Fabulous Friday style tip: what to wear Christmas Day?

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Welcome to your Fabulous Friday style tip … something on the video to think about before the weekend.  It’s eight sleeps till Christmas.  I know you’ve still probably got rum balls to roll and presents to wrap but please have a little think about what you plan to wear Christmas Day.  This will, of course, depend greatly on where you’ll be celebrating Christmas.  I’m a sucker for creating a little bit of a festive look.  Some may think it’s naff.  But I’m not talking Bridget Jones sweaters here …

Here are two possibilities from Sacha Drake.  I like this one if you’re heading out for lunch to a restaurant (we did this one year and absolutely had a ball … no leftovers, just a cab ride home and a welcome Nanna nap).

Sacha Drake Carrie Dress $429. www.sachadrake.com

Or, if it’s a more casual affair at home, opt for something like this:

Sacha Drake Becky Dress $219. www.sachadrake.com

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  1. Oh I love the red dress! Gorgeous! I have no idea what I am wearing yet… I cant get too dressed up because a) we are at home this year and b) if I get too dressed up my MIL asks what fashion parade I’m going to! Seriously, yes she is THAT much of a cow! lol

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