Fab Friday style tip: white’s all right for spring-summer 2011

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I have frightened Mr Styling You.  Not in the traditional hide behind the door, jump out and surprise him kind of way.

No, it was more in a casual passing remark I made about my desire to own a pair of white pants this summer.

“WHITE PANTS!”  he squealed (insert false male high-pitched voice here).

“Yes, babe, don’t you know they’re SO hot right now,” I retorted.

“Suppose you’re going to wear gold shoes and belt as well,” said he who clearly has a lot of faith in my abilities as a stylist.

“Um, no, of course not.  It’s all about the minimalism of white.  It’s kind of like the antidote to the colour blocking trend this spring-summer,” I said trying to re-gain the higher fashion ground.

At this point, of course, we had been discussing women’s fashion for about 34 seconds, four seconds above his pain threshold, so I returned to my iMac (which incidentally is white) and gave it some loving instead.

I haven’t purchased new white for spring as yet but on my vlog below I talk it up big time and give you a few pointers (please note my Lady Gaga paws … even I’m impressed):

Key styling tips

1.  Keep in mind this is a minimalist look.  White is the statement.

2.  Work it back with a small flash of navy, black or tan. Definitely not gold accessories.

3.  A red, coral or orange lipstick will look amazing with this look.

4.  Select fabrics that skim the body or two-way stretch jeans like those by Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.  White pants and VPL are never in style.

5.  Key fashion piece:  the white blazer.  It will add instant lift and dress-up even the most casual outfit.

6.  Re-think the look if you have small children, or “little monsters” as Lady Gaga would say, walking around with their paws ready to strike the moment you put on white.

Trenery spring 2011

White at Trenery spring 2011; www.trenery.com.au

White at Witchery spring 2011

White at Witchery spring 2011; www.witchery.com.au

More shopping suggestions

White fashion trend: spring-summer 2011-12

(click on the image to enlarge)

1. Suboo Caspian maxi kaftan @ Sequins & Sand $189 | 2. Floatsam Jetsam hat @ Mimco $79.95 | 3. Fiona Paxton Lila earrings @ HoneyHoney $149 | 4. Cypress jacket $299 @ Saba | 5. Nude Yarra wedge t-bar flat $149.95 @ Cherry Red | 6. Hammock & Vine washed linen side-tie jacket $179 @ Birdsnest | 7. Miss Muse heels in navy $219 @ PeepToe | 8. Wallis soft clutch $149 @ Saba



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  1. Hi Nikki I am very new to all this, but I was only talking to some girl friends the other day and I told them ” this year I am going to purchase a white pair of jeans”, well The look on there face was priceless but Yes I am going to do it.
    Having saying this I have not come across any at the moment……
    I am really loving the white jeans with a smock top and a lovely pair of ballet flats or sweet sliver not over done thong or sandle.
    Really loving the white jean.Bec ;).

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  2. Hee hee, love the warning about small humans. Am sure I’d have chocolate hand-prints on my clothes 5 minutes after I put on something white. Either that or I’d spill my coffee all over myself!

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  3. Love that blog Nic! I love love love white! But thanks, I’ll put away the gold belt, gold sandals, gold jewelry! What about silver??

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  4. I love wearing white and just rocked my white Guess Jeans yesterday with white tee and tan leather-plaited belt. Had a great time at the movies with a friend and then exited the theatre laughing..not so much at the movie but at the chocolate streaks on my pants! What are your thoughts on combining white and color blocking? Like the bright melon/hot pink tops with white pants? Im probably going to do it anyway but I do value your opinion 🙂

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      You definitely can. The look I’m talking about in this post is different – with that emphasis on the power of all white – not a “this is the only way you can wear white” rule 😉
      And those chocolate streaks? That’s so something I would do!

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