Why elegant gets my bridal and red carpet vote every time

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You know you’ve had one of THOSE weekends when you’re sitting at your computer at lunch time on a Monday (albeit a public holiday Monday) feeling a little fashion fatigued.

The weekend started with a little spectacle called The Royal Wedding and ended with The Logies (for international readers think the Oscars … on reverse steroids).

(In between all this, I attended the wedding of gorgeous friends, which come to think of it, may truthfully explain this morning’s fatigue.)

So much has been written and dissected about fashion at both events that I thought I’d bring you the Styling You concise verdict:  elegance trumps frou frou. EVERY time.

It is why bridesmaid Pippa Middleton’s Sarah Burton for McQueen dress will be THE most copied and asked-for bridal design for many years to come.

Pippa Middleton in Sarah Burton for McQueen

It is why Asher Keddie and Sarah Murdoch stood out in a Logies red carpet sea overcrowded with sequins, applique and ruching.

Sarah Murdoch and Asher Keddie: Logies 2011

Clean lines, stunning fabric and shapes that enhance your figure will be just as stylish in 2011 as 2061.  Keep it simple, whether you’re marrying a prince or about to accept a small statue in front of an audience of inebriated industry peers.

My pick of Australian designers who offer elegance every season is Matthew Eager.  He has two collections, Matthew Eager and ME Too (a more affordable range).  Not only is he the king of timeless elegance but he “gets” a woman’s shape.  Whenever I step into one of his designs, I immediately stand a little bit taller and feel just a little bit more smug.  Because they work.

Here are some from the Matthew Eager Winter 2011 collection:

Matthew Eager Winter 2011

And some from the ME Too Winter 2011 collection:

ME Too Winter 2011

For stockist information, click here.

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  1. Yes, Pippa looked hot. Made me want to put down the donut.

    But Kate – ahem… Catherine… looked elegant and poised and very Grace Kellyesque. Absolutely beautiful.

    I adored the wedding. I am not ashamed to say it.

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  2. If ever there was a bridesmaid in danger of possibly outshining the bride it was Pippa Middleton. Lucky for her big sis she happened to be marrying a Prince so that still wins in the outshining stakes…

    Asher & Sarah divine, as always. And LOVE the ME TOO range – thank you for introducing it to my world!

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