces, which you can update with statement accessories’ because I like to make investments in clothes, I don’t want to throw it out just because its not in fashion anymore! (I’m always on a budget)

  157. Melbourne Spring Racing Carnvial of course – a gal can never have enough frocks, hats or fascinators. I’d rather play girlie all day in Spring than go to work!!

  158. My top pick for Spring is jewelled sandals! They are instant glamour – I love the idea that you can throw on a simple dress or white t-shirt and the shoes make it pop. The jewelled sandal trend would work for me as I like to keep my clothes classic with simple lines and really make my accessories work for me! I could get a mountain of jewelled sandals with a $1000 Westfield gift voucher!


  159. My favourite trend for spring is accessories. It works best in my life because I love wearing accessories like necklaces, rings and earrings.

  160. I really like the tribal trend. I think it would be something different for me – and appropriate, since I’m a teacher and I often deal with ‘wild animals’ (not really, they’re actually gorgeous teenagers!).

  161. OMG – I love spring and I love that white is the new black! The smell of freshias in the air, makes me just want to don a free-flowing white maxi dress with a couple of bangs of colour in my jewellery and some super sexy white/neutral wedges. Get thee to an outside cocktail party with plenty of fruity caprioskas that won’t stain the white outfit, like my winter red wine friend often does! Plus no seedy red wine lips in the morning – WINNING!!!! xx

  162. Colour Blocking is my fav trend this season, I used to wear lots of colours until i had my baby girl. Since then and thanks to a little extra weight my wardrobe is black. I need to get back in to some colours and brighten up my days.

  163. My favourite SPRING Trend is Colour Blocking and a touch of White to break up the colour – it reminds me of looking at a beautiful flower garden bursting with blooms, something I could never tire of. This trend is so soft, feminine and fun that the combinations are endless. I must admit I hide behind black during winter and need this colour to brighten up my life as the days become warmer. I do believe that beautiful colours have a great positive influence on everyday feelings for the wearer and others. Having a professional styling session would be invaluable for me with tips that would last me a lifetime.

  164. I’m pretty keen on the Maxi dresses, and all the nice dresses with patterns, and defined busts, ‘skirt’ parts that flow from there.
    I really have zero idea how to dress my (now quite apparent) baby bump, so when I (finally) have some money to spend I think these flattering dress styles are what I’ll be going for!

  165. Loving the bright colours and fitted/ tailored dresses and the gorgeous bright wedges, the wedges suit me better because i am on my feet all day and cannot walk in heels.

  166. I love the colour pop and as I am trying to incorporate more colour, light and happiness into my life via wearing colour it would be wonderful for me to win such a prize

  167. My favourite trend for spring is frocks, hats and sandals. I look forward to wearing the lighter fabrics and love the spring colours. I enjoy removing the layers of heavy winter clothes and stepping out in SPRING FASHION it sure puts a SPRING in my step and feels like a makeover. 🙂

  168. Loving the long maxi skirts and varying skirt lengths in general! Can be adapted and fit into all other trends like colour blocking or at the other end minimalist/nude colouring! Only problem is I am quite tall and have no idea what style of skirt suits me! I have avoided maxis for this reason, but after losing some weight i’m ready to pull off something new and different!

  169. My favourite trend for Spring is skin:
    tanned, smooth, and trim.
    This Spring, we’ll see more skin than before,
    As the warmer weather welcomes us out from behind closed doors.
    This works best in my life,
    because I lack vitamin D.
    So more sun for me means,
    not only more fun,
    but also more vitality.

  170. I’ve looked at the trends Westfield’s stocking,
    And I realise my wardrobe is shocking.
    I cop lots of flack,
    For wearing all black,
    So my favourite new trend? Colour blocking!

  171. I’m loving all the coloured jeans that have appeared for Spring! Colour is what I need to inject some fun and youth back into my dreary “please-don’t-notice” me wardrobe! Jeans are my staple uniform in life but a splash of colour would work well in freshening up my attitude and my appearance!

