Two bags are better than one. Right?

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So, there we were driving down the M1 to the Gold Coast. Mr Styling You driving; and me doing what I do best, multi-tasking between telling the kids to be quiet, Tweeting and reading this month’s Vogue Australia.

It was during the Vogue bit that I had an epiphany of the fashion kind.  There on page 76 was THE answer to my handbag dilemma.  Here I’d been walking around under the assumption that, yes, it was perfectly ok to own more than one (hundred) bags but it was a case of rotating them round on an outfit and occasion basis.

But no, apparently we should not only be doubling up on our necklaces and bangles, we should be doing the same with our handbags as well.  “The look works best with some dramatic contrast, be it size, texture, pattern or colour,” says Vogue.

Vogue Australia April 2011

It was a like a lightbulb went off inside my head.

My first world problem of late (apart from finding out the new iPad is not coming out in Australia until one week AFTER the Aussie Bloggers Conference) was finding a suitable handbag that was big enough for a day trip to have my hair done in Sydney but not too big and bulky for the weekend when I like to downsize to a purse and lip gloss kind of girl.

It was all there in super glossy colour.  Problem solved. I just needed TWO handbags.

At this point, Mr Styling You could hear my brain ticking over searching for a small window in the weekend’s schedule for sneaky bag raiding trip to Robina Town Centre.

He rolled his eyes and muttered something ridiculous about how could I possibly need another handbag, let alone two, so I just stuffed one of the kids’ car snacks in his mouth and muttered something back about girls and needs.

My plan had been to hunt down this bag from Trenery – Robina has currently the only Trenery store in Queensland – but was devastated to learn they didn’t receive it in store.

Trenery Erika tote $249

Never one to let a stock problem get in the way of a fashion purchase vision, I walked over to Witchery with a look not unlike a toddler being told they can’t buy a lollipop and picked up this baby for effectively $50 (thank-you weekend $50 member promotion).

Witchery Danni tote $99

I continued on walking (without the sulking two-year-old look) to Country Road and found the perfect double up for the Witchery tote.

Country Road Maria studded clutch $149

For the same price as the object of my original tote bag obsession, I had too bags.  Very Vogue indeed.

Me and my baggage ... oops I mean bags

What do you think about this new trend?  Makes sense?  Or cunning plan by retailers to get us to buy more bags (which I’m clearly ok with!)?

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  1. Priceless. I love it. One for each shoulder .. and think of all the money I will now save on expensive chiropractor and physio appointments …no more neck/shoulder pains from one heavy bag ….!!! Brilliant!

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  2. I love the idea of two bags. I couldn’t stand any of the nappy bags when I needed one a few years ago, so used a tote + small bag (who knew I was trendy?).

    Have to say I don’t like the CR bag. It’s a bit to bikie gangish for me. Try shortening the handle.

    As Vogue demonstrated in the pics, I think this look is more suited to the Hermes or Chanel bag paired with a tote. It says, “How could I leave home without my Chanel?” but “I’ve got a life, too!”.

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  3. I like this – I have a couple of large CR leather totes (the Serena Soft tote) and an older style one aswell (can’t remember what it’s called), but I can never find my smaller things (wallet, phone, gloss, keys) as they always seem to fall to the bottom of my bag underneath the tupperware, drink bottles, nappies etc that I seem to carry around with me. I think I’m ok for a tote but might look into a smaller accross body handbag. Thanks Nikki (my husband will be pleased! haha!)

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  4. This time you’ve gone too far!!!!! Does this mean I’d need three bags, seeing that I also have a nappy bag, or will I also need to get each child their own bag? It could get very tricky!!! I do love that Witchery Tote, looks like the perfect size to fit in my new laptop. See you in less than 2 weeks! x

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