Do you play winter wardrobe favourites?

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There are some commonly recited stats around what we actually wear from our wardrobes.  Apparently, 80% of the time, we’ll reach for the same 20% of our wardrobe.

I find this is particularly the case in winter when basic needs – like staying warm – can overtake a desire to play around and mix up fashion looks on a day-to-day basis.  Yes, I know.  I SHOULD know better.  And I do, it’s just that sometimes often, it’s easy to reach for things that are, well, easy.

And when I say, easy, I mean, easy-care and easy-wear.  Wardrobe staples that see me through the season.

Does your wardrobe look as pretty as this one? Photo:  Pinterest

Does your wardrobe look as pretty as this one? Photo: Pinterest

I’ve narrowed my winter 2011 high-rotation pieces down to six.  Yes, worn together they make a whole outfit but more often than not I’m wearing one or maybe two of these pieces on a daily basis. These pieces form the basis of my work-from-home/mum juggle “uniform”.  It’s a casual look that can still look “put together” enough if I have to duck out to the post office or to meet a friend for coffee.

My six wardrobe winter essentials

My six wardrobe winter essentials

1. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (jegging style) in black.  I’ve got these in indigo as well.  If I’m not in leggings and a tunic dress; I’m in a pair of these.  They’re as comfortable as leggings but made from a two-way stretch denim that does all kinds of wonderful to your but and gut area.

2. Country Road seamfree tanks.  Pictured is my white one but I have in black, grey and stone.  They work well as a layering piece because they stretch to a good length but also hold you in a little bit.  They’re always available in store and seasonal colours are introduced with each new collection.

3. The Uberkate Living Circles necklace. It gets a free pass out of the house almost every day.  We fell in love at first sight in April and are truly still in the honeymoon phase and plan to be for some time.

4. Metalicus Trenched Up trench coat.  This is a new purchase this season and one that was truly inspired.  Yes, it’s on the expensive side but cost per wear I’ve well and truly justified this purchase and will continue to do so for years to come.  The sleeves can be buttoned-up when it’s not too cold and when you need the warmth the 48% Merino wool kicks in nicely.  I don’t wear the trench done up (because it won’t on me!) but open with jeans or a leggings/dress combo.

5.  Trenery wool scarf.  I bought this in Sydney early in the winter season and have worn it most days to lift my black/charcoal winter wardrobe.  You may not be able to track down the exact one but these are similar.

6.  Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo.  The above shoes were actually white at some stage of their life.  Now, they’re a lovely worn-in off-white.  Just the way I like them.  Perfect for the school run, playground and soccer mum duties.

More wardrobe porn from Pinterest.  Yes, I'm obsessed.  By wardrobes and Pinterest.

More wardrobe porn from Pinterest. Yes, I'm obsessed. By wardrobes and Pinterest.

As I was pondering my winter wardrobe high-rotationals, I put the question out to you.  It seems I’m not alone.  You play favourites too.

Here’s a selection you Tweeted or posted on Facebook:

MissPink_TMA Warm black coat? A LBD of course & a maxi dress. Maxis are awesome 4 when u haven’t shaved ur legs. Every1 needs all of those.

plainjanestyle my vintage black leather bikers jacket. I wear it at least once a week!

WhoaMumma  Skinny jeans, thongs – it’s my uniform.

pennyworkingmum  O dear I have it on now. My orange fleecey GAP hoodie. Bought in New York 15 years ago. Please do not delete me.

YourGetawayGuru not so much an item as a look – love my Metalicus. Really should expand my options … but it’s so easy to throw on (& no ironing!)

ChubsterTime my skinny jeans and boots – serious addiction!

mylittledrummer my black boots

MeganBlandford Jeans. How predictable.

Sara O’halloran Of course without question classic tiffo’s elsa peretti necklace and earrings but really I cannot live without my denim jacket! I deviate on occasions to a more modern style but classic fitted basic nos always comes into my fashion equations!

Beth Macdonald My converse! Desperately holding onto my youth one might say…

Natalie Birt Jeans!

Goal Power Training My Brooks Runners … oh and my little black wrap dress that stands the test of time, every year!

