It’s time