94 reasons why you should moisturise every day

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Sodashi Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Crème $495

Don’t panic, there won’t really be 94 reasons (in case you were thinking of going and making a cuppa).  No, the number 94 is my darling Nan’s age. 

Last night I spent some “quality” time with her and my aunty in the emergency section of our local public hospital.   She was there as she’d had a “turn” at home and was completely disorientated. We’re still not sure what’s happening but her hubby, my Pop, had a stroke two weeks ago and is at another hospital, so it’s all a bit of mess.

In between trying to shout at her (hearing’s not so good) and holding down her arm as they tried to put a candula in one of her dodgy veins, I couldn’t help but stare at the skin on her face.

Her cheeks were smooth.  Baby smooth.  Even her forehead had minimal lines. 

How had I never noticed this before? I think I’d always focussed (in an subconscious way) on the aged skin on her legs, neck and arms. My Aunty Jen, her youngest daughter, says she always remembered Nan putting moisturiser on. Every day and night.

My Nan, on the left, with my late mum at her wedding to my Dad (both happily remarried). This is 45 or so years ago and I swear Nan's cheeks still look this good today.

Now, I’m no scientist but there just has to be a correlation, doesn’t there? 

I, too, have moisturised every day and night (except for the odd big night out when I’ve passed out in the clothes I went out in) since I was about 18.  My daughter started when she was 12. 

I’m extremely grateful that my day job sends a lot of moisturiser my way and for the past week or so I’ve been trialling the most luxe – and most expensive – moisturiser that has ever graced my skin.

I squealed as I opened this package, as I has already mentioned it in this blog post with Sodashi’s founder, Megan Larsen, but hadn’t dreamed of ever trying it for myself.

Sodashi Samadara Ultimate Age Defying Creme is a  little lot out of my beauty budget … this jar of loveliness will set you back a cool $495.

Luxury skincare comes with luxury instructions

This will not seem like a lot if you are ardent La Prairie, La Mer or SK-II fans but if  you think luxury skincare is buying moisturiser from a pharmacy instead of a supermarket then you’re probably in shock right now.

And that’s ok.  My general advice (whenever anyone has asked about what skincare to buy) is to always buy the best you can within your budget … and thankfully the choice is extensive in all budgets.

Choosing a moisturisers that is right for you is not just a budget thing.  It has to work for your skin.  And increasingly over the past couple of years I’ve been drawn to chemical-free and organic formulations.  They sit better on my skin and with my conscience. Best of all, my fave brands like Sodashi, Trilogy and Twenty8, are also extremely effective.

And that’s what you want in a skincare product, isn’t it?

Even the box is too gorgeous. The two rose quartz crystals sit either side of the creme.

So about Samadara …

The bits that do all the hard work for your skin:

1. Nourishing centella oil increases collagen production and stimulates new blood vessel growth;
2. Regenerative everlasting oil speeds cellular renewal;
3. Calming rose oil soothes the skin and repairs broken capillaries;
4. Antioxidant rich rosehip oil evens skin tone and protects against free radical damage; and,
5. Rose quartz crystal water alleviates stressors from the body that cause cellular ageing.

The bits that I’m in love with:

1. It comes with two rose quartz crystals (shaped like flat mini donuts) that you use after applying the creme to mimic Ayurvedic healing techniques.
2. This feels like you are giving yourself a mini facial, twice a day. Love.
3. The creme itself does feel as luxe as its price tag would suggest.
4. It goes on like silk and then disappears into your skin.
5. The glow is almost instant.
6. I find myself touching my cheeks. A lot.  They feel super smooth. Imagine in a month’s time.

Oh, and shhh … don’t tell my husband but I’ve started a little Samadara savings fund … when this little baby runs out, I’m going to want more.

And Nan, thank-you for passing on some good skin genes and a moisturising habit that just can’t be beat.

What’s your favourite moisturiser? Has your grandmother or mother passed on good skin genes or skincare habits?

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  1. It sounds gorgeous. Thanks for the reminder on the decolletage as well. My “boots no 7” is feeling very ordinary all of a sudden ;-(


    4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle

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  2. Oh that sounds such a treat. One of my aunts swore by Oil of Ulan, my Mum always swore by sunscreen. Unfortunately I only ever put it on my face every day, and missed my decolletage, which is all kind of sun-damaged now …

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  3. Oh I am jealous, love Sodashi but have never splurged on this particular cream. It’s a great brand.

    I’m currently using some SK-II cellumination essence, and I have to say its nice, but my skin is no better than when I use Trilogy – for a whole lot less $$! I also don’t mind a bit of a cheap beauty fix from Natio at the chemist or Myer. Currently using their primer with rosehip oil and its good. Costs a whole $12.95 or so.

    (PS – re the fur vest you kindly advised me on earlier – went to CR and there was literally a fur vest frenzy going on with 4 women all grabbing them to try. For me – I looked two sizes larger in it so sadly it went back on the rack, for about 10 seconds before someone nabbed it!)

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  4. My biggest problem is finding a moisturiser for my skin! Im finding it really difficult. Im twenty and to be honest, nothing I use really seems to help. I feel like I have massive pores and my skin is greasy so I use a non-greasy moisturiser but then when I use that my skin dries out completely!!!

    Any help would be appreciated!

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        Oh, and Sodashi do make a fantastic balancing range – the moisturiser and serum would be ideal. The serum is a night oil that controls oily skin but doesn’t dry it out – the more you dry out oily skin the oilier it becomes to compensate

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