Melanie Wenona Leano Metalicus long sleeve basic black shirt … I love Metalicus

Miffy Oberon A black jersey wrap dress – wish I’d purchased three when I got it!

Naomi Pritchard-Tiller Black velvet blazer bought at an op shop for 50cents in 1989. Not a year has gone by that I don’t wear it. It it’s fabric could talk … oh my!

Clairey Hewitt undies.

Hannah Morgan black and grey REVIEW Office skirts … worn 100s of times.

Janet Ashenden My fur poncho

Natalie McIvor don’t shoot me Nikki but my flanno pjs

What are you wearing today?  Something you’ve pulled on a lot this winter?  Or something to mix it up?  What’s your favourite winter wardrobe piece?


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  1. I really want to try the NYMD Jeans since you always rave about them!

    But I thought you said I couldn’t wear my jeans and t-shirt unifrom anymore.

    Is jeans and a tank ok?! Usually with one of my mum’s pure wool jumpers over the top in these icy climes.

    I know, I’m a lost cause:)

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      You don’t need NYDJ jeans, Annabel … they’re designed to suck you in! And jeans and tee is fine as long as you’re layering and adding interest with accessories. I wouldn’t wear the tank by itself, it’s usually under and flowy top or shirt with a jacket or the Metalicus trench over the top. Then I’ll add a scarf and my Uberkate necklace.

  2. If I owned them, it would be a pair of NYDJ. Instead it’s leggings because they can go under dresses that may otherwise look indecent now I am aging and chubby!

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  3. Oh….and my other staple Nikki is a stunning rich pink pashmina bought by my mum about 15 years ago. It’s been a bed throw, scarf, shawl, airplane blanket, comforter, headscarf, sofa throw and baby wrap. Talk about universal! Sara x

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      1. I’m sure we can come to some mutually beneficial arrangement Nikki as “indentured wardobe consultant” just sounds so well, one sided doesn’t it? How about I throw in some financial EnrichMent?
        Sara 🙂

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  4. My Bisonte black calf biker jacket, Brazilian kitten heel knee length boots that I picked up for a song in the sale and a black and white giraffe print knee length jacket/coat.

    The rest of my wardrobe is a disaster in desperate need of an overhaul! I feel like a style tragedy right now!

  5. Okay my basics are definitely black leggings or black tights. Because I love wearing dresses and I only have black boots atm, these are my staple.

    Jeans are so obvious but a staple! I have been wearing the same Bettina Liano jeans since before my back packing days (we’re going on 3.5 years!) and they still fit perfectly. They go with heels, flats, boots, any any top (long or short) because they’re high wasted.

    Yes it’s all about the same pieces in winter unfortunately. I have a lot of scarves so try to make them my vital mixer xx

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  6. Nikki, are those DYDJ jeans that good? I I’m still trying to kid myself that I can wear “normal jeans”. Maybe as. 40 something mother of two I should be thinking about these. They are selling a couple of styles for half price at a local store. Maybe should try some on…

    For me, my winter staples at the moment are long line woolly cardies with a nice belt. And my boots!

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      Haha, had to laugh because I’m a 40-something woman. There are a number of different styles in the NYDJ collection. I’ve preferred the skinny leg style. I love them because as a size 14 it’s difficult to find fashion jeans that fit and are half way comfortable. I don’t think it’s an age thing, just what suits my bodyshape and lifestyle.

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  7. I definitely fall into the ‘wear 20% of my wardrobe, 80% of the time’ category.
    This winter my high rotation pieces are a pair of Zara tapered pants, ruffled tops in cream and black from Country Road, Kate Sylvester silk dress, a lace Alannah Hill skirt and patent Chanel ballet flats. Oh, and tights. I think each piece has had an outing on a weekly basis!

    I thought I was the only one who bought basics in every colour when I find one I like.(well… white, cream, black and grey are colours yes?)

    Now, off to check out UberKate!