  172. I know nothing about the trends – all I know is I need something to freshen up my life. I am single again after 10 years and have forgotten how to dress myself for…well me!

  173. COLOUR! For years the trend has been greys greys and different shades of grey! Finally colour is back and I can reflect my happy insides with my outsides!

  174. FINALLY! I knew it was only a matter of time before my insane craving for bright and bold colours would come back into fashion.

    Not only that, this season I’m allowed to mix and match them in previously unseen colour combinations, throwing in flashes of bright white and cool neutrals to balance it all out. Funky heels and big jewellery. Maxi dresses. New swim suits. It’s like I’ve died and gone to style heaven.

    It’s like taking the last 3 years of fashion and rolling it all into one big ball of AMAZING! While I’m dying to pick up a few new key pieces, there is such an eclectic feel to this season’s trends that I’m going to be able to incorporate so much of what I already own, but updated for a small investment (let’s say $1,000?) 🙂

    Time to go digging in the wardrobe for those long lost loves of fashion’s past… and pick up a few new ones from Westfield!

    What’s that saying?? “Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold”…

    Good luck to all the other ladies!

  175. love the nautical stripes I am a sucker for stripes, and abit afraid of colour blocking being 5’2 but I would be game to try it in the right hands, wish me luck

  176. I really would like to get hold of some of that colour pop for myself, but being a true Melbourne-ite I don’t know where to start as my wardrobe is one big sea of black when you walk into it – where do I start?

  177. I have always thought of ‘beige, camel, nude’ coloured stuff as nana and boring. But for some reason this spring my eyes have been opened to NUDE! Shoes especially! Surprisingly versatile, very classy and nude heels make my legs deceptively longer! So my Spring wish-list includes nude heels and definitely loving the tailored white blazer – that will class up any act.

  178. Im going to be greedy and ask for it all,
    Colour and dresses and zazzle galore;
    My wardrobe is dire
    And my hearts desire
    Is to find this great prize at my door!

    Love your work styling you ;.)

  179. Vibrant and gorgeous colours!! Being tall and love wearing colours might be an issue of ‘too much’ or in your face, I would love to be shown how to wear colour without scaring people.

  180. Hats, they suit my face and keep the sun off my face. I don’t mind what colour they are. They can dress up or dress down what I’m wearing.

  181. Well, I probably can’t win, since I’ve already benefited from a session. What I can say is that it was awesome, so whoever wins will be very lucky. I might even try colour blocking next time!

  182. I love the colour blocking, I’m thinking bright dresses for summer on the beach – it will be a great change to my mummy wardrobe of jeans & Tshirts!

  183. I’m another that likes the colour blocking and it would work best in life as I always go for the safe option of black and grey. I think adding colour to my wardrobe would also help give me a lift when I need it!

  184. I love white but anyone with small kids will know that’s a loosing fight. However recently I discovered heels, Odd at 34 but I never thought about my wheels. Wow what a difference they can make, taller, slimmer might as well eat that last piece of cake. Bought 2 pairs in the last week, now must go out to show my new chic!

  185. A one hour styling session!! I love a beautiful and versatile maxi dress because sometimes I find it otherwise a bit difficult to put together an entire outfit that I like (and that looks good). Looking forward to trying out some colour blocking this season too, after your post the other week Nikki!

  186. The minimal white definitely! I’m still learning how to dress myself nicely, after being a tomboy for most of my life. Hoodies and jeans just aren’t cutting it anymore! I’m in love with the white jacket above, since it’s not so “out there” that I’d be intimidated to wear it, yet it’s still stylish enough that I would feel confident about putting it on, and even dressing it up a bit!

