Given any thought to what you will be wearing this winter?

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Did you just read the heading and wonder what planet (or hemisphere) I am on/in?  Sorry Stylers, you may have sweated like there was no tomorrow on Australia Day but I’m here to tell you that the fashion industry is ready to drop a whole lot of winter loving in boutiques and chain stores around the country.

And before you click off this page because you’re not quite ready to face a change in seasons, let me give you three reasons why you should have new season designs on your fashion radar.

1.  The early new-season fashion drops often contain the best trans-seasonal clothes.  As a Queenslander, I find clothes I buy early in the autumn-winter season are generally ones I can wear all the way through from March to September, with maybe the addition of a jacket, tights and boots when we have our two days of winter.

2.   Avoid fashion-fatigue panic buying.  By February I’m usually completely bored with my wardrobe and although one of my goals this year is to shop more often from my own wardrobe, I find if I inject a bit of “considered” freshness at around this time, I’m less likely to panic buy in April or May.

3.   Grab wardrobe essentials while you can. In March last year, I was umming and ahhing over a black blazer.  I was so glad I lay-byed that sucker as the next week it was gone, not sold out but the stock had been shifted to another store that had more demand for that sort of thing (in Queensland we were still sweltering).  I wore that jacket SO much throughout winter and it will certainly be on high rotation again this year.

So, with this reasoning in the back of my head, I didn’t dismiss the email sent to me today spilling all the news about what Country Road will be serving up for Autumn Winter 2011.  No, I embraced it and studied it with great interest.

The collection – which features top models Emma Balfour, Alice Burdeu, Samantha Harris, Zippora Seven and Rosemary Smith in the catalogue – will be launched on Monday, January 31, but I have a sneak preview for your here.

Country Road Cape Sleeve dress $199

Top trends

1.  Minimalism … lots of clean lines, simple colour blocking and graphic prints.

2.  A 70s, young Lauren Hutton influence.

3.  An outdoorsy vibe, “with a touch of lumberjack”.  (I kid you not, Stylers, I picked those words right of the page … designer flannelette shirts, maybe?)

Country Road Colour Block knit $129; Pleat front trouser $149

What’s on my Country Road radar?

1.  Collarless jacket or collarless cropped vest

2.  Double breasted cape

3.  Jersey maxi

4.  Cape sleeve dress

5.  Skinny heeled ankle boot

6.  Small, structured and ladylike bag

7.  Luxe scarf

Country Road Tuck Sleeve Dress $199

Country Road Spliced knit tunic $129

Country Road Drape jersey dress $129

So, do you think I’m crazy to get excited about autumn-winter fashion?  See anything here that you like?

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  1. Hi Nikki, so I have also been looking through the CR catalogue on the weekend and want your thoughts on: the faux fur vest.

    Part of me wants it (while the spend and dave offer is on!), but am I succumbing to the try-hard puffy vest school mum brigade? I was thinking it would look good with jeans and one of my Metalicus black or brown tops for winter.

    I’m torn….

      1. Post

        LOL. I knew what you meant. I’ve had a little look at it and no, it’s not going to send you straight to the puffy vest set – it will act like an “accessory” over a Metalicus top and jeans.

  2. Ahhh…. it’s so hard to want to be enthusiastic about winter stuff when the forecast says it’s going to be 42 degrees! BUT… that cape-sleeve dress has certainly caught my eye!

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