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I find belts tricky things.  Not necessarily on other people.  More on me.  I do dabble in belt wearing but of all the accessories I own, belts are not high up there.

For starters, I’ve got a short torso and not a torso that’s worthy of drawing any more attention to.   The short torso thing means that when you add a belt in a contrasting colour, it has the delightful effect of truncating my torso even more. To elongate the torso, I will do a belt on the hip in a similar colour/tone to my outfit and if I am tucking in a shirt or top to a skirt, I’ll wear a thin belt.  It won’t be high on the waist either.  More a mid-to-low positioning because that’s what works for me.

But enough about my issues, a Tweet from the lovely @claireyhewitt has got me thinking about belts for other people for winter 2011:  “@StylingYou I need a post on belts, not up high ones or elastic wide ones, normal ones for jeans or denim skirt…what’s in now? Chances?”

Ask and you shall receive, Claire.

Key tips

1.  Belts have a more minimal look this season.  They are thinner and have subtle detailing.  Wear within the confines of belt loops on skirts, pants or jeans.  They’re also being worn this season sitting loosely or on top of a skirt/dress at a point that suits your torso length and waist position.

2.  Waisted belts of any width look out of this world on women with long torsos.  If your’s is on the shorter side, like mine, wear with caution, particularly if in a contrasting colour.

3.  Those blessed with an hourglass or column shape can work the waisted belt (particularly this season belting over a blazer or cardi).  For the hourglass, it simply enhances the natural curve; for a column, it helps to create and define a waist.

4.   If you have a big bust, beware the under-the-bust belting.  This will only, shall we say, enhance, your boobies even more.

Shopping suggestions

Belts Winter 2011; edited by Styling You

1.  A Witchery key look for autumn-winter 2011.  Yep, the belt doesn’t need to go through loops. Love this.

2.  Love the way this slim belt has been casually looped to just sit on the model’s natural waist.  Toughens up a pretty dress. (Shop for this look online at Byron Bay Threads)

3.  Asos Pieces Rustica Leather Jeans Belt $39.45

4.  Chloé Leather and metal bow belt £378.72 at net-a-porter

5.  Oroton script belt (was $95, currently on sale $75)

6.  Witchery skinny belt $49.95

7.  Sportsgirl Different Stokes belt $24.95

8.  Trenery tapered waist belt $59.95

9.  Indy C Essential leather belt at Birdsnest $54.95

10.  City Chic grey diamonte buckle belt was $29.95, now $23.96

Do you like to wear belts?  What belt suits you?  Share below – you might help others who have a similar body shape find their perfect belt and belt look.


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  1. I’ve never been comfortable wearing belts until I had my mini styling session recently. I guess it was a matter of knowing how to wear it and being confident about wearing a belt – besides for holding up my jeans or pants that is. I tried wearing an elasticised belt over my dress once and have to agree, it helped to accentuate my waist a bit more. Now, I’m starting to get “addicted” to belts. Love the choices you’ve put up btw. Especially the one by Asos and Oroton!! Oh and even the Sportsgirl on.

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  2. Thanks for this, clearly the red will need to come along to match my elk necklace, but I also like number 8, nice for casual day at work.

    I would also love the Chloe one, I would treasure it forever, if anyone feels like sending it to my let me know.

    It is pure lovely.

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  3. Agree that belts are not high on my list. I’m forever wearing tops that cover the zip of my jeans/pants, because they are always coming undone! So I have no need for belt as it would never be seen. Have not tried with dress yet. Am thinking about getting a shirt dress this year, which might work with belt thingy….

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      The shirt dress will work with a belt if you are able to adjust where the belt can sit. For me that needs to be slightly higher than my waist. Sitting on my waist just accentuates my hips (pear shape hybrid). I’m blogging next week about a Leona Edmiston jersey shirt dress that’s working for me. Something for you to check out.

  4. I rarely do belts too but everytime I see those CR catalogues and other fashion spreads I do lust over the loose belt draped around the model – often over a chunky knit or scarf which would just add so much bulk to me I don’t need!

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        She’s got a longer torso, think that’s why it works. I’ve done the belt over scarf (Metalicus – so not thick) and got away with it because I had a thin top underneath. Belts are tricky.

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