  187. What a FABULOUS giveaway! LOVE LOVE LOVE colour blocking… not entirely sure it loves me, at least in the outfits I’ve been experimenting with lately! Particularly keen on orange and turquoise together for summer, but I need some help as to tones that will suit my colouring, and shapes to suit my figure, which is a bit straight up and down. A session with a stylist is EXACTLY what I need to step out with style AND confidence this spring/summer!

  188. My favourite trend for spring is colour blocking. I was so ridiculously excited to see the gorgeous walls of bright, happy colour when I’ve walked into my local Westfield!

    It would work best in my life because I adore bright colours that I can mix and match with my (lots of) black clothing, and because I’m brunette it just brightens up my outfit.

    But I do need a hand navigating through what pieces would work best for me, especially since putting on a kg or two.. that’s where a stylist would help!

  189. My favourite spring trend would have to be colour blocking. For as long as I can remember I have embraced colour – even in winter. Black is a bit of a taboo colour in my wardrobe, so colour blocking is the perfect spring trend for my life!

  190. this was really interesting – I’ve been thinking about a styling session for ages and feel really inspired now! I’m loving colour blocking – I’m so attached to my blacks/greys/blues and need that push to bring some colour in. I’ve started slowly with some scarves and a top and I’m loving it, but I know that somewhere in there I can do more! 🙂

  191. Frankly, I blame that misleading ‘happily ever after’ tacked on the end of all good love stories for my current fashion frumpiness. There is no mention of the babies and the weight gain or that you can no longer wear white. EVER! Then by the time you’ve lost all that baby weight, the kids are starting school, and all your ‘fashion’ is too big for you now, AND it’s at least six years old. There’s no fairy godmother to swoop in with her ‘bibidee bibidee-bob’ and make you gorgeous now. And overtime work is when you’re woken at 3am in the morning because someone wet the bed. No extra cash lying around now you’ve got school uniforms, and those endless lunchboxes and extra-curricular activities like swimming and ballet and gymnastics. Nobody warned me about any of that.

    So with that in mind, my favourite trend of the season is ladylike. Something I can go from school drop-offs to play dates with friends and then to after-school activities and look damn gorgeous in (like that hot orange dress you’re in up there), that reminds me of that ‘happily ever after’ I was promised. Please 😛

  192. I SAY….BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL! Colour is the go-to trend this spring…from gorgeous pastels to in your face, yet flattering colour. My wardrobe consists of black, black and more black. I’m a little afraid of mixing and matching colour and therefore need a stylist to put me on track. I don’t want people to think “what a train wreck” as I sidle past in a abundant of colour and little style sense!

  193. My fave trend for Spring would have to be the Ladylike trend. Two reasons: one – I am surrounded by males and need a bit of girlishness every now and then, and two – this look is so Olivia Palermo and I want her life (and boyfriend) for just one day!!

  194. I’ve just returned to work after 12 months maternity so I really need some help updating my wardrobe. I don’t think I’m brave enough to embrace colour blocking this spring but traditionally being a lover of black and black, I’m keen to try the minimal white look – not sure if I can get away with it with three little boys but I can dream can’t I! Fingers crossed

  195. Since my wardrobe mainly consists of black and grey, I’m trying to venture out of my comfort zone and dabble in colour blocking- something I’m finding hard to do as everything is so colourful, totally opposite to what I’m used to! I think colour blocking is a fantastic way to represent how I feel- bright, bold and confident, as opposed to all the blacks and greys which make me feel dull and gloomy. What a generous giveaway =)

  196. Im all about the tribal trend at the moment…..a lot of the accessories are quite bold so you can make a statement with just a belt, feature necklace or large earrings and the reason this trend works for me? Its quick, easy and affordable.

    BTW – Amazing blog post – the clips, music, and content rich lay-out=captivating. Thanks Nikki!

