The 10-step wardrobe edit: PLUS $500 Freedom Furniture gift card giveaway

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Are you hanging in there (pardon the wardrobe pun)?  It’s Day 4 of Styling You’s Spring Clean Week?  A week dedicated to getting sorted and focussed on the new season ahead – well at least in the what’s in my wardrobe and what the hell am I going to do about my legs department.

So far we’ve covered:

1. The new-season fashion wishlist – and how to make it.

2. Getting those aforementioned legs in some kind of condition for public viewing.

3. How to store (and throw out) your makeup so that you can more easily use it on a daily basis.

Today, we’re going deep into your wardrobe.  Deep. Not mine.  Yours.  What’s really lurking in there?  Some Levis 501s from 1991? (actually, if you do have some and they still fit, they’re actually back. Just roll them up at the ankles belt them, wear a slouchy tee and a blazer and you’re hip, happening and ready to go. Score.)

I’ve talked about the mysterious wardrobe edit before but I thought it would be good to share my step by step program I do with clients (minus the wine).  You know, so that you can do the same this weekend.

1. Get in the right frame of mind.  If you need a glass of wine to help achieve that then go for it.  I’ll wait here while you go to the fridge.

2. Lock the door so you don’t get any “helpers” in the form of small children.  They will distract you with requests such as, “can I please have another biscuit?”, “watch YouTube on your iPad?” or “mummy, why are you drinking wine for morning tea?”.

3. Pull EVERYTHING out.  I’m a cracked record on this one.  There’s seriously no point flicking through the racks, offering only a cursory glance at that floral top you bought three years ago.  That still has its tags on.

4. Look at your empty wardrobe.  At this point another glass of vino may be called upon.  You’re not wardrobe gazing here.  You’re taking a good look at the space available to you and thinking how best you can make the most of that space.  If moving your partner’s clothes into another room is what you think best, who am I to come between you and marital wardrobe bliss?

Freedom Furniture's Closet Max storage system

Lately I’ve been playing around with these clever wardrobe inserts from Freedom Furniture’s Closet Max System. Genius.

5. Unless you’ve had your wardrobe custom-designed by a company that builds in all those clever shelves (in which case I have serious wardrobe envy and may descend on your house just to sit in front of said wardrobe and stare) then it’s a good idea to invest in some sort of wardrobe storage system, like Freedom’s Closet Max System, pictured above, to maximise your space.  They work particularly well when you have a lot of hanging space but next to no draws. The shoe insert is an obvious one but I also like the deeper boxes and drawers for my knitwear, jeans and tees.

6. When you have all your clothes out of your wardrobe, start to organise them in to type and colour. This is particularly essential if your week involves two completely different type of clothing demands. One client I’ve worked with is ultra corporate during the week and surf lifesaving all weekend. We were able to split her wardrobe into two, so that Monday to Friday she opened one section; on the the weekends and holidays another.

7. During this organisation process, you’re culling, right?  Like I mentioned on Monday, if it doesn’t fit and doesn’t make you feel good it has to go (special consideration is given to sentimental pieces … I’m not that harsh!).  If you want to hang on to those jeans (just in case … umm like my sass & bides I squeezed into for my 40th, drank too much and they’ve never fitted again), then store them out of sight.  Otherwise, they will only make you feel like crap every time you see them.

8. Put things back into your wardrobe in a way that suits your space and lifestyle.  I have a small wardrobe that I’ve been unable to convince my husband I should have sole custody of (despite regularly encroaching on his “side”), so I have taken up a sub-let in my daughter’s wardrobe to house the clothes from the season I’m not currently wearing.  I figure I’ve not got long to go on this plan, though, as the teenage “must buy new clothes” bug has well and truly kicked in.

9. Bag up clothes for your favourite charity store, keeping aside any you might be keen to eBay.  From experience, it’s new, near-new designer labels that will pull the most cash and make your eBay session worthwhile.

10. Sit back. Pour another wine and admire the glory that is a wardrobe ready for the season ahead.



Win a $500 Freedom Furniture gift card

Yes, you read right.  The lovely people at Freedom (did you know you can shop online?) are so keen for us to get an act on this wardrobe organisational front and make our homes look fab for Spring that they have given me a $500 gift card to give away to one lucky Styling You reader.  You can put it towards anything … a new lamp, a rug, some scatter cushions. Or a down payment on a gorgeous new sofa (oops, that’s just me projecting).

Entering is super easy.  Just leave a comment below.  I’m thinking confession time again.  What’s the one piece in your wardrobe that you know you should ditch but just can’t bring yourself to do so? Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be drawn at random, notified via email and name posted here. Competition closes 8am Thursday, September 15.

Now you know that I usually reply to all comments on my blog. The exception is with competitions as I’ve got to use my non-existent maths’ brain to add up entries. So, know this, I’ve read and loved each of your comments.


