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Welcome to a regular post at Styling You –  The Model and Me.  Ever looked at a model wearing an item of clothing that appeals to you and dismissed the purchase out of hand?  Yep, me too.  Well, I’m here to tell you that you SHOULD get into that change room and give the object of your desire a try.  You may not look like the model, but you never know, it just may look right for you.

I first discovered the joy of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans about three years ago.  They’d only just landed in Australia and I was intrigued.  I mean what’s not to be seriously curious about jeans that purport to suck you in and make you look a size smaller, all the while offering the comfort of a well-worn pair of trackies?

I was seriously hooked the moment I laid eyes on them … which I’ll admit could have had something to do with US sizing which had me stepping into a size 10.  I know, it’s delusional to think that I’m really that size, but hey, whatever works to amp up that confidence factor.

NYDJ Tummy Tuck Jeans

And that’s what NYDJ is all about.  NYDJ Tummy Tuck jeans literally lift you up and make you feel like you’ve got it going on.  When you put them on, it’s like the confidence switch is flicked and suddenly you’re happy for your butt to be photographed.

My butt in a pair of NYDJ Tummy Tuck "Audrey" jeans in dark denim $199

These jean’s contain a high percentage of Spandex, offering a two-way stretch that sucks you in in all the right places. But a word of warning … you need to buy them firm. If you can just get the zip done up, then that is the size for you; buy too loose and after a couple of hours they will be baggy. Depending on your torso length, these jeans will sit at a mid to high-waist. This is part of the design to minimise the muffin-top look of low-rise jeans.

It’s no surprise that NYDJ jeans are the second highest selling denim brand in most US department stores; One Australian boutique owner told me that stock leaves her store almost as fast as it comes in – and that story is repeated around the country as women who have not worn jeans for years, excitedly find they can.

Yes, you will pay a little more than regular jeans but on a cost-per-wear basis (because you will really want to wear these. A. LOT.), they are so worth it. Sizes range from 8-20 with lots of colours and different washes of denim available and styles including boot cut, straight leg and skinny leg. With the different fabrications, you may not be the same size, so it’s worth trying on a range of sizes. I trialled the Audrey cropped jeans in dark denim and black (heavier fabric), the slim leg a great spring alternative to full jeans or leggings. So, here is the model wearing the Audrey cropped jeans (I don’t think she’d have a muffin top in any jeans, mind you)

NYDJ "Audrey" jeans

… and here is me

Me wearing the NYDJ Audrey in black, teamed with Country Road white tank, Witchery draped jacket and Natasha platforms

Want to try on a pair for yourself?  There are more than 230 stockists in Australia.  Find your nearest one here.

Stop the blog: pulled up Mrs Woog’s lucky number.  Mrs Woog will soon be strutting her stuff in a pair of NYDJ dark denim Audrey jeans. The three runners-up prize winners of a notebook and keyring are:  Fiona (, Lara ( and Su Chin.

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  1. ohh My first pair of jeans where a pair of bubblegum jeans, baby blue and pink stripes with a lovely texture. They were like second skin and not that flattering to my bodyshape. I them moved on to some red baggy levi’s. These jeans are cheap at twice the price when compared to the time and effort required to get rid of my muffin top.

  2. My first pair of jeans were flairs with an elasicised waist and embroided flowers pink and green from the knee down on the left leg. Very easycare 70’s at age 5!

  3. My first pair of jeans were from cheap jeans and were so tight I had to lay on the bed with a coat hanger to pull up the zip!the 80s have a lot to answer for!

  4. First pair of jeans were a no-name pair, tight with zips at the ankles. Worn with vest knitted by Nanna and flicked Lady Di hair. Tragic.
    Graduated to 501s from General Pants Co in Sydney during high school which I thought were the height of sophistication….

  5. I never had jeans as a kid, my mum hated them. I borrowed a friends pair when I was about 14 and after that, I had to have a pair EXACTLY the same. And nagged my poor mum till I got them 😉 these days, I live in jeans!

  6. Seems so long ago! My first pair of jeans that comes to mind, was from Stock Jeans and they were like “aqua blue, dyed stone wash denim”. I’ve been squishing my butt into all kinds of jeans since then. Great comp and i love the idea of a tummy tuck in a new pair of NYDJ Audrey jeans! 🙂

    sandym68 on Twitter

  7. My first pair of jeans were from General Pants Co. when I was 15 years old – they were dark denim blue, ‘Agent99’ was the brand name and I adored them…they cost me $99 so I had to love them because I was poor!
    For two years people would comment on them and ask me if they were new because the pigment was so strong and lasted for three years before fading out and I was devastated when that happened.

