What you’ll actually wear this spring-summer: the RAFW wrap-up

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There was this little event in Sydney last week.  If you’re not in any way related to the fashion and beauty industry, it probably passed you by without a moment’s thought.

But for those in the industry, it was Australia’s time to shine on the international fashion map. Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is a look at what will be available for us to buy in stores this spring. It’s not a public event – it’s an invite only preview for media and fashion buyers.  And yes, I did get invited.  And no, I couldn’t swing returning to Sydney a week after my last visit.  Next year …

So, I’ve been a sidelines’ observer, watching online, in the newspapers and through the hundreds of media releases, taking note of all the colour, flair and excitement that only runway fashion can bring.

And that’s the thing … it’s meant to be a bit of a show.  It’s meant to have elements of fantasy.  Fashion and beauty concepts most of us would never been seen walking down the street in.

The Sunday Mail‘s (Brisbane) Fashion Editor Kellie Alderman – a veteran of fashion weeks – says this year’s RAFW was different and I agree.

“Fashion Week of years past has often been criticised for showing too many clothes that only look good on the two metre-tall, flawless teenagers wearing them on the runway … The chatter at the end of each show was fairly unanimous from the assembled media, buyers and social celebrities: ‘I loved that dress, I want those pants, that colour is fabulous’.”

With that in mind, I trawled through the images and coverage from the shows to bring you a run-down of what you’ll actually be wearing this spring-summer.

Fashion key spring-summer 2011-12 trends (photo credit: vogue.com.au): blocks of colours; graphic prints; more neutrals; tailored structure vs soft and flowing

RAFW 2011. Photos: vougue.com.au

Beauty key spring-summer 2011-12 trends: bold lips; ponytails – sleek and messy; braids; pale nails; dramatic eyes

RAFW 2011 beauty key trends

Now, apart from the on-site shows at fashion week, there is always a lot going on off-site. Purely in the interest of bringing you a “full” coverage, I’ll leave you with this image from the Davenport Winter 2011 Get Brunk’d launch (brunks are halfway between a brief and a trunk, apparently) of newly crowned Cleo Bachelor of the Year, Eamon Sullivan.

Eamon Sullivan for Davenport

Wonder what he’ll be wearing next summer?

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  1. Looking at what’s in store, I have to say I’m loving the fact that the tailored look will be coming in – great for my body type. And seeing that ponytails are the next big thing, I guess, I’m on the right track since I’ll be growing my hair (if I can last the growing out phase). Thanks for this update Nikki!

  2. Won’t matter as long as it’s something!?!

    Thanks for the wrap up, Nikki. It seems like my ‘all black, all ponytail’ look is finally on trend! x

  3. Is that Jen Hawkins in second row of makeup shots? She looks awesome.
    I’ll take the Lisa Ho, Kirrily Johnson and the Morrison, thanks…

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      Yes, that’s Jen. And she is smokin’ … The Lisa Ho is stunning, isn’t it? You know I love Morrison but there was a lot of stuff in the show that looked really over-sized and not at all flattering. Will reserve judgement till I see in shops though.

      1. I do not need oversized!!
        I agree with you. What I saw of Morrison’s collection seemed a bit of a departure from their usual style. Hope they don’t change too much. That said, there’s a great orange frock in the window of my local Morri store.

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