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I have this reoccurring dream.  In it I have Rachel Zoe’s baby’s wardrobe, a bar fridge filled with a never-ending supply of French champagne and shelves filled with beautiful cashmere knits.

There’s something about cashmere that just screams luxury.  It’s got to do with the look of it (and the price!) but I think it’s mostly about how it feels to wear it.  It envelopes and caresses you like no other knit.  If a fabric were capable of feelings, this would be dishing out a whole lot of love.

Rebecca McGeoch’s love of cashmere, not surprisingly, began with travel.  Cashmere is the perfect travelling companion, offering warmth without the bulk.  Celebs love it for this and many owe their “just off the long-haul plane trip but look fresh look” to cashmere.

And for summer, Rebecca has combined cashmere with modal … now that’s a match made in fabric heaven.

Read on for more about Rebecca’s label Gasparre and why it’s on my lust-have list.

Gasparre's Rebecca McGeoch

Gasparre's Rebecca McGeoch: a cashmere love is born

What’s the Gasparre story? Gasparre Cashmere was born shortly after I returned home from my honeymoon in Egypt. The idea was sparked by a beautiful cashmere scarf that I always carried with me to use for modest dress. It was then that I realised the merits of cashmere and its ability to keep one cool during the day and warm at night. When I returned home looking for more I noticed that there was a huge gap in the market for cashmere garments in the style that my friends, family and I would like to wear. I spent the following six months testing/researching text and launched the label in August 2010.

When did you first fall in love with cashmere?  When I was growing up my family would travel back to Italy at least once a year usually at Christmas time when it was winter. Every year my mother would layer beautiful cashmere twin sets and scarves which she would buy in Italy. I can vividly remember shopping with my parents in the old Italian boutiques with their beautiful wooden cabinets and the extreme care that is taken in wrapping and packaging items, which always drew me in. Buying cashmere became more about the experience, rather than the transaction, and I have been obsessed ever since. I want my clients to have a similar experience, which is why we pay a lot of attention to the smaller details such as our labels and packaging.

How have you incorporated cashmere into a summer collection?  For Spring Summer 2011 we have combined cashmere with a modal fibre, thus giving the fabric more trans-seasonal qualities. Modal is a cellulose fibre and when combined with cashmere it has the softest feather-light touch to it. As a result our garments have the soft feel of cashmere and the light weight qualities to be worn in the warmer months.

What makes the fibre particularly great any time of the year?  The blend of fibres is beautifully trans-seasonal this is due to its breathability. It keeps you warm during cooler evenings and has cooling properties during the day. We designed all of our pieces to be able to move seamlessly between a poolside and cocktail setting. I also find that even in the hottest months there is always a need for a summer cardigan, a wrap for travelling, or something to offset the constant air conditioning, thus making them year round items.

What’s your favourite piece from this new collection?  Our favourite piece would definitely be the summer trench because of its versatility. It can be dressed up with heels and worn open over a frock, or it can be layered with jeans for a casual look.  Its generous size means it can be worn open over swimmers, or done up as a long cardigan when it gets cold.  The shawl collar similarly can be draped in various ways. And we just love the strip of leather down the centre back.

Gasperre cashmere sleeveless summer trench coat

Gasperre cashmere sleeveless summer trench coat $382

What’s next for Gasparre?  We are really keen to gain prominence in the international market, we recently launched Gasparre Cashmere in the USA, which has been well received. We are also opening a secondary Hong Kong office in October of this year to have a base closer to our supply chain. In terms of product diversification we are introducing a little into home-wares such as luxe oversized cushions, throw blankets and cashmere bed-spreads.

Here are some images from the Gasparre spring-summer 2011 collection.  For more information and stockists, visit  

Would you love a little cashmere in your life?  


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  1. I haven’t heard of this label and it all looks lovely…

    I bought a 100% cashmere jumper this winter from a good quality Australian label and I have to say while I do love the look of it, it just feels like a woollen jumper to me. I wanted the luxe feel and while its comfy and soft, it doesn’t live up to my feel expectations! In fact, when I first got it I made people feel it and asked them if it felt like 100% cashmere to them. (People I know, that is, not random strangers!)

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  2. I had never worm cashmere until my father in law had to lend me one of his jumpers as I was freezing cold! He swears by it, and having worn his I agree. It was beautiful.

    I love some of the styles above too. Beautiful.

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  3. Hi nikki

    I love the stripes

    Give me crisp nautical stripes and I am in love with summer (well sort of – I hate the intense heat, there is nothing glamourous about sweating).

    the striking palette of black and white is a winner too with me always – that cashmere sleeveless is a stunner.

    have a wonderful day


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