  8. My first pair was a pair of knock-offs Calvin Klein’s from Thailand. My dad bought them for me, during one of his business trips. I was about 13, I remembered it because I still have a picture of it, with my pink glasses and teeth full of braces. It was hot pink, and tight fitting.

    I was so happy, thinking I had my first pair of branded jeans…only to realise, years later..that they were knock offs.


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  9. I wasn’t into jeans growing up but when looking for comfortable maternity clothes I bought a pair of maternity jeans from Mothercare (a UK chain). I have since passed those on to a good home and now love wearing jeans. My favourite fitting pair of jeans since then were from Colorado. Could certainly do with a pair of NYDJ… although I do plan to work on that muffin top at some point 😉

  10. oh yay! I love jeans! My first ‘real’ pair (other than kmart/big w versions), were purchased on a shopping trip to Melbourne – Smith St collingwood in fact. They were $90 and my mum was mortified that I wanted to spend my birthday money on them! They were from Just Jeans if I remember correctly! I wore them until I wore a hole in the bum (some 5-6 years later!)

  11. Does anyone remember “Bubble gum jean’s” from the 1980’s? My first pair of jeans. They were basically skin tight jeans, with even ridges through the length of them. I thought they where the most gorgeous jeans ever.

    And now I need all the help I can get, so a pair of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans would be wonderful. To help suck me in !!!

    You look fantastic in your pair Nikki

  12. Not sure what the exact pair were, but the ones I remember choosing myself had a tag for FBI on the back. I was wearing them at church and my grandma was behind me, she asked if FBI meant Farty Bum In here! I was too embarrassed to wear them again.

  13. My first pair of jeans were a dream for about a year before I finally owned them.

    They were by Sandi Surf Co (remember them?) and I saw them in Just Jeans in the late seventies. I wanted them.

    They were high-cut and very straight on top, but flared beautifully and widely at the bottom. The perfect pair of seventies It jeans. My eleven year old self was hooked. In those jeans, I would ROCK the playground.

    I badgered and bothered my mother. She was more inclined to buy me a simple pair from Target. I had to convince her that I NEEDED those jeans. Couldn’t LIVE without them.

    Finally, she bought them for me (I think there was a birthday involved). They were mine. I was satiated.

    Until I saw my next pair of jeans. They were by Dachet (remember them?). Another year of pleading….

  14. My first pair of jeans were call ‘Zipps’…..and I loved them. They were stonewashed pale blue but this was the snazzy part, had the zipper up the back. They were hipsters with flares and I literally wore them to death long before I even had hips. Such memories. Went to see THE HUSH at Cloudland wearing them and did I think I was just soooo cool or what!

  15. Ohohohohoh! They are THE BEST jeans. Fuck I want to win another pair. Praying to the Randy.Org gods now………….

    My first pair of significant jeans were from CherryLane (remember Cherrylane?) THey had a wide V-yoke, several pleats and a tapered leg.

  16. My first pair of jeans were an Abba look a like pair of flares with the matching Beret. I wore them till I grew out of them – loved them

  17. My first jeans were an abba look a like faded pair of flares with a matching Beret. I wore them till I grew out of them – just loved them

  18. I have two pairs of these and won’t go in the running for them, but just wanted to add that they are THE most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned. For shiz. xx

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  19. embarrassing but true… pestered my mum until I got a pair of stretch bubblegum jeans, 3/4 in length with zips up the sides and possibly stone wash as well just to complete the picture! truly tragic.. must break my cycle of never trying clothes on before I purchase – this might help things!

  20. I have been on a diet since I was 12. As you may know from Woogsworld, Nikki, this was because my Nanna Freda told me I needed control knickers at the age of 12. Anyway. I yo-yoed up and down until the summer of 1989, which is now known as the Months of Deprivation and Obsessive Exercise. Finally I was a size 11 so I went to Eve’s at Lithgow and got a pair of high-waisted skinnies in an acid wash finish. I thought I was hot! I wore them with my green off-the-shoulder Carmen Mirandan top and smoked the place up. Well as well as you can when you are 15 with a Pauline Hanson haircut.

  21. My first pair of Jeans were Levi 501s!! I saved and saved then caught the bus to the nearest city with my friends!! That was 16yrs ago now and they are long gone but I loved them!!

  22. Would love the jeans. First pair of jeans I wore that I can remember is when I was 14 from Target with my own money and I used to wear them with everything (mainly because they were the only jeans I had). They weren’t really that flattering but they survived the test of time. And I could probably still wear them now if I knew where they were

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