* A selection of the products pictured above were sent to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.  You can read more about it here.

This week is Spring Clean week on Styling You.  Every day there will be a post aimed at helping you get ready for the new season.  Hope you enjoy.

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  1. I hide chocolates in a drawer in my wardrobe so my kids can’t scoff them all before I get a chance at them! If I could manage to ditch the contents of my goody drawer, I bet I could fit back into my skinny jeans!

  2. At least a decade ago..I wore a flesh coloured,skin tight jersy dress with a clingy lace overlay…I know I’ll never be able to wear it again ,nor would I even want too….but I love the reminder of how little I once was.

  3. A gorgeous pair of black max mara pants I bought in paris that no longer fit me… I cannot in my heart of hearts bear to part with them they hold such wonderful shopping memories!

  4. I call it my Minnie Mouse dress, I’ve never worn it, it’s a red with small white polka dot strapless dress that has a tight bodice full short skirt and a lap sash that ties into a perfect bow… it’s been in and out of so many throw out piles it’s a nervous wreck and quivers when it sees me coming ! It still has it’s tags and I know one day I will be able to pass it on as a family heirloom!

  5. Handwoven Turkish socks given to me by a women from a village in Eastern Turkey 30 years ago. They still smell of oily sheep but the kindness she showed to a weary traveller is a memory I will never forget. In turn I gave her the only thing I had in my backpack, a madonna t’shirt. The smile on her face could have lifted up Noahs Ark from the summit of Mt Ararat in the backdrop where we were but I will never forget her.

  6. A t-shirt I bought while living in London from “The Church”. It says –
    Front of shirt – CAN YOU HOLD MY BEER?
    Back of shirt – WHILE I SNOG YOUR MATE
    Why on earth would a 40 year old wear this but I keep it just in case 🙂

  7. A salmon-pink, faux fur bolero. I bought it at an oppie to wear to a bad-taste party when I was 18, then convinced myself I could totally rock that look, so wore it as my signature piece for several years. Oh, the follies of youth! Though I’m feeling almost justified in hanging onto it right now, because it’s ever so nearly fashionable.

  8. I have a sequined little black dress with 80s shoulder pads that was Mum’s. It cost her a whole pay packet at the time, so I couldn’t get rid of it, could I?!

  9. A jumper my Mum knitted for me back in the late 80’s. An Australiana theme, each State represented including the Sydney Opera House front and centre!

  10. That would be the very loud bright blue (and if you thought blue couldn’t be lairy think again) long knitted jumper/dress with seriously large puffy sleeves with again very loud multicoloured bobbly wool stripes. I did try to palm it off to my innocent 11-year-old niece with vague references to her impending adolescence and the eighties being back in style but even she knew I was desperate… Nonetheless, my mum knitted it for me and I just can’t throw it out!

  11. A techicolour raincoat that I made in textiles class over 20years ago. It’s ugly, has no function and smells like mothballs … but I can’t bring myself to chuck it.

  12. My size 10 levi jeans….I will fit into them…I am DETERMINED! Once I fit into them I will throw them out for sure as they are too old and tired but I just need to get back to that size 10 happy place 🙂

  13. My Year 10 formal dress, a home made hot pink strapless taffeta number. Looked amazing with my bright red crewcut I was sporting at the time. That was 28 years ago and I can’t bring myself to throwing it out!

  14. The COMFIEST pair of leggings ever! They’re nothing fancy – just plain black Bonds leggings but they’ve stopped making the style so I can’t buy anymore. And they’ve got a few holes in dubious places… in fact, I was wearing them to the gym the other day when my hubby whispered to me while I was stretching… “Did you know there’s a hole in your crotch?” Oh dear!

  15. Great blog and brilliant advice…especially the bit about a glass or two of wine when spring cleaning your cupboard. One item I can’t throw out is a brown fringed leather jacket I bought on Kings Road, Chelsea in the late 80’s…I think I only wore it for six weeks before I realised my faux pas! My boys used it for cowboy dress-ups years ago…but it still hangs in my wardrobe!

  16. I have a couple of skirts I adore, but are too big for me. I put them in a spacebag as I just can’t give them away. I even put one of them on ebay, but then cancelled as I couldn’t part with it!
    We’re moving house this weekend so I’ve actually done a wardrobe purge.

  17. Horrible old never-were-fashionable tops that I never wore as a teen, yet I keep convincing myself that I shouldn’t throw them out “in case I need something old to wear if I ever do painting or other messy kind of odd-jobs” (that I never do)!

  18. The saying that a tidy mind is reflected in your organization of possessions. Then,I’m in quite bad shape. Help me straighten out my mind.

  19. My 40 year old “going away” dress still hangs in the wardrobe. I’ll never wear it or pink again but I guess it has some sentimental value, or at least that’s what I tell myself everytime I have a wardrobe cull.

