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In the middle of last week’s heat and humidity wave, a Styling You reader (so glad there is ONE out there) contacted me with a timely question:

To suit the recent weather: how do you appear stylish with a corporate slant, especially when you are in and out of the car and it is so hot you really only feel like wearing a sarong?”

This question landed on my Facebook page as I was sitting in a pool of sweat, pounding away at my computer’s keyboard in my non-airconed office environment.

I could so relate.

This is such a tricky time of the year, especially if you’ve just come back to work after holidays and you’re used to wandering around the house in next to nothing, with only your children to shock.

It’s a bit like when you were a kids and heading back to school meant putting on shoes and socks for the first time in six weeks. Yuck, yuck and triple yuck.

So what to wear if you’ve got to put on a corporate or semi-corporate front and it’s hot, damn hot out there?

And here are some suggestions currently in store or online …

1. Jacqui E Mishy dress $129.95*

2. Jacqui E Drapey open front jacket $139.95; Nancy pleat pocket skirt $99.95; Layer front tank $69.95*

3. Sportscraft Renee jacket on sale online $59.40 (was $159.95)

4. Witchery Svelt blazer $189.95

If you have a styling question you’d like answered on this weekly post, email me: [email protected]

*This is the video that Jacqui E has shot for its WorkWear campaign – have a look for more inspiration:

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  1. Great post Nikki.
    I’m now home with little ones at the moment but in the last few years at work I needed to look professional and was often in and out of different offices for meetings. The short sleeve jacket is a winner because you would be out in the city streets in 40 degrees, go into a highrise and freeze your butt off in air con, before hitting the hot street again! I always kept a cardi in my office as by 11am on a really hot day, you could be freezing in the office.
    I tried that Sportscraft sale top on last week, but put it back in favour for their cropped jeans that cost – $39! Should have bought both… Happy weekend 🙂

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