Wild Poppy Designs hand-crafted silver bangles and charms

Designer chat: Wild Poppy Design’s Sarah Parkinson

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Yes, the name is remarkably like mine.  Disclaimer: Sarah is my sister-in-law.  She’s married to my youngest brother – they met at uni. She was studying dance; he drama.  When I met her she was dancing around the world with the Barry Humphrey Show.  She went on to become a florist(Yes, I feel incredibly untalented)

Some of the floral arrangements Sarah created for my wedding

Some of the floral arrangements Sarah created for my wedding. Photos: www.imagesbylouobrien.com

Last year I noticed that whenever we were at a family gathering chatting over a vino or two that she was wearing a new piece of jewellery.  (I can spot a statement accessory across a crowded room).  Turns out that she’d made every one of the pieces. Proving that, yes, she’s one of those incredibly creative people who can turn ordinary into extraordinary.

I chatted with Sarah recently about her jewellery label, Wild Poppy Designs.

Wild Poppy Designs handcrafted silver bangles and charms

Wild Poppy Designs handcrafted silver bangles and charms. These can be custom-created to your needs.

What has lead you to start designing and creating jewellery? Most of my life has revolved some form of creative process and I have always been interested in jewellery due to pieces that have been handed down to me through my family. This is just an extension of those two factors.

Describe the concept behind the charm bangles? I wanted to have a piece of jewellery that had a connection to my two sons that was different to having something that was engraved. Also the advantage of it is that you can add to it if you want.

Do you like the jewellery you wear to have a story or history behind it? Obviously there is nothing wrong with having jewellery for jewellery’s sake but I do think it’s always good to have some pieces that have special meaning to the owner.

Do you hand-craft each piece? Yes.

Are they designed to be worn every day? Yes.

What are the bangles and charms made from? All parts of the charm bracelets are made from stirling silver.

Are people buying the initials of their children, their partner, a mix? It is mainly for their children but of course the choice is limitless.

Do you have plans to create other designs? Yes. I have already created a range of rings, necklaces and other bangles.

Wild Poppy Designs handcrafted silver jewellery

Wild Poppy Designs handcrafted silver jewellery

If you’re interested in talking to Sarah about commissioning a piece from her range, phone (07) 3366 4093 or email:  [email protected]

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  1. Hi Nikki, I am in Brisbane for the weekend and Phil told me about your blog, very impressive! I was the lucky receiver of the earrings top left, I wear them all the time. Lucy

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