  20. A pair of pants made from 70s style lace curtains. Seriously. I bought them from a hippy shop in Byron Bay in 1994 when I was at uni. For some strange reason I can’t bring myself to throw them out. (Reluctant to fully relinquish my youth, perhaps?) The only time I’ve ever worn them was for a 70s disco party. They were a hit. 🙂

  21. Many years ago I bought myself a Winnie the Pooh windsheater. Well the kids were small and they loved it. Now I just think they’re embarrassed.

  22. Oh my god I was looking for some bathers at my bestfreinds house and in her draw where barbie knickers! Turns out she still has them in there from when she was 8! Shes 24! major hoarding!!!

  23. The pair of jeans which hugs my butt and I met my current boyfriend in. I haven’t met another pair of jeans like them and even though there are holes in the crotch and I wouldn’t wear them in public I will still keep them.

  24. All you anti-fur people, please forgive me, but the one thing I cannot toss out of my wardrobe is a mink collar wrap. A bit like those fox wraps of yesteryear, but this one has three, complete Minks, stitched together…..claws and all….but they have glass eyes!!

  25. My Bardot jeans two pairs of them too.They are a size 8 and there is no way I can fit into them.I only dream of fitting into them.I find it so hard to part with them as they have been so good to me over the years.

  26. I have several really beautiful items that I am keeping ‘Just in case I can fit into them again’ but the main item is the beautiful $850 silk outfit I bought for my daughters’ wedding. It is actually still quite fashionable, but sadly I can’t fit into it and very much doubt that I ever will, but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it

  27. A “Brave” LBD, still with tags bought new in 1998 while I was at uni… it’s moved from Brisbane to Sydney all around the UK and back to Sydney with me. One day I will have occasion to wear/ebay that dress…

  28. a tiny size 4 dress I bought when I was 16, didn’t have enough boobs for till I was 19 and now at 21 my boobs can’t get into it. sigh, the downside to growing boobs.

  29. That dress that will never again fit,
    But throwing out would mean to admit it,
    It’s got sentimental meaning to me,
    It’s all about where I wore it last and that lovely memory.

  30. No contest here…would have to be my early 1980s “New Romantics” dress. The frills, the puffed sleeves, the pirate collar. I wore it to my Year 11 formal. But just can’t part with it because my mum made it for me. Strictly sentimental value!

  31. Well let me see what’s in my wardrobe,
    It’s shocking they do tell me,
    an old dress from the 50’s,
    however could that be?
    I’m not that old, I really do think,
    it’s just how you feel,
    I feel like I’m 20 and not a day more,
    now to convince my husband who really is unsure

  32. Well it would have to be a velvet corset top that I wore to a ball many moons ago. It has been hanging there forlorn for 15 years. Unfortunately the poor thing doesn’t fit anymore but it brings back memories of a great night. Maybe I should do some more exercise and it will fit me again, one day.

  33. Keeping what means something emotionally makes for an over-full robe
    but the oldest and least useful
    is the bedjacket Mum took to have me in hospital

  34. I’m thinking a beautiful velvet skirt (still with tags on) that I bought then found out I was pregnant- have not worn it once. Another child now…never will wear it.

  35. Our wardrobe has to go. We have thousands of dollars worth of Jack London clothing in a wardrobe we built ourselves from waste wood. Its time we have them in a wardrobe that’s as good as the clothes it holes.

  36. My short overalls which look terrible and are way out of fashion but I wore them for a musical and keep hold of them although it’s likely there will never be another need for them – they are hideous.

  37. I’ve been a Bridesmaid FIVE times, I still have all the dresses, I’ll never wear any of them again but can’t bring myself to get rid of them, sentimental and I paid a bit for them. They are awful really, from an Apricot dress with puffing sleeves, to a too tight ruby red silk dress.

  38. my sweet black boob tube from the days of when i was thin,but my boobs won’t even fit in one side now, but i just can’t get rid of it, i suppose i look at it and think i was thin once!

  39. A wonder women outfit that is super cute! and about four sizes to small. If I even ever got invited to a fancy dress I couldn’t imagine turning up in tiny revealing skin tight lycra ensemble that acccenturates every little roll dimple and jelly belly. So why can’t I throw it out? How about I trade you for it with the Freedom Voucher 😀

  40. I really should part with a denim jacket I bought several years ago and have worn twice
    but I look at it ,remember what I paid and think maybe I,ll wear it again one day

  41. You’d cringe if you saw my wardrobe!
    When I got married I gave up half of my wardrobe space and apparently half of my hangers. It wasn’t a large wardrobe to start with and I ended up doubling (quintupling!) up items on hangers to save space. It’s atrocious.
    Obviously none of my clothes need to go. But I do have a pair of ultra-high Robert Robert stilettos that are utterly divine, but I can no longer walk in. Every time I look at them I can’t bear to put them on the “get rid of” pile, and they just go back onto the shelf. Maybe I will wear them again one day?

