5 clever tricks Zoe Foster just taught me

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It’s true. You can teach an old beauty dog new tricks.

I’ve been studying Zoe’s new book, Amazing Face (Viking $39.99), for about a month now. And by studying, I mean obsessing.

Amazing Face by Zoe Foster (Do you think Zoe will notice I had my nails colour matched to her book?)

Amazing Face by Zoe Foster (Do you think Zoe will notice I had my nails colour matched to her book?)

I’ve stalked followed Zoe’s career since her first day of Cosmo. Back when I was in major denial that I had in fact actually outgrown this glossy and that it was time for me to accept I no longer needed tips on what products to carry in your handbag in case your date turned into a sleepover. I had two kids and another on the way.  I no longer slept.  Let alone contemplated the kind of fun that happens on THOSE kind of sleepovers.


I’m not quite old enough to be Zoe’s mother but I sure would happily adopt her as a younger sister if she’d have me. She’s funny. She’s GORGEOUS. She’s going out with Hamish Blake. And she has a brain that is the beauty equivalent of a set Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedias*.

In Amazing Face, she says she first learned about makeup in the toilets at school from a Year 9 girl (when I was in Year 8 I was scared of the Year 9s and would avoid going to the toilet altogether) but that her real learning began the day she started at Cosmo. And it hasn’t stopped since. She is like one giant makeup sponge, soaking up every drop of information from interviews with hair stylists, makeup artists and salon therapists so that she can test and translate it for us mere makeup mortals.

I too have learned a lot through this approach to being a beauty editor and now blogger. It really does pay to be open to new beauty tricks.

Here are the five new ones Zoe’s taught me (in reality it’s more like 500 but if I listed the other 495 here you wouldn’t need to buy the book now would you …)

1. To have exceptional looking skin you need to book in for some Omnilux LED sessions. It’s like a mobile phone charger for your skin – it boosts your skin cells up so that they’re running perfectly again. Phone 1800 808 993 to find a salon near you.

2. Apply your under-eye illuminator in she shape of an upside down triangle to brighten up the eye area. Conceal first, then use these guys. Product I love for this: Smashbox Photo Op Under-Eye Brightener $28.95

3. Fake tan your face with a face-specific tanner. When your face is gently tanned, your eyes appear to be a little brighter, as do your teeth … Your face just looks all healthy and glowy. Product I love for this: Nivea Sun Self Tan Face Creme $10.11

4. Waterline your eyes – bottom and top. When you put makeup along that little strip of skin between the eyeball and your eyelashes, it is called ‘waterlining’. There is a waterline on both the top and bottom eyelids but most of us forget the top one. Forget? I didn’t even know about it. Product I love for this: Benefit Eye Bright $36

5.  Look younger by dropping mascara. This gem comes from former supermodel Christy Turlington. To look fresh, not lazy, Christy suggests curling the lashes. Zoe also suggests concealer in all the right places, a light-reflecting foundation and a light smattering of bronzer.

Want more? Get thee to a book store and prepare to give not just good – but amazing – face. Oh, and if you’ve recently learned a new skincare or makeup tip … spill below … I’m all ears … and eyes … and lips.

*Gen Ys, I hate to break it to you but once upon a time we didn’t have this whizbang thing called the internet. We had to look things up in books. If your family owned a collection of Funk & Wagnalls or World Book Encyclopedias, you were considered posh. We didn’t. I frequented a building called a library to look up stuff.

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  1. Hi there..I like the tips here, useful and simple.
    My favourite beauty product is Almay’s Mineral Powder, an absolute time saver when getting ready in the mornings. I use Covergirl + Olay’s Simply Ageless foundation as a concealer and scrapping the dregs of the container as we speak. Was glad to find that they make a smaller version as a concealer..good to know.
    I only use mascara on the top lashes,I like the finished look by making my eyes softer and feminine. Gone are days of heavy-handed black eyeliner and dark coloured lips. Being over 40 I use lip gloss or tinted with colour, looks more natural and my age, I like looking fresh and dewy as opposed to plastered and the cracks showing.

  2. any facial treatments you would recommend for someone like me who looks like a corpse with black eyes, pale uneven and freckled skin, sensitive and normal-dry.

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      For salon treatments, opt for a course of IPL treatments. For at-home, you need to look at skin brightening products – Zoe recommends Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector or John Plunkett Superfade.

  3. I’m terrible with make up. Before I got married in 2000, I went to the MAC counter and asked them to show me how to use more than one colour of eye shadow. I had NO idea. I still wear my eye shadow the same way they demonstrated to me that day, just with different colours some times.

    I probably need this book, don’t I? It’s time to spice it up a bit!



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      At least you went and got advice, Jodie! Get the book – for a whole range of beauty tips – but also head back to a makeup counter sometime soon for a freshen up. I also love learning from independent makeup artists. Wish I’d had this info at 18!

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  4. Funk & Wagnall’s….we had the complete set of World Books!! What’s even scarier is my parents still have them on the bookshelf and the youngest “child” is now 48! I hate to think how many times my Mum has dusted around them.

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  5. How bizarre Nikki, I only watched a video not long ago from Zoe and I learnt to double curl the lashes for extra oomph….it works a treat! Go Zoe!

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  6. I’m Gen Y and we had a COMPLETE SET of Funk & Wagnall’s, except my siblings and I called them ‘Funkin’ Wagnalls’ because we were cool and funny rebels who wished our parents let us use the Internet for more than 30 minutes a day.

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