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  8. Ark Clothing Company Winter long sleeve tube dress which I wear with thick tights or leggings and layered with a fave top/cardigan/belt. I also bought a similar sleeveless version to wear on my recent trip to UK – very versatile. Also have to layer up lots of Leoni & Vonk jewelry of course! Excellent post – thank you,

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  9. I’m in the corner with nat and penny – i work from home and can go all day without talking to another adult, let alone seeing one so my absolute favourite thing to wear is……. my chocolate brown dressing gown. I do get dressed (most days) but it keeps me warmer than anything else so i usually throw it over the top of my day clothes. I console myself that at least i haven’t resorted to a snuggie (yet) and I read styling you so that I at least know what i should/could/would be wearing if i had to go out in public.

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  10. UberKate is definitely a MUST HAVE piece.
    I am in love with my family tree pendant.

    Mr Black is going to be grumpy you just ok’ed the chucks. I have had a long love affair with them since high school and in the years we have been together he has been strongly pushing the case that they are ugly unfashionable shoes. I can totally go buy a few pairs now right?

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  11. This is remarkably similar to my winter wardrobe. Everything is about jeans and layering, because I protest winter by being completely uninteresting in the wardrobe department. I flat out refuse to buy winter gear, unless it is absolutely necessary. So I have one trench, one hoodie, a handful of cardis, several pairs of jeans and flats and singlets and tops for layering. The singlets are the key, because it still gets hot through the day when you’re out and about. I try to make it interesting with a long necklace and sometimes earrings and bangles. That’s about it – no mess, no fuss.

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  12. I mix from a pool of several jeans (black, indigo and the NYDJ ones), tops with waterfall cardis, soft jackets and scarves. Perth is not really that cold when compared to other places, but you need to layer for cool mornings on the school run!
    On my feet its either boots or ballet flats in black, bronze, leopard, beige…. oh I could be here a while. Have a flat shoe thing.
    Most important thing – a coffee in my hands.

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  13. Ha ha ha…love it!
    I’m sitting here in my all time favourites…black skinny jeans, black ankle boots, navy & blue striped LS boat-neck top, black leather biker jacket.
    My new favourite accessory is a pair of red enamel long leaf shaped earrings with white polka dots that I bought when I was 13 that I recently found amongst my trinkets. Major find!

    Imagine having a massive room as a wardrobe?! Whoa!

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  14. What…no puffer vest?

    I am pretty much in jeans worn with either boots or white sneakers (depending on where I’m going), a tank top (white, navy blue or black – I buy them from Esprit), long sleeved V or round top (Esprit), and a jacket or a great grey cardi I bought this season. Scarf too, of course. No Uberkate jewellery I’m afraid.

    Damn. Will have to fix that. 😉

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  15. I hate that I have 20% of my wardrobe i’m always wearing.

    I have a stella McCartney top that I saved all my pennies for and bought when I was 16. It is this pinky/purple, very basic tie up top. I adore it. I wear it in at least two variations a week.

    I also have a Portmans top that I bought when I was much bigger (its a size 16, I would fit into MAYBE a size 10). I LOVE IT!Its so roomy and comfy. The design is so that, even tho its way to many sizes to big, it still highlights my assets.

    My boring grey work pants.

    My big Cashmere Junior Look coat (again, saved all my pennies for at a much younger age!)

    Business jacket from Tokito. (which I actually really hate, but not as much a suit shopping!)

    Opaque stockings

    Portmans dress that I bought in Adelaide while it was on sale. Can be worn a million ways, which I try, weekly!

    I think im going to get that Kikki K fashion audit book and force myself to use more of my wardrobe!

    Excellent post Nikki!

  16. I wear my cashmere lilac scarf nearly every day when the weather is cold. Love the feel of it and love the colour. I also wear my Cons a lot.

  17. I ADORE your website. And I adore my Metallicus trench (which I have had for a couple of years). And I adore my new Charlie Brown cream winter jacket which has already got a lot of wear. But I hate winter. x

    1. Well, I adore your’s. And I plan to be wearing my Metalicus trench for many years to come. Want your cream jacket now! And yes, bring on spring … except the bit where I freak out at the state of my scaly, hairy legs which have been in hiding for three months.

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