  42. The three pair of gorgeous stilettos I bought on sale, unfortunately they are all cream, well sort of all cream, they are all very similar in colour, oh yes and style. I have worn one pair only the once and the other two pair were just in case. So I still have them just in case….

  43. I have a couple of pairs of jeans that I just can not throw out! 2 pairs finally fit me now but they are a little bit country so I don’t wear them too much but keep them? The other pair is 2 sizes to big for me but I am keeping them as they are my fave jeans and this sounds silly because you usually hold on to things that don’t fit because they are to small but I am actually keeping them in case I fit into them again…odd right?

  44. My beautiful best friend got married in Positano, Italy…the gorgeous Karen Millen dress I wore to that amazing weekend I cannot let go of…even though I have not been a size 10 since and don’t think I will ever be again!!

  45. My year 12 formal dress – I have no use for it but its beautiful and I doubt Ill ever wear it again but I just cant part with it

  46. I have a lot of things in my wardrobe that need throwing away desperately but I have a pair of brown slip on colorado shoes that I have worn to death and need to replace but they just keep finding their way back onto my feet……

  47. I have no idea what its even called, but its like a doily you would wear around your neck. I’ve had it since i was about 5 and its the cutest little thing, with the tinniest of neck holes ever, so I have no idea why i still have it. It wouldnt even fit over my wrist!

  48. I have some fabulous dresses I bought 15 years ago from an 70 year old ex ballroom dancer at a garage sale… a bright red dress with outrageous red feathers, a long sweeping white gown with tassels and a seriously funky metallic blue and silver slinky number…. I never know when they will come in handy despite not having worn them for years.

  49. My fathers (who passed away several years ago) blue suit jacket. I find it difficult to let it go even though no one wears it, I still like to look and touch it every now and again

  50. This is embarrassing. I have an aqua nanna-style dressing gown, and I actually wear it around the house most days. What! It gets cold in my house!

  51. My old school uniform! It’s musty and smells but i’s covered in my old school mates autographs and special messages and I simply cannot bear to offload it!! Sad I know.

  52. About five old suits that my mother sorted out of her cupboard and put into mine. I doubt I’ll ever wear them – certainly not while I’m under 65 – but suits are so expensive and they were my mother’s …..

  53. I have a couple of tops that I made myself when I was a teenager. They don’t fit me, they’re kinda daggy, but I made them myself, and I guess I kinda want to show my kids one day!

  54. I have a ball gown that I used to wear when I was a singer in my hey days – back when I could actually fit into it! Maybe one day…!

  55. I have a red ball gown, I wore in the 80’s. It looked so nice on me and brought me so many fond memories. I keep hoping there will be some occassion when I can wear it again.

  56. My hot pink strappy stilletto heels, wore them once for my 21st birthday, Im a mummy now so will never wear them again but for some reason cant seem to throw them away

  57. Gosh I wish I seen this earlier before I tried to tackle my wardrobe – but I did throw out some clothes that I bought over from the UK 8 years ago and hadnt worn!

    I cant bring myself to throw out a little tshirt which my mum bought for me.It was the last thing she bought for me before she went into care. Its got gold lettering on which is coming off but I just cant get rid of it yet.

  58. I know I should throw the baggy grey Munich Beer Festival Hoodie from 1997…..but I did meet my husband there…do I keep it?? I’d never wear it!!

  59. Definately the many clothes, shoes and bags bougt over the past 10 years that still have tags and i know i will never wear but cant get rid of.

  60. Some hideously tight snakeskin print pants from when I shamefully believed I could be a Coyote Ugly girl, they make me laugh everytime I see them.

  61. My Minnesota Moose ice hockey top is so 1990’s, but as well as being warm is it’s so comfy. Also a great “Passion Killer” which suits me fine when I am hormonal. (the only time I wear it)

  62. Actually, I have a lot of stuff at the moment, from tights with the bum worn out but I still NEEEEEEED them to shoes that are slightly too small but maybe one day my feet will shrink??

  63. OMG I have several items I can’t part with, but the oldest would be a navy & silver chinese style dress. I love the look of it, but honestly haven’t worn it for 10+ years. Why do we keep such things???

  64. A gorgeous LB Guess dress i bought in America came back got married and had kids have never worn it and doubt i will ever fit into it. Cannot bring myself to throw it out still love it supposed to be motivation to lose weight not working thou.

  65. My wedding and engagement ring from previous marriage. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. The diamond was my parents and I cannot part from it.

  66. I have a really old jacket that belonged to my grandma, she gave it too me not long before she passed away, I will never wear it but still it needs to stay in there!!

  67. I have a beautiful dress with a bodice top that was always too small and now I’m getting too old and still now the right size to wear it. I’m trying to persuade my daughter to use it for a formal.