  197. Fantastic post. I’ve always wanted to do this but have never had the guts. I really want to get some colour in my wardrobe this season. I’m so sick of hiding behind black. I’m an apple shape & it’s really hard to find clothes that don’t make me look pregnant. Interested to see what a stylist can suggest. You both look fabulous. Love the white blazer with the colour pop in particular & that dress is gorgeous 🙂

  198. I am loving that boho is back with a BANG! It’s the perfect way to dress for the warmer months and makes me feel like I am in constant holiday mode. This is one trend that I love as it’s as low maintenance and makes thrown together outfits look stylish. x

  199. I am loving the bright colours this years spring collections are bringing out.

    I am in terrible need for some colour in my wardrobe. When shopping I will always stop and admire the bright colours but will always go back to my safe (and boring!) blacks and neutrals.

    My biggest problem is I have no idea how to dress myself. I have no idea of what colours suit me and if I ever get a brightly coloured item I will see photos of me in it and realise it’s the completely wrong colour for my complexion – yes I’m talking to you yellow. I’m being a bit of a rebel at the moment and wearing hot pink nail polish, but that’s about as exciting as it gets.

  200. Nikki, it has always been my dream to have a personal styling session!! I think the maxi dress is definitely my favourite trend this Spring & I think it will work for me because it will be so, so comfortable!!! Am also loving the midi skirt spread in the Westfield Style Guide too!!
    Also big thanks for such an awesome blog!!!

  201. Am completely loving colour blocking at the moment! Classic, simple & everyone can find a combo that can suit them. It’s that moment where your mind changes from “eeeeeek that is going to clash violently” to “woo woo… that looks wicked!”

  202. Finally bright colours are in… I’ve always been a fan of minimalist with a bright splash! Loving block colour heels right now! You can brighten up any day with a quick glance down to your tootsies!

  203. I am lovely the bright colours, the bright blues particularly for spring look amazing. Blue always looks nice on me, just need a bit of help with the really vibrant colours that seem to be appearing now.

  204. not too sure whether my style could ever be called ‘on-trend’,..but I am slightly obsessed with vintage shibori haori jackets at the moment. I wear a charcoal skinny jean, a bassike white or grey tee and then the haori over the top. I then add an armful of ‘gypsy’ bangles made of silver, turquoise, bone and gold,. some turquoise and coral earrings and a minimal makeup with a fuchsia lip.


  205. I’m getting a bit more into the fashion stakes now I’m back at work… but I desperately need some jewelry/colour advice.. oh let’s face it – I need the works!

    What I’ve enjoyed this winter is the comeback of the scarf – even blokes are wearing them.. love that. I’m not a fan of orange myself but I am loving the nude colourings coming out – the pale pinks, the off-white blazers and I found myself my nude shoes for work and some gorgeous diana ferrari sandals this week.

  206. I’m loving the twirl skirts and dresses. They are the perfect shape for my pear. Makes my bust look bigger, my waist look smaller, and my hips disappear. Oh the joy.

  207. I’m loving all the Leopard prints, but I’m not too sure I could pull it off….. Since having kids my body shape has changed so much, now I struggle to find clothes that suit me and make my Hubby go “Wow” would be awesome to have a style session and get great advice on what would suit my “mummy” body……

  208. Spring trend? A blazer. Easy. Sorry to be unoriginal Nikki but I am digging the boyfriend blazer at the moment too, and am trying really hard to justify why I should own that gorgeous peach blazer from Marcs. Perfect for my smart/casual work environment, weekend brekkies and to throw over a pretty dress for a night out, or the races. It’s a winner, and a Spring staple, I think.

  209. The gorgeous dresses from the fifties are back in fashion. Reminding me of my childhood with ladies able to look feminine again. Loads of colour and a cinched waistline is a must for anyone. Team it with the new nude shoe and I think I have a winner

  210. I just need something that is “in” and where I can be helped in finding that to fit me as it’s a challenge more ways than one. Something bright in my Spring wardrobe would keep me smiling for a long time as it’s been a long time since I have had that something that has made me smile!

