This is what a big red virtual hug looks like

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I hope he won’t be forgotten.

No, Denise, Daniel won’t be.  

Proof of that was yesterday seen everywhere.

Ribbons on cars and letterboxes.

Online avatars changed to include a red ribbon or the Daniel Morcombe Foundation logo.

Parents wearing red in the pick-up line at school; teachers in red supervising children waiting to be picked up.

Ribbons in the hair of teenage girls.

Photos posted on Facebook.

The captain of Daniel’s former school bringing enough red ribbon to school for every student to wear.

Blogs written, each with a special message and story to tell.

Journalists and newsreaders wearing red ties, jackets, coats and dresses.

Veteran newsreaders openly letting emotions bubble over.

Small children talked to, perhaps for the first time, about stranger danger.

Trains filled with commuters wearing red.

Mums and toddlers wearing red in the playground.

A sea of red-clothed Ekka-goers nodding knowingly to each other in sideshow alley.

Red trenchcoats.

Red lips.

Red necklaces.

Red nails.

Red shoes.

Red tights.

Red scarves.

Wearing red for Daniel: Styling You mosaic.

Thanks to everyone who posted a “red for Daniel” photo on the Styling You Facebook wall or Twitter feed. I’m remembering Daniel with this montage of your images (click on the image to enlarge)

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No, Denise, Daniel will never be forgotten.

THANK-YOU Styling You readers.  For every photo posted.  Every blog post written.  Every Facebook like. And every Twitter retweet.

You’ve sent out a big virtual hug to the Morcombe family.  I know they can feel it.

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  • Isabelle Leach

    I’m sure they have felt it and it has helped them. The outpouring of love for Daniel and his family has been beautiful to witness.

  • Juanita Thorn

    I know this is a bit late….but I just wanted to tell you I think you did an amazing job of the red shirt for Daniel. It’s awesome.

    • Thanks Juanita. I’ve forwarded the image on to the Foundation. It’s just a small thing but know our collective thoughts would have meant something.

  • Robyn

    Well done Nikki; that’s so beautiful.

    • Thanks so much, Robyn – I thought it was a good way to say thanks to all those who had contributed.

  • Amy

    Gorgeous Nikki!

  • Ash

    That’s beatiful Nikki. Thank-you for that. xo

  • Just gorgeous.

  • That’s gorgeous Nikki – I can’t even begin to comprehend what the family is going through, but I hope is some way the support of all Australian’s helps to ease their pain, even if only a fraction xx

    • Thanks so much Nicole, I hope the support has helped them too. x

  • Beautiful post, Nikki. Brought a lump to my throat and I’m a long way away (in Perth). I thought the action of the school captain taking lots of red ribbon to the school was particularly touching.

    • It was – he is a the boy school captain too. Was interviewed on Seven and TEN last night. As was his former home room teacher. Thanks for supporting in WA!

  • Deborah

    Beautiful Nikki! x

  • Beautiful Nikki and everyone. Daniel will certainly not be forgotten.xx

  • You’ve given me shivers, Nikki. Well done for all your hard work, I’m positive the Morcombe’s can feel the energy surge around them x

    • Thanks Glowie xx I know yesterday was tough for you and I so appreciate your help with the link-up (which I’ve left open another day). x

  • What a brilliant job you’ve done to spread the message (that image is amazing, too). Every time I hear about the Morcombes I want to hold my three-year-old tight and never let her go.

    • Thanks Linda. It’s the very least I could do. Have emailed the image to the foundation too.

  • Thank you for helping raise awareness of wear red for Daniel. Everywhere I looked yesterday I noticed people wearing red, it was such a show of unity and love. The outpouring of love for Daniel and his family has been beautiful to witness.

    • It has been beautiful to witness. Thanks for showing your support x

  • You’re a good egg Nikki! This gave me goosebumps. Thank you for helping round up the troops/bloggers to start a movement for the Morcombes. x

    • It was the least I could do. It’s a story too close to home and my own kids x

  • That’s beautiful, Nikki. Well done on a moving, touching tribute and for raising awareness throughout the nation. I’m sure we cannot imagine the grief the Morcombes feel, but I hope amidst it that they know how much support there is for them too.

  • What an amazing show of support xx

  • I didn’t like that photo of me at all and hesitated to put it up on your Facey page. But now I think it’s the best photo of me I’ve ever seen. I could not be prouder to be a part of your virtual hug for Daniel’s family, Nikki. Thank you. x

    • I’m glad you did too. And I linked up your blog post if that’s ok? Was so beautiful. x

  • As a Sunshine Coast girl, who at the time of Daniel’s disappearance was living across the road from the Big Pineapple (less than 1km from where Daniel was taken), remembering the Morcombes is a huge part of my life. I honestly don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t think about it.
    Being 22 and coming home to a yard full of police who were interviewing my parents and little brother about any suspicious things they’d seen in the area was such a shock, and it really drove the stranger danger message home to all of us. My family have had yearly visits from the police, asking if any memories have been jogged, or if we’d been approached by anyone else asking about it.
    It’s really a scary and tragic situation that has lodged itself deep in the hearts of all QLDers, thank you for encouraging us all to talk about it, Nikki!

    • Oh, Katy, so many people are connected with Daniel’s story in so many ways. It is a tragedy and I hope the awareness of child protection that the Morcombes have created will help prevent others.

  • Natasha Andrews

    Even here in Hobart such a long way away there were so many of us wearing red. It just breaks my heart to think of what they have been trough. I too hope that the outpouring of support helps his family in some small way.

    • Natasha, I love that even so far away people have shown their support. I’m sure they have felt it and it has helped them.

  • Thanks you Nikki. There was something so dignified in the way people went about this. As you say, a quiet nod, and small smile of acknowledgement to another person also wearing red.
    The level of support has been very moving.

    • It was. For me it was a tear every time I saw a person in red. That connected show of support is incredibly powerful.

  • Beautiful job Nikki. Our thoughts are with the Morecomb family. I gave my two boys an extra huge cuddle this morning.

    • Rina, my youngest boy always gets extra cuddles and my eldest – a 16-year-old who yesterday came home from Daniel’s former school wearing a ribbon made by the male school captain – has had to put up with lots of hugs too. Hasn’t even rolled his eyes once.

  • All those people coming together is a beautiful thing. Sometimes the support of everyone is amazing. It’s just a shame that it takes something so heart breaking to bring it out. I hope the Morcombes find some peace, after all they have been through they certainly deserve it.

    • It is a shame that it takes a tragedy but it’s comforting to know that the support is there when needed.

  • This is a brilliant tribute Nikki, you have done a wonderful job in spreading this message and the love of the community for the Morcombes. We wore red yesterday too (just didnt get organised enough to take a pic and post!) and loved that everywhere I looked there was a sea of red in support x

  • Thanks Nikki. Whenever I read or see anything about Daniel I get chills. I got extra chills reading this, this morning. I hope the Morcombes can feel our love. xo

    • I do too, Bron. This has moved me a lot this week and I’ve been moved by the show of support in my community.