  68. Mr Bump. I know it’s not quite the “wardrobe item” you’re thinking of, but I’ve had him for 28 years, and he’s peering out my wardrobe right now just staring at me. I <3 Mr Bump.

  69. My oversized PJ pants and thermal top I wear for bed, looking very tatty and grey, but oh so comfy, hubby would like me to replace them with lingerie, lol!, but I keep finding excuses to not to toss them out!

  70. I also attracted my husband wearning a pair of deep purple moleskin pants (of course the fake variety) and I just can’t bare to throw them out!

    No chance of fitting in them though so I will just gaze and remember my footloose and fancy free days!

  71. really should throw out the green shoes that turn my toes green when it rains, but can’t seem to find them in the black hole of my wardrobe.

  72. There are a few, haha, but one item in particular would be the pair of gorgeous little hot pants that I could get away with when I was 17! Those days are gone but I just haven’t quite let go yet!

  73. I have a darling Red Sportsgirl Wool Jacket that I have owned for 16 years, it still fits me, it is starting to show a little wear but I just associate it with such a wonderful memory as I bought it to wear to meet my step-daughter who was 12 years old at the time, for the very first time. Over the years since she lived with us, she herself wore the jacket – today she is 28 years old and a mother herself and she will comment to me about the jacket on the rare occasions I throw it on with a pair of jeans – There are some items of clothing that are just so comfortable & fun you wish they could last forever and you’d never have to ditch them – that’s my Red Jacket … 🙂

  74. I should, but can’t, get rid of he dress I wore to my highschool formal! It is outdated and MUCH too small since I had my boys (don’t even have a girl to pass it down to!), but I just can’t part with it!

  75. 27 years ago I had a miscarriage and my girlfriend knitted me a clown jumper to cheer me up. It comes down past my knees and I havent worn it for over 20 years – it is a ridiculous jumper, but I cant ditch it… its too sentimental.

  76. my sexy red moleskin pants, that I used to attract my mate 🙂 they are thin, old & faded now, and I havent even attempted to try them on through my baby bearing years, but one day when I dont have a suckling I will go to the gym & look sexy in them again!

  77. Something I should throw out but havent in my cupboard – too many things, i seriously need to cull! But one notable item is a pair of butter yellow suede Doc Martens, circa 1998. I jest not.

  78. A pair of underpants with holes in them. They are soooo comfy (and now ventilated. I can’t get rid of them. The sexy lace ones are all intact but are sooo uncomfortable to wear.

  79. My little red short jacket with gold buttons that I proudly keep because my daughter bought it for mother’s day when she had just begone work and could not really afford it.

  80. I have a 1980s cream, Country Road, gathered wool skirt and bolero jacket. Don’t fit them any more but I always live in hope. I love it so much.

  81. My poor old brown boots, heel worn, leather tatty now retired to the back of the wardrobe but after years of service how can one just disregard them and send them to the dump… why cant shoes have a nice shoe heavan to be cast off to rather than a big green wheelie bin?

  82. I have a few pairs of jeans that I bought when I was slimmer… it’s been a few years now but I keep telling myself to keep them for when I lose the extra kilos. Yeah right 😉

  83. Hmmm…might be time to do that complete wardrobe edit, though it may be forcibly imposed on me when we move in a few weeks. Ooh, all the more reason to want to win this lovely Freedom voucher… 🙂

    I think the item that has survived the wardrobe purges the longest is my long black wool gabardine overcoat I bought in the late 80s before heading to England. Yes, that long ago! It’s still in pretty good nick, but is fairly shapeless these days after I removed its over-sized shoulder pads.

    Sometimes, I fantasise about putting those pads back in and starting that fashion all over again…

  84. Mines has to be a cream floral embroidered handkerchief top, it,s just stunning. I have had it for 15 years now, and have held on to it for my daughter. She already has her eye on it but at 12 she is still a little too young. I can not wait to see her in it, xxx

  85. My old senior jersey which is ten year old. I like the fact that it still fits me but to be honest (and 30+ kilos heavier) I guess I got a couple of sizes too big for me originally!!!

  86. I have this so so cute little dress I bought a few years back in a boutique in Melbourne to wear to the Melbourne cup. It has a small stain on it I can’t get out so I don’t wear it any more… but I love it! So I just can’t bear to part with it.

  87. I’m an avid dressmaker so my wardrobe is over flowing with clothes that actually fit me and I like, but what I should get rid of are some expensive suits I bought many years ago that are still in good condition but just don’t look right anymore – damn those subtle changes in shoulder shapes and cut!

  88. A purple skirt that I bought when I was two dress sizes smaller. It has this sweet pattern on it that has been made of beading and glitter. Sadly the skirt has also managed to acquire an oil stain that I don’t know how to get rid of.. One day I will figure it out and fit in to that skirt again though!

