Fab Friday style tip: where to shop if you’re size 16 and above

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I’ve worked with 100s of women ranging in size from 6-26.  Yep, that’s a whole of change room action.

The single, most important thing I want these women to take from our sessions together is a greater confidence – a confidence that comes from within because on the outside they know they’ve got it going on.

If you’re in the size 16 and over size bracket, sometimes finding the clothes to make you feel that way can be a frustrating journey the often ends in walking away from the whole shopping process altogether.

But I’m here to tell you that there are increasingly more and more options out there – both in store and online – for you to explore and play with.


Some suggestions on where to shop

1. City Chic: 9 to 5 belted jacket $129.95 and pant $89.95

2. Damn You Alexis:  the v-neck dress $329

3. Nicola Waite:  funnel collar dress and knit top (stockists)

4. Damn You Alexis: the basic tank $49.95

5. City Chic:  super sequin scarf $19.95

6. Crossroads:  full-length stitch pocket boyfriend denim jean $49.95

7. Crossroads:  long-sleeve drape panel light cardi $39.95

8. Sara:  asymetric hem tunic $59.95

9. Sara:  riding boot $99

10. City Chic:  butterfly lace insert top $69.95

Lastly, make shapewear your friend – check out this fantastic video from A Current Affair featuring three women of different sizes (including blogger Danimezza) trialing shapewear that won’t bust the budget.

Do you find it difficult to find fashionable clothes in your size?  Where do you shop?


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  1. I had such a hard time finding nice clothes when I was a size 16. Especially finding clothes for my age bracket (early 20’s). I’m an awkward size now so I have trouble everywhere!

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      1. Awkward shape I meant, not size. Massive thighs in comparison to the rest of my body – pants that fit my thighs are huge on my waist (though not so bad now that I have a bit of a mummy tummy!). I’m trying to dress a bit more confidently lately, emphasizing rather than covering my curves! It feels strange but I’m getting there.

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  2. I’m always on the lookout for stylish plus-sized clothes. It seems like so many of them tend to be a bit frumpy and shapeless – like designers are punishing you for being a chubster! I’m definitely going to check out Damn You Alexis!

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