  211. A nice flowing bright Maxi dress would be my perfect item this season.

    With 3 kids under 4 and not a lot of time for me, the maxi dress would hide my bumps, lumps and other bits (including awful varicose veins) and I’d look fantastic, without a lot of work.

    I’d love a wardrobe to boost my confidence and to celebrate my curves, a personal styling session would be the ultimate prize!

  212. After going through various styles from tomboy to vintage I am in desperate need of a little fairy dust in my spring wardrobe! Though I love the look of maxi dresses I don’t think they’d do my body shape any favours so I’m interested to delve into the world of colour blocking this year!

  213. Where do I start….style, fashion is somewhat of a task,
    You see I have so very little,
    and now since having kids it is just pitiful,
    Ask my husband and he will say,
    She really has no style these days,
    I wear what is comfortable, a fashionista I am not,
    as it’s properties should be baby spew proof as well as repelling Nutella, Vegemite and toddler snot.
    I look at the clothes in the shops,
    and I love the Spring colours particularly in the tops,
    But will they look good on me?
    I am just not convinced….as my style is not what is use to be…
    Someone tips, advice and honest opinion sounds like a dream come true for me!

  214. Definitely the midi (knee-just above knee) length dress/skirt. Flattering on everyone and appropriate for work or socialising! Also great for the tall girls out there who don’t want every dress to be “mini”

  215. The minimal white trend fascinates me, and I think it’s something I should embrace. Not necessarily because I look good in white, but because it will force me to grow up. I’ll have to think twice before wiping my hands on my pants like a teenager, and I’ll need to start buying sophisticated underwear that won’t expose my love of animal print to the world. It will also encourage me to go on a much-needed diet – you don’t see people in white clothes eating spaghetti bolognaise or chicken parmas for lunch! I’m almost 30 and I need to update my style. Embracing the minimal white trend could be the little push that I need.

  216. For me, I love the latest spring accessory: cat eye glasses. They scream old-school glamour, and would compliment my vintage-inspired wardrobe perfectly! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such an amazing giveaway. xx

  217. umm, definitly love the minimal white look but with 3 kids under the age of 7 I think the floral would be much more forgiving. I haven’t really been into fashion since having kids, this would be a great opportunity to update my look and get me out of my “mum uniform”

  218. I need to get dressed in the morning in a style that will last me all day, whether its running around after the kids, hitting the office or shopping up a storm with my friends.
    I love the thought of Colour Blocking because it gives a huge range of wardrobe options from relatively few pieces and would drag me away from my basic blacks! Not sure I am game to have a go without expert guidance as I could end up looking like a tubby liquorice allsort!

  219. Ah maaaaan!! What if I’m coming to Oz soon, does that count? Hmmmm…it’s fall here and I’m thinking sweater dresses and short boots. Spring…I like your look. Gorgeous dress. LOVE that color.

  220. Nude shoes. They go with everything. They elongate your legs and come in a variety of finishes – patent leather, sparkle, animal print and plain leather. I won’t have an excuse for not putting my best foot forward.

  221. Fashion has taken a back seat to children (4 of them) for the past 8 years but I’ve had an epiphany. I CAN be a beautiful woman again. I’m taking baby steps but already I’m feeling SO much better. My Spring trend is the nude shoe – AH-MAZING. It makes my short legs look and feel longer. I put them on and I feel like strutting a catwalk!

  222. Maxi dress in nautical colors – so it could be dressed up or down and taken from day into night! It can be teamed with red/ blue/ white acessories and blasers to change to look 🙂

  223. Dip-dyed hair. Recently i dip dyed by dark brown hair with shades of bright purple and electric blue. It looks beautiful when it catches the sunlight in spring but what i love about this trend is that you can still experiment with your hair colour without making a full commitment to changing it all. In my teenage years i dyed my hair every colour under the sun and as a result its become quite weak and dry, but this is much easier to do or to cover up if i don’t like it and you really are spoiled for choice with colour options. Its the perfect trend when i’m looking for a quick change and just stands out so much against all the bright colours i wear in spring!