  89. My cream cargo pants from CUE- very first ‘expensive’ clothing item bought in 2003, they were my jeans equivalent! I still have them in my wardrobe as it’s the only thing tagged a size 6 (a rather large size 6) in my closet that I can still fit. Admittedly, I haven’t worn them in over 5 years but you know… never know when cargo pants will make a come back… right?

  90. I am the ultimate go-to person in clothes hoarding. I have sparkly gymnastic clothes from my dance days to old flower girl dresses when I was little. My wardrobe is therefore overflowing…not to forget all the clothing I have designed and sewn with my sewing machine. I need a total wardrobe overhaul!

  91. An old weathered pair of jeans that both legs have been torn, from people standing on them (yes they did drag on the ground a little).They are just so comfy I can’t bare to part with them and my daughters tell me I will never start a trend with them.

  92. My formal dress!! It is very out of date and I’d never wear it again but I loved it so much at the time I can’t bring myself to throw it out!

  93. I must confess I do have a couple of pairs of Levi’s from pre-baby days and little black dress I used to wear when I lived in London – again pre-baby days. Just can’t bring myself to ditch them. Fingers crossed.

  94. These geeky but cute overalls that I always wear when I am doing some DIY around the house. It’s dated but it’s so comfy and perfect for the home improvements.

  95. A (very expensive) dress I bought 3 years ago in the hope that it would inspire me to lose the bulge. Alas, the zip still won’t go up!!

  96. Goodness me….look at all these responses!

    I’m actually quite good at going through my wardrobe and chucking stuff. If I haven’t worn it for a’s gone. Poof!

    Hubby and I are just about to purchase new wardrobes soon, and I’m currently trying to work out what space i need for mine. Hubby takes up most of the wardrobe space with all his work shirts and suits etc, so we need more space! Most of my clothes go in to drawers, so those inserts would be handy for me.

    The item still in my wardrobe? My wedding dress. It’s not that I can’t part with it (I tried to sell it once), but I just haven’t been bothered to get rid of it, and should.

    I just bought a bunch of new stuff today that I need to fit in, and seeing that all the kids are farmed out today…I might just go and do that clean out now. 😉


  97. I have a pair of cotton cargo pants with embroidered flowers and vines on the legs and wooden beads on the ties which I haven’t worn for almost a decade! I found them in Sportsgirl many years ago while shopping with my Mum during a boho phase and fell in love with them immediately.
    I think I only wore them a few times before the post-pubescent puppy fat piled on and I suddenly couldn’t do them up anymore!
    I know I should ditch them, but every time I do a wardrobe cull I tell myself I’m keeping them for sentiment as well as a motivator to finally lose a bit of weight – which I will eventually get around to doing one of these days!

  98. New clothes, old clothes,
    keep it except for the mouldy clothes
    long dresses, short dresses,
    geez my baby-body is a scarey mess,
    fat jeans, skinny jeans
    I wish I could wear that mini again.
    Everything really has got to go
    but my recent bulges I dont want to show
    where to now I hear you ask?
    Ditch it all and start again with CLASS!

    hehe! 🙂

  99. Bras… bras & more bras. There is nothing nicer than a pretty new one & nothing sadder than throwing the prettiness away 🙁 They tend to make it through my wardrobe cull each season even if they never get worn again.

  100. I can’t bare to get rid of my wedding dress. I’m not married anymore, but I loved that dress, and can’t bare to part with it. It’s an early 90’s style, and my daughters think it’s hideous. But it’s still wrapped in blue tissue paper in the bottom of my wardrobe.

  101. I have an old pair of tracksuit pants, they were black but now there more of a grey tone, I wear them when I’m cleaning so there is bleach marks and holes in them. I should have thrown them out 5 years ago but when the elastic went.

  102. I have this old knee-length brown leather jacket of my dads from the 70’s that I wore when i was at uni, falsely thinking it made me look cool. Oh dear!

  103. I have a navy blue ankle length wool coat complete with monstrous shoulderpads like something out of Babylon 5. My mum bought it for me in early 1989 from the pitiful sum that was left from the house settlement after her divorce. It was something i wanted so badly when I was 16 and long wool coats with monsterous shoulder pads were the rage in Norway where we were living. I’m very good at being ruthless with my wardrobe, but this coat reprrsents mums sacrefice for me – I’ll probably still have this coat in 23 years time! Maybe it’ll be fashionable again then???

  104. A whole load of size 10-12 work clothes. I know they will probably never fit again but while they are still hanging in my wardbrobe the dream is still alive.

  105. Oh god. So many things I should throw out but haven’t. Probably the worst would be a daggy black Hard Rock Cafe Paris T-shirt that I got when I was 13. Never worn mind you, but the only proof I have that I once went to Paris!

  106. A pair of skinny jeans that I can no longer fit in, back in the day it made me look slim, it felt so good I cannot let it go today, still hopeful I can work my way back to that size again.

