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I’ve lost count of the number of emails coming into my inbox announcing of end-of-season fashion sales.  Now, if you’re not in the fashion game you’re probably wondering how it can be end-of-season when, well, the season’s just started.

It’s best you don’t try to get your head around all that … and the fact that spring-summer clothes will be landing in store from July.  It’s just crazy fashion talk really.  You’re going to just have to go with it.

Anyways, what you do need to get your head around is the fact that there are A LOT of bargains to be had in clothing retail land.  LOTS.

So, repeat after me:  I will not buy a new piece of clothing JUST BECAUSE it’s on SALE.

Sorry for the intermittent shouting but I really need you to get this.  You will not save 30% on a pair of pants if they make you look and feel ridiculous every time you put them on.  You will not save $50 on new top if it sits with its discounted price tag on *winking* at you every time you open the wardrobe doors.

Rant over … just listen in to this week’s vlog and read on for some suggestions on how to tackle sales time.  Forewarned is forearmed.

Key sales styling tips

1.  Go with a list – you’ve done your seasonal wardrobe edit, haven’t you?  What are the gaps missing from your winter wardrobe?  That’s what you should be buying.

2.  Allocate more of your shopping budget to buying classic winter pieces. Do you need a new coat, new pair of jeans, boots, a new bag?

3.  Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to take on and off.  You MUST try on everything you’re potentially buying.  No time to try?  Walk away.

4.  Start your shopping day at opening time and get out before the crowds – and change rooms – get crazy.

5.  Stay focussed.  Do not be seduced by the % off signs.  Be seduced by the clothes and accessories you actually need.

Shopping suggestions*

1.  Camilla & Marc Silo trench (was $1090, now $763) @ FrockShop

2.  Morrison Marciano Tee Dress Initial (was $169, now $59)

3.  Witchery Jemima Bow ballet flats (were $129.95, now $89.95)

4.  Mimco Rococo Pearl ring (was $149, now $55.20)

5.  Saba Dilly Clutch (was $249, now $119.20)

6.  sass & bide Don’t Say It tee (was $180, now $70)

So, will you be heading to the sales this weekend? Have you made hasty purchases before during a sale that you’ve later regretted?

*sales prices are subject to change and availability – they were correct at time of publication


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  1. I am a good girl I have my list. Have it in my handbag to remind me!

    It has saved me from buying a few things that would have been mistakes however I have bought 2 things not off the list BUT they are brands I know and love (esprit and metallicus) at good discounts.

    AND while the metallicus dress wasnt on the list I did think of you when I bought it. It is crush proof, wrap style, flattering cut and quality.

    I had to buy it because of the colour – red! On my shopping list in BOLD are the words NO MORE BLACK, because it is time for me to add some contrast to my clothes time to try camel, navy, red and grey!!

    love the coment that it isnt a bargain if you dont wear it! I have a few of those 🙂

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      1. After reading one of your posts I went an assessed my wardrobe. I work 2 days a week and the rest of the time I am with my two small kids, I rarely go out and if I do its brunch or lunch. My wardrobe has 8 little black dresses, quite a few stylish suits and lots of dressy skirts. And when I go shopping I am drawn to more of the same….having a good look at what I have means I don’t keep buying more of the same! What I am now buying is smart casual….in particular tunics and dresses that layer well (oh and NEVER EVER will I look at a puffer vest I promise!)

        I love following your blog, I have learnt so much and hopefully there will be less of those unworn mistakes in my wardrobe in future!

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  2. I bought the Morrison tee you have above and it is FAB.

    I’ve been debating a Thurley dress on sale in their online shop but my hesitation is that, being on sale, I can’t return it if it doesn’t fit…

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  3. In actual fact, I took a course through work many, many years ago that dealt with image at work etc, and they had someone talk about clothing sales and said the same thing you did. Sales are usually for the clothes that don’t sell well and you end up buying something that’s not quite right for you or won’t go the distance for you (eg a style that runs out of fashion quickly) – just because it costs less!

    Loved your socks, hon! xxx

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  4. I’m usually good at sale shopping and don’t get seduced by discounts. Partly because every single shop seems to constantly be on sale!

    Recently bought a pair of shoes I’d coveted at full price but thought were too high for no other reason than they were on sale. Still can’t walk in them! I blame PMS! Going on eBay today!

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