    [email protected]

  224. I am loving the maxi dress trend!!! i feel like it gives the illusion of being taller and it is such a comfortable outfit. I love how it can be dressed up with a cute belt and some earrings. It goes from play time , beach , weekends …to dinners and evenings out on the town. I also am enjoying the maxi skirt! I have one but would love a few more to add to my wardrobe. xxx

  225. i wish I could follow the trends that are available for every season not just spring. Unfortunately as a stay at home mummy who has absolutely NO style whatsoever i wear what is comfortable/cheap and fits in with my kids. IE no ironing etc. Basically for spring I love Jeans (full length or 3/4 depending on how warm the day is) and a singlet top (accompanied by a soft flowing shirt like chiffon if its a little nippy). Basically if it can be put on in 5 minutes around my kids, hides all their sticky finger marks and dribbles and makes me look semi decent then thats the style for me.
    Oh help me when my daughter hits style puberty I am in for a world of trouble!!
    I do like the orange dress and the white jacket but white is a no go in my house and I dont go out so why wear a dress round the house 🙁

  226. You know what. I think we should all see a stylist {even if it’s your job} everybody has a different take on style and it’s so great to get a little insight from somebody else.

    I think I seriously need to put see a stylist into my budget in the next few months. I’ve just stopped breastfeeding and have seriously no boobs. It’s depressing and nothing in my wardrobe fits me. So I’ll be investing in quality items that can last me for multiple mummy occasions.

    I also need to start investing in quality pieces for when I hold events/functions. A whole new wardrobe is so much hard work but fun!

    This season I’m loving that there’s a lot of bold colours around but there’s also a lot of natural neutral tones. I’d really like to venture out and try more white or even a yellow {now that would be fun} but I’m totally terrified of white. it’s just so white!!

  227. I love the change to vibrant colours. Wearing vibrant colours influences the way I feel as well as how I look. I recently did an experiment to check this out. I purchased a bold bright light spring cardigan in a vibrant iridescent LIME (OMG) . I wore it with plain dark navy fluid top and dark jeans, with gold accessories and pistachio coloured leather flats. The effect was very noticeable. I rarely get comments on my outfits however I received no less than 5 compliments on my look that day, but not just about the colour choice. People commented on how happy I looked and how WELL I looked. Total win for colour! Hurrah!

  228. I’m loving the minimal white trend at the moment, so different to what I’d usually wear (definitely a black kinda girl here), but I’m definitely looking to mix it up a bit now that I’m looking forward to turning 30 next month!

  229. Colour Blocking gets my vote – although I must admit it would make me nervous shopping for this style. I like to play it safe.

  230. I have no idea about fashion but i like th flowing maxi dresses.I would love to win so i could get a clue.My wardrobe consists of black,black and more black.
    good luck to all who enter

  231. I would have to say, that like you Nikki I wish to embrace the minimal white trend. Colour blocking terrifies me a little bit, but white with a summer tan has always been lovely. The only thing is, I am unsure on how to wear white without looking wide.

  232. Oh wow what a TREAT!

    I love colour blocking, it’s so much fun and versatile.

    Now that I have boobs (thank you pregnancy) and still not really showing my belly I feel like I can shop for now and after the baby is born (thank you breastfeeding). I don’t have money to buy anything new though, everything is going towards the toddler and unborn baby so I’m living in jeans and shirts. When I’m bigger I’ll no doubt still be in jeans and shirts or what I wore when I was last pregnant.

    Anyway, colour blocking and nude pumps would be wonderful! So lust worthy.

  233. Just realised how little I know about this season’s fashions, because I don’t have an answer. Oh dear!
    I tend to steer clear of shopping (except if it’s for the two li’l princesses and then I can go silly!), because I’m short. So nothing ever seems to fit. I ended up being so frustrated. So any styling help would be incredibly welcome here!!!
    PS. You both look absolutely gorgeous!