  107. hmmm….I confess I’ve just had a quick look and found lurking at the back of the hanging rail a very comfy but not so glam maternity baby is now 3 but I have a feeling it was from my first baby who is now 7 and I really should throw it out…

    It is so handy when I’m being incredibly lazy and don’t want to iron…usually after one of those nights where the boys have been tag teaming for the toilet. I pop on a belt (so noone asks if I’m hoping for a 4th boy!!) and team with some jeans for an almost yummy mummy on a not so good morning look!

  108. I have a top, only 3 years old, but worn to death. I admit it, just don’t tell my mum, sister or boyfriend. Despite their nagging I just can’t throw it out. I lost it for 2 months after I moved out of my parents and was convinced one of them threw it out.

  109. Where to start I am still wearing stilletto (brand) track pants purple & red, I loved this brand. I do have a pink top with a picture of New York with the twin towers in the material print, too tight for me but I am keeping for my granddaughters.

  110. So many things to choose from… I’ll go with my baby pink suede jacket. My now husband bought me this jacket years ago after he saw me admiring it in a store. However, it is rather hideous (I did for whatever reason like it at the time) and a good couple of sizes too small for me. I can not bring myself to throw it out since my husband went to so much effort to get it for me, but I know I won’t be wearing it ever again.

  111. I’ve kept my old volleyball tops from the early 90s. They’re tatty, old and hideously out of fashion (as far as exercise gear goes) but the nostalgia associated means that I probably will never part with them, regardless of the amount of times I go through the wardrobe clear-out process.

  112. Oh you’ve both inspired me to spring clean my closet and depressed me at its current state! Mt 1 piece I won’t throw out is an outfit I bought for my trip to Ibiza when 19 and the owner of a flat tummy. It was a 2piece, white skinny leg capri pants with gold sequinned waistband and matching bandeau!! I wore it just the once on holidays and it never was outted again. I rescued it from my parents house and brought it back to Australia with me to save and treasure and be able to show my kids how daring and skinny there Mum was once but never ever will be again!

  113. A ten year old, size 10 knee length skirt. I’m a size 12–>. But you know what I do, I use this skirt as my goal. I can pull it up to my thighs and by the end of spring I plan to get it further up, might not be breathing out though. It’s what I measure healthy dieting exercise efforts by. “The skirt I want to get back into, just because….” So it’s not going anywhere.(:

  114. I can’t part with my favourite little black dress that I bought about 10yrs ago prior to having 6 children, hoping one day to fit back into it again. HA “Dreaming” 🙂

  115. It would have to be my flowergirl dress from when i was 4 years old. Now that i am 30 and knowing I would never fit into it again, but the memories. not knowing what i would i should do with it, I have just hung onto it.

  116. It’s that 80’s tulle frou frou type couture gown I got on sale and never actually wore, used to look gorgeous on when I was 20 something, sits awaiting a comeback!!

  117. The awful turquoise drop waist dress from yes, way back in the 1980’s! Gives me a chuckle everytime I see it in my wardrobe and lets face it a good chuckle in the morning gives you a great start to the day!

  118. My old ratty ugg boots. My puppy chewed them up whenever he could get at them but they are still so warm and comfy! I should really treat myself to a new pair next Winter!

  119. I have a actually done a huge ditch lately and my cupboard looks very bare as I rarely go clothes shopping now and find it difficult to find items of clothes that I like the look and fit of but I do have a little black dress that I bought 10 years ago and wore and it looked great, now after children no so great but I can’t part with it…so maybe one day I will look fab again and can wear it or maybe it will forever hang in my closet!

  120. My wardrobe is so messy right now it’s downright scary BUT today I’m in the process of clearing it out.

    I have this green jacket in my wardrobe. I love it to death. Love it but sadly it’s just a teeny tiny bit too small. But still I hold onto it because it’s such a fun colour that maybe one day it will fit or I can pass it onto my daughter {which won’t be long at all}.

  121. The fluffy pink dressing gown my 3 babies gave me for Mother’s Day. Their gorgeous little faces smiling as I unwrapped it. Never had the heart to tell them I hated it, still wearing it, youngest baby is now 26 – I think it’s time for the truth. Hope she doesn’t read this!

  122. My one and only high heel shoes that I got made for my debut 27 years ago, they are so not pretty now but it’s the only pair I”ve ever had with a decent heel. Maybe it’s time for them to go in my “Spring” clean out!!

  123. Oh really….only 1?! I need to say goodby to one of my ‘going out’ tops (i had since I was 18, single, fab figure – now 31, married, kids, not so fab figure). It is beautiful….coral, sparkly, one shoulder. sigh.

  124. I have a little black Shimmy Shake dress that I love to pull out and look at because it reminds me of when I was young and sexy.

