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If I had a dollar for every woman who told me that they can’t or don’t wear dresses because they can’t find one to fit, I’d be writing this blog from poolside at The Legian in Bali.

I make it my mission to get my styling clients and members into dresses, as most of them, like me, are time poor.  A dress is one garment.  One piece. Throw it on and your good to go.

Thankfully, Queensland fashion designer Sacha Drake makes my job a little easier.  She’s known as Brisbane’s frock queen but, in recent years she’s also become known as The Body Shape Specialist.

“In my experience, stylish women are not slaves to the latest fashion trend,” says Sacha.

“Stylish women dress to show off what they love and hide what they loathe about their body,” she says.

As a designer, Sacha is always thinking about how her garments will flatter women’s bodies.

“For example, I use a cinched waist to carve a shapely silhouette or vertical draping to create the illusion of a longer, leaner figure.”

So how do you pick the right outfit to showcase your best assets and avoid fashion disasters?

The first step is to identify your body shape. Are you a pear, apple, hourglass or petite?   Not sure what shape you are?  Then head over to the Custom Fit Search on the SACHA DRAKE site and key in your measurements. Voila.  You’ll automatically be matched to dresses that suit your shape.  Too easy.


Sacha’s guide to looking great whatever your shape


Narrow shoulders, neat bust and waist, fuller hips and thighs.

The aim is to emphasize your upper body to balance out a fuller  lower body. Do this by wearing wide necklines, cap or puffed sleeves and cinched in waists. Keep darker colours on the bottom to slim down this area.

Avoid skinny jeans (these make your hips appear bigger) and skirts that cling over the hip & thighs.


Broad shoulders, prominent bust and tummy, slim hips and thighs.

Your bust is your best asset, so wear deeper necklines to show it off. The aim is to create shape & elongate the waist area but avoid anything that’s too clingy over the tummy.  Empire lines are perfect, they draw the eye upwards away from the problem area.

Use your slim legs to your advantage, opt for styles that finish above the knee.

Avoid shapeless smocks that hang from the bust and high necklines that make your torso look more blocky.


Curvy bust and hips, narrow waist with medium width shoulders and thighs.

Necklines that enhance your va-va-voom cleavage whilst elongating your torso.

Celebrate your best feature with cinched waistlines.

Avoid blousy tops with ruffles and details around the bust, these hide your great curves, make you look larger and out of proportion. Shapeless smocks are an obvious no-no.


Shoulders and hips are the same width; thicker waist but flat tummy; small to medium bust; slim legs and arms

Show off your lean limbs.

Focus on styles that can be wrapped or tied to create a waistline.

Styles that have wider shoulder lines make the waist appear narrower.

Skirts can be lean pencil shapes or A-line.


Tummy is the most prominent feature. Bust size and expansion in hip and thigh will vary.

Show off your belly but stay comfortable.

Keep a feminine silhouette by creating shape under the bust.

Choose open necklines and show off slim legs to show you are not all belly.

Soft, stretchy dresses are easy to wear as you grow and will also suit post-pregnancy.

The secret to looking stylish is simple – wear clothes that suit your body shape.


Here is the Sacha Drake dress I’m wearing to the Aussie Bloggers Conference dinner … of course, I’ll look JUST like the model!

Here’s what I’m wearing to a PR event on the evening before the conference:

For further information visit: www.sachadrake.com or call (07) 3112 1818


*This is a paid blog post. I’m SO excited to have SACHA DRAKE as my evening wear sponsor for the upcoming Ausse Bloggers Conference.  I’ve been a huge fan of Sacha’s for many years.  Whenever I put on one of Sacha’s dresses I immediately feel fabulous – and that’s just what you want fashion to do for you.

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  1. Hi there – I’ve only just found out about this post – I am the Pear! @_adeleblair_ and @annieb25 is the Apple – now you have the fruit collection. Of course I am a huge fan of Sacha and I think I’ve got almost every Pear dress she has on offer! Great blog post!

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  2. Love Sasha Drake.
    This post really resonates with me as I’m back into frocks bigtime after a few years of breastfeeding where they just don’t really work! I’ve been on a frock buying frenzy this summer. In fact, I’m the proud new owner of a Charlie Brown cocktail dress that’s black jersey with feathers on the hem. Divine.
    Please post pics from the conference? x

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  3. How wonderful! I’m definitely an hourglass, and Sacha Drake seems to have got it in one for flattering dresses for my body shape!
    I want to buy a dress in each and every style pictured.. what a wonderful post, you’re going to look incredible in those dresses! : )

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  4. You’re going to look amazing in that dress! I can’t wait to see pics.

    I’m now off to check out the store. I am already in love with one of the dresses (the apple one in the middle).

    Thanks for the heads up.

    PS. I love the way you do your sponsored posts. It’s really authentic. x

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      Oh, thanks Chantelle! I’ve been applying the gradual tan on that arm in particular. Ha, ha. And, doing sponsored posts on brands that you really DO love makes it easy to be authentic. I’m really lucky to have such great sponsors.

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