  234. The trend I love most is the nude/neutral wedges. It works well for me as I’ve been on maternity leave for a year and used to ballet flats and cargo pants, so it’s nice to get some height and style without breaking my ankles with stilettos. It surprises me just how comfortable they are.

    What a great competition. Fingers crossed!!

  235. colour blocking… yippee, at last my obsession with colour is “on trend”, now I need some tweaking with it so I can emerge from the sludge with my best brightest shiniest foot forward.

  236. I’d have to say colour blocking! I’m sick of looking at my BLACK, BLACK, BLACK wardrobe and being bored (I’m a typical melbournite)!

    I need bright colours to brighten up my spring/summer outfits to bring a little light into my black boring wardrobe!

  237. I really like the maxi dresses at the moment, comfortable for a mum on the go. The great spring colours, very bright and alive, make me feel happy and confident.

  238. I am loving the fact that maxi-dresses are still around. I due to have a baby in January so I love that I can cover up the bump (and lumps, ahem..) without looking out of style. And without having to buy over-priced maternity gear. Thanks Country Road!

  239. Wow!

    I love the colour blocking trend. I love colour but am always terrified of it. I think the only colour I really have would be navy in my wardrobe..

    You both look gorgeous.

    *crosses fingers that I win!*

  240. What a fantastic opportunity!

    My favourite trend is minimal white, but with my fair skin, blonde hair and having had a baby 3 months ago (and at the beginning of my weight loss journey!) the idea of white scares me! I love the white jacket you bought, so fresh and perfect for spring.

    I’d love the opportunity to work with a Westfield stylist and feel a bit more like myself again after 2 children in just over 2 years and the lack of style that has followed!

  241. I think my favourite trend for spring is colour-blocking…I need to get a bit more daring when it comes to my wardrobe (a collection of solid neutrals) and this would be a perfect opportunity to get brave!

  242. Ok. Trying this again. 😀
    You both look fabulous! I would not have ever tried an orange dress (it looks amazing on you though) or Bron’s outfit, but it is all pulled together so wonderfully!

    I confess, I’ve always wished I had the $$ to get a stylist consult, to teach me how to dress both to suit my body (ugh) but to express the ‘me’ I feel like inside.

    I know really nothing about the latest trends, being a plus size girl, I shy away from reading about them, I always figure they’re irrelevant to me. I’ve heard of colour blocking and frankly, it scares the ever loving crap out of me,lol. And I’d probably rather poke my eyes out than wear animal print.

    So that probably leaves me with floral and ladylike.

    In all honesty, what I want it to wear things that are feminine and light and fresh. Inside, I’m such a girly girl. But I don’t know how to accessories at all, I want soft, pretty clothes but they are so hard to find in ‘big girl clothes’, especially within my budget (we’re talking disability pensioner here).

    I’d imagine though that I’d present the ultimate ‘too hard basket’ challenge for a stylist. I’ve been on high dose Prednisilone since February, and have therefore blown up 25kgs! (after losing 20kgs the year before, sob!). So my entire body shape has actually changed. Not just putting on weight, but it’s changed my shape totally.

    But I’m putting my hand up and being brave and saying even I would like to win something like this. If you can make me over, you’re a freaking genius.

    (Saving this comment incase I lose it like the last two attempts,lol. You’re a popular girl today, Nikki).

  243. My favourite trend for spring would be flowing maxi skirts. You can dress them up or wear comfortably with a pair of thongs – perfect for someone carrying a little extra weight and also time poor with three small children. I haven’t given myself a style boost since I started having my children five years ago ( and put on loads of weight) and I so need it. x

  244. You both look fabulous, of course! I love the jacket!

    I’m a photographer, constantly bending myself into all sorts of weird and wonderful pretzel-like positions behind my camera. So, I need to have a really practical wardrobe. Unfortunately, all I’ve managed to do is build myself a boring wardrobe, full of black. While that works for my white cat who constantly makes his presence felt, it doesn’t work for me!