  125. A gorgeous suit I bought from “Events” in the early 90s. I bought it for a job interview I didn’t attend as I was sick. Not long after work had us wearing uniforms and I didn’t get to wear the suit. It’s size 8, I’m not. 🙁

  126. I love all things bright and beautiful but my friends think I’ve gone too far with my blindingly bright orange top which I totally love

  127. My super cool purple suit from the 70’s. Over the years, my wife’s tried to get rid of it and failed miserably. This suits here to stay!

  128. Its a white shirt with some fairly floral but subtle patterning. It was very comfy to wear but I have added some muscle (and some flab) to the upper body and it just doesn’t fit any more. I live in hope.

  129. An authentic high school bomber jacket (with stiff leather sleeves) from my days as an exchange student in Canada in the late 80’s. Since then it has barely seen the light of day, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. We recently had an 80’s trivia night at the kids’ school, so guess what got an airing?! Lucky I didn’t throw it out!

  130. I have a drawer full of concert t-shirts I bought when I was a teenager. I just can’t bear to part with them, but I know I should. Who knows, maybe they’ll be retro enough to wear again one day…if I could fit into them, that is.

  131. I have this gorgeous knitted skirt that I bought on a trip to Paris in 2000. It has purple and scarlet paisley with magenta fringing down the bottom. I’ve only worn it once and find it difficult to match things with it. I know that I’ll most likely never wear it again but I can’t let it go. I think it’s the only thing I bought in Paris. Although, I might turn it into a cushion so I can still have it as a memento (or is that just hoarding???) xxx

  132. I have a brown corduroy jacket, same shape as the little blue denim jackets from the 90s which is when I bought this, that I just can’t part with. I wore it constantly during university. I always plan to throw it but then I put it on “one last time” i can’t let it go.

  133. My Kappa jacket (early nineeties tracksuit) when wearing it my dog howls and birds fall out of trees, I guess they are trying to tell me something!

  134. an old Navy blue polo neck jumper that belonged to my old boyfriend’s sister… it is 20 years old & has moved countries & Many houses…it is fraying but very occasionally gets pulled out on a freezing day but really needs to go… sooon

  135. Holy Moly..well my favourite item in my wardrobe would be a purple vest which I opshopped, its a Sussan from a trillion years ago. During winter it is perfect for work and I style it up with a sparkly scarf or I sound like a granny?

  136. I just luurrvve my tiger animal print kitten heel shoes, but they are slightly too big, make my feet ache, and are slippery to walk in.. but EVERY time I wear them at least 3 people say how awesome they are! Gotta love a compliment, so I pad up my precious feet with insoles and bandaids and enjoy the looks of envy and lovely comments! Oh the pain for fashion…!

  137. A dress I wore as a flowergirl about 25 years ago – it’s a pale blue with angel arms – it’s adorable and to think I once fitted into that tiny thing. Not sure what I’ll do with it but can’t bear to throw it out.

  138. A beautiful Pink and Silver knitted fashion cardigan I purchased in Milan in the 80’s what a treasure – still love it can’t wear it but don’t have the heart to lose it as yet!

  139. In my wardrobe I have hanging a black and silver gown with mirror-ball boobs. It no longer fits, and the black has faded to an ugly brown due to being on display in an area the sun reached. It was once fabulous, but those days are long gone!

  140. My Jeanswest Original Button Fly jeans, they came in a short length so fitted perfectly for my short stature and were manufactured prior to the low rise jeams so no revealing underware gaffs. I approximate they would be between 10 to 15 years old and a rather pale shade of blue now.

  141. My old oversized University sweatshirt. (mind you I graduated Uni over 10 years ago) but I love it and all of its daggy glory.

  142. My husband has this hawaian t-shirt its so so bright its blinding.. he loves it. I hate been asked to pool partys and summer BBQS because you know what hubbys wearing!

  143. I have a mushroom pink shantung silk backless cap-sleeved frock that I wore to my year 12 formal in 1984.Not sure why I am keeping it as I have since bought formal dresses for two daughters,one of whom is graduating this year.

  144. The black dress I wore to my engagement party 20 odd years ago – very classy at the time with its metallic thread, shoulder pads and puffy, space outfit style sleeves. Mmmm mmmm

  145. My 1960s white faux fur coat. I haven’t worn it in ten years but it was given to me by older lady who grew up in Hollywood and wore it to parties there. I wish I could have seen those parties.

  146. An old ‘little house on the prairie’ style dress from 20 years ago – the first dress my boyfriend (now husband) brought me – so ugly but such great memories.

  147. Umm, as embarrassing as it is, I just can’t let go of a black leather jacket I bought for my 17th Birthday (Gosh, feels like a lifetime ago!) it sits just above my waist and has tassels down both arms and in a “v” shape front and back…. Think Bon Jovi in the early days, lol! 😉

  148. My old faithful black dress. Not very faithful any more and so out dated. It has been worn to so many occasions over the years but its unfortunately had its day.