On the 12th day of Christmas …

Nikki ParkinsonFashion 3 Comments

On the 12th day of Christmas … I thought ahead to New Year’s Eve and what it would be like to get all glitzed up and head out for the night with this bag from Belle Bijoux.

Belle Bijoux Bag $399 www.bellebijouxaustralia.com

It’s all in the glamourous gold and silver detailing, isn’t it?  It’s a bag that symbolises a night filled with endless possibilities.  Or is that just me dreaming of the day when my husband and I will once again have the chance to head out on New Year’s and celebrate in style?  (Babysitters are very thin on the ground on December 31)

Mind you, I think I’d have a mighty fabulous time at home, as long as this baby was nearby.  Did I mention it can be worn four different ways? And if that isn’t enough justification, hop online now as this bag is 30% off. She’s all yours to enjoy this New Year’s and many more to come for $279.30.

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