Take your teenage daughter shopping these holidays

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I love a good shop. I love shopping with my mum … and not just for her credit card! The school holidays are the perfect time to shop and it can be a great way to spend time with your daughter.

Organise a day that suits. Perhaps go to your local department store or plan a road trip to your nearest city. Include lunch in your plans!

As a mum, you may not like to take the first step and ask your daughter, but why don’t you? When organising the day together, have a think about what she may want to have a look for. Even sit down and help her make a wish list if your keen!

Take your teenager shopping these holidays. Photo: Pinterest

My ideal shops to visit and buy from are Sportsgirl, Dotti, Youth Culture, City Beach, Universal Store and Cotton On. Why not surprise your daughter, get in first and suggest a few of these shops?

It will show that you really are interested in the day and it will make her interested too. If you want to really make the effort, when you’re in the stores with your daughter, make a comment on an item from one of those stores.

When you’re out to lunch, use the time to ask your daughter questions about school, exams, assignments … if you don’t already ask them after school each day like my wonderful mum does. My mum and I have a special relationship. And not just over shopping!

*Editor’s note: Sammy Cheney recently did work experience at Styling You. She’s also my daughter’s best friend. And for the record, I love to go shopping with my daughter. She’s still happy to do so and even takes my wardrobe advice! Can you remember shopping with your mum as a teenager? Do you still do it?

My daughter, Alex (left), and her best friend Sammy ... styled up and out for dinner.

My daughter, Alex (left), and her best friend Sammy ... styled up and out for dinner.


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  1. There is no way you’d get me out shopping with my mum. Not only is she a keen op-shop shopper (not that there is anything wrong with that), she bases the best choices on the quantity she can get for a $xx, rather than whether it is flattering, vaguely fashionable or fits properly (rather like me 2nd hand shopping for the munchkin, but at least in HIS case, it’s for clothing that is going to be totally trashed!)

    Me, I’m all for a small number of high quality, classic items that will last. I don’t need my mum piping in “$200 for a pair of pants – you’ve got to be kidding” – when they’re the only ones that I will find to fit me for the 5 years!

    Happy mummy/daughter shopping everyone!

  2. My mum was the most amazing, long-suffering, never-complaining shopping partner ever. Even when I refused to stop for lunch (no time!) and made her visit the same shops three times (a girl has to be sure about what’s she’s going to spend her hard-earned cash on).

  3. I love going shopping with my 14 y.o. daughter. In fact tomorrow we are going shopping with my two sisters, and my 15 y.o. niece. Watch out Westfield Carindale here we come!!!

  4. Ohhhh … I love my mum, but never would I go shopping with her – both as a teenager and now. Mainly because she tried/s to dress me in stuff that would look good on her!!
    But from the looks of you Sammy – you have your own very nice style!!

  5. If only I had that much style as a teenager – you girls look gorgeous!

    Nikki: total tangent, you’ve talked about Peter Lang jewellery before – did you see the sale of jewellery on graysonline?

    1. Yes Paula, the fashion has changed drastically. But as they say ‘what goes around, comes around’. Fashion repeats and the 60’s look has hit the stores big time!

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