The Model and Me: OJAY Winter 2011

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Welcome back to The Model and Me for 2011.  Ever looked at a model wearing an item of clothing that appeals to you and dismissed the purchase out of hand?  Yep, me too.  Well, I’m here to tell you that you SHOULD get into that change room and give the object of your desire a try.  You may not look like the model (I don’t, I’m a size 14), but you never know, it just may look right for you.


Even in Queensland I caught the whiff of a new season in the air last night.  You know? That freshness that signals a possible change from swapping sweaty arm pits for tights and boots. And give me a pair of killer boots over a pool of perspiration any day.

So it seemed fitting today to roll out my first The Model and Me for the new fashion season.

Today, my focus is firmly on chain store, OJAY, an Australian brand that’s been around for 35 years and has built its reputation on innovative designs and unique prints.

OJAY has shifted its price point by 40% from its previous season (got to love that!), yet the price dip has not come at the sacrifice of style.  You can pick up a winter trench for $199.95 and a 100% silk dress for $169.95.   You’ll also find that stores only stock a limited number of each garment, which lessens the chance of walking into a function and finding six others wearing your same outfit.

The outfit* featured below would make a great autumn-winter work outfit.  It’s softer than a corporate suit look but looks professional enough for a business meeting.

The Model and Me:  OJAY

On the size 8 mannequin and on me (size 14): OJAY Rouched Sleeve Long Cardigan $89.95, Marble Print Gather Front Dress $89.95.

The key piece is the gather front dress ($89.95), which can be worn on its own.  To contrast the prettiness of the dress, team with the rouched sleeve long cardigan ($89.95).  I then belted the long cardi, added tights (the dress comes above the knees and my knees are best not revealed to the world) and a statement necklace (of course!).

This is a print that you can confidently wear and not feel Nana-ish.  Sometimes I’ll pop on a printed top or dress and staring back at me is a woman who looks vaguely like me … but with the unfortunate addition of 20 years.  Stick with modern, dark prints. Not only do these types of prints hide a multitude of sins but you avoid being carted off by your children to a retirement home.

Alternative look

I’m a big believer in stretching your wardrobe to make outfits work for more than one occasion. This is one outfit that does just that.

Simply swap heels and tights for leggings and ballet flats; lose the belt and wear the cardi open.  Voila:  the perfect weekend outfit for catching up for coffee with girlfriends.

And speaking of that cardi  … it’s incredibly soft and like a blanket to wear.  I know it will also serve me well with jeans this winter.

To celebrate OJAY’s new collection and price points, it has launched a social networking competition, inviting people to creatively respond (in 140 characters) to an outfit they have selected from OJAYʼs autumn/winter Look Book for 2011. Over the course couple of weeks, the number of Facebook shares or likes and Twitter tweets will determine 13 winners. Three weekly winners will receive a $400 OJAY style voucher and an overall winner will receive a $1000 OJAY voucher at the end of the competition.


*Disclosure: OJAY gifted me this outfit to trial.  I have not been paid to write this post.

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  1. Always like these posts, Nikki! We must have knees of a similar vintage!
    Haven’t been to Ojay in years, perhaps I should take another look…

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    1. Hi Ciara, thanks for dropping by. I find when I work with my clients that they often have trouble imagining an outfit on them so don’t pick up clothes off the rack that actually would work for them.

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