Have you got your Spanx ready for a little ladylike chic?

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There’s a poll currently running on Myer’s Facebook page asking which new Myer trend is your favourite.   “Ladylike Chic” is leading by a corseted mile.

Does this scare you?  Or make you pull on some Spanx, light a ciggie and do your best Betty Draper impersonation?

January Jones as Betty Draper in the cult TV series Mad Men

If you’ve been living in isolation (or without Foxtel … or is that one and the same?) you may not be aware of the phenomenon that is Mad Men.  So amazingly influential is this series set in 1960s New York that the world’s fashion catwalks have been awash for a couple of seasons with “ladylike chic”.

This winter in Australia you’ll find this look everywhere from Target to chain stores and designer boutiques.  And Myer’s Facebook poll wasn’t random, either.  The  Myer’s My Style 2011 catalogue features Jennifer Hawkins and Jessica Hart on the cover – in full vintage feminine flight – wearing Leona by Leona Edmiston.

Another designer to amp up its ladylike look is Australian label Moss & Spy, which has signed Annalise Schubert as the face of its ’50s inspired winter 2011 collection. 

Head designer Lia Tsimos has been designing ladylike clothing for decades. Her designs are inspired by the French tradition of timeless and elegant dressing. Each and every piece celebrates the curvaceous, feminine form.

Moss & Spy designs are crafted from premium French and Italian fabrics.  This season, faux fur, velvet, metallic jacquard and tweed are important. Strapless gowns are big and lace with a nude underlay is also strong. The biggest trend for winter 2011 is the structured bodice combined with the full skirt.

January Jones

So, back to January Jones, or JJ, as I like to affectionately call her (because I’m sure we’d be best buddies if we ever met).  Her Mad Men character may be extremely difficult to stomach at the best of times but boy, oh boy, does she know how to own a red carpet … well, except that blip on her style report card at this year’s Golden Globes which I am willing to overlook.  Just this once.

“I have learned from Janie  (Bryant, Mad Men costume designer) to take risks in what I wear.  I can’t say I have a specific style, I just know which silhouettes compliment (sic) my frame,” JJ said in Janie’s book, The Fashion File.

“My advice is to just make sure you wear it and that the garment doesn’t wear you.  Even if a piece may seem a bit outlandish, as long as you feel confident and beautiful in it, it’s a risk worth taking.”

Here are some of January’s “risks” from the past couple of years.  Do you have a fave?

And I’ll leave you contemplating a winter of stockings, structured dresses and shapewear with my favourite Betty look from Mad Men.  This episode in Season Three had Don and Betts enjoying a little La Dolce Vita in Rome.

Don and Betts in Rome (Mad Men, Season Three)

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  1. Im more of a Christina Hendricks (Joan) fan… I have the same figure as her.. well apart from her boobs are bigger than mine lol. Oh and we are both redheads 😉 but I love ladylook styling. It is just classic and stylish.

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  2. I feel Betty gets a bad rap. Yes, she acts like a child, but she was told her life would be about getting married, popping out the children and building a home – and it turns out that that wasn’t enough.
    I also like how Janie is keeping her as the 50s princess which juxtoposes nicely against Megan’s more modern 60s look. When Don told her he was getting married after she “accidentally” forgot some things at the house, all dolled up like he used to like…that made me so sad.
    Also, Joan’s outfits have been very interesting this season – it is like they are making the point that while Joan has gotten by with looks and sex appeal her whole life, she is entering a rut she can’t seem to escape.
    Meanwhile, I wish Janie could come dress me every morning.

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      Firstly, you do a very good job of dressing yourself, Miss Amy – you do not need Janie.
      Secondly, I agree re Betty – it’s easy to forget that Don contributed much to her mental state.
      And so, so like the contrast between Megan and Betts – the Rome episode was the only one where Betty dresses in a modern style.
      It will be interesting to see where Joan’s rut takes her.
      LOVE, LOVE this show and can’t wait for next season.

      1. You are very sweet, but I wouldn’t mind having access to the wardrobe Janie uses – I would have to lose about 15 kilos to fit into Betty’s gear though.
        Megan has a rude awakening coming her way. You can feel it. But she will do it dressed fabulously, so it won’t be all bad news.
        I just re-watched them all from the beginning and noticed that whenever Joan seems to be heading for a bad time, she wears purple and when Peggy is struggling, she is usually dressed in gold. Meanwhile, Betty and Trudy always match their apartments, but Betty is always dressed in different colours to Sally.

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  3. sigh – if only Spanx could turn me into January Jones. Love, love, love. Alas, I’m more like the big chested brunettes from the typing pool…

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  4. I am obsessed by the La Dolce Vita ensemble.
    I also love this, she wore it the night that horrible Jimmy character told her Don was having an affair with his wife:
    Janie Bryant designed the dress herself and had it made to illustrate how the evening was going to go from divine into hell:
    Even Barbie wears it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36742856@N05/4911276979/
    But alas! I am a Joan not a Betty.

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      Sawhole, clearly your talents are being waisted over at Woogsworld. I need you as Stocko’s fashion correspondent. Can pay in beauty products. And alas, I too am a Joan without the red hair and the super big boobies.

      1. Thanks for the offer but my boss Mrs Woog may not react well. As for fashion in Stocko you would be tres disappointed – the signature look is 60 year old German on a Thai Beach.

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