On the 5th Day of Christmas …

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On the 5th day of Christmas … I decided to get honest about the number of handbags I actually own. And put them on display.

Which is why I’m super excited about this Christmas gift idea from shopaholic and blogger, Sassi Sam.  The Sassi Sam Handbag hanger comes in two different designs, depending on the level of girliness you’re want to go to.

I’m loving the Retro Boho Blossom … you may be more Pink Passion Dandy.  Whatever colour you choose, the genius in this handbag organiser ($40 each) is that you can hang them just about anywhere.  Me, I hung mine on the back of the bedroom door.

Sassi Sam handbag hangers $40 each. www.sassisam.com

So how do they work?  There are seven hanging loops for you to loop through your handbag straps.  You then snap close the loop. Depending on the handbag size, you can loop two to four bags on each.

How simple is that?  Your handbag collection all in a row.  Only one problem … I may just need another handbag to fill the final loop!


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