    I’ve tried colour blocking but ended up looking like I should be making cardboard rocket ships on playschool.

    I love to dress creatively but i just don’t know the basic rules for my shape. I’d love if you could help turn me from playschool teacher to… well… anything else really. Except pirate. I also unwittingly did that also earlier this year. And not in an ironic, stylish way. In an ‘aaarrrrr! Where be me parrot’ way….

    Clearly I need help!

  245. Im embarrassed to admit – prior to reading your blog (linked from st murphy – how funny is he – if I win I want to take him shopping with me as I am sure he will keep the stylist honest ! never met the man – but am sure we could be besties) I have zero idea about fashion – Maybe I used too – but Im not so confident about that either. I work in the city so pretty much stick to a suit or black dress (every day !) and I am a mum of two who has managed to stack on a few extra kilos – so weekends are horrific in the fashion department – I admit to wearing my gym gear most days beacuse I look like i have been or am going to the gym – when in truth i am wearing it beacuse its stretchy :(….

    Anyhow – back to the question – my favorite trend – Colour blocking -I wear a lot of balck and recently was gven a bright orange necklace – not quite colur blocking – but defintely some POP.

    Thanks for the Blog Nikki – I will get myself dragged into fashion / updated asap !

  246. My Favorite trend would have to be Colour Block. I love bright colors. They just make everyone look so happy and bright.
    When I’m not drooling over reds and pinks, I always wear white. However, Never had guts to purchase a white blazer. After reading you blog, I think I might just go out and buy one.
    However I’m not sure if it would work on me. And that’s where stylist advice would come in handy 🙂

  247. thanks to you i have an idea of what the trends are – colour blocking, white, nude shoes but when i go Westfield Chermside I am overwhelmed by what’s on offer. As a work from home mum who rarely has to get “dressed” I have no clue how to put it together in a way that suits my figure which a certain designer would describe as an “overstuffed seven seater corner lounge suite”. A personal styling session would give me the confidence to put a look together that might see me ditch the five year old three-quarter black pants and basic t-shirts that have become my summer uniform. IF I don’t win well I’ll just have to keep reading your blog until I get confident enough to face the shops alone.

  248. Would definitely want to try out nude pumps after your convincing article recently! But spring trends are for people who can afford to follow fashion. I can not. Winning a stylist session and spending money at Westfield would have an amazing impact on my life by giving me a chance to get ahead and to update my very old wardrobe. 🙂

  249. Nikki your look lovely – love the orange dress. It looks brilliant on you…

    My favourite trend this spring – the colour that is around – especially the various different shades of red.

    I was out at the Plaza on the weekend and thought of you, because there in the window of couple of shops were trends that you have been talking about on here. Styling guru you!!

    believe it or not, you have help me get out of my clothing funk that I had fallen into. Thanks x

  250. Wow! THAT is an awesome post! Bron let me know that she had done this – so great to see and read what it was all about!

    I NEVER enter competitions, but this one is way TOO compelling! Nikki, congratulations for breaking my giveaway virginity!

    Favourite trend? Well, I HAVE to say, Minimal White. White is the toned down version of Red for me – You have to be very confident and be prepared to make a statement to wear it. This Spring, I’m coming out of my post-child birth cave, and I’m all into pushing myself past my comfort zones. White is just so fresh, alive… and impractical! I don’t want to wear a dark colour, just because it hides the stains and covers creases better! I want to BE FULLY ENGAGED with life and Spring is a good time to do that!

    Can I have a second favourite (pleeease)? Colour Pop! Because it’s so happy and vibrant – and for similar reasons above. Such a happy look!

    After my comment, you may consider placing a word limit next time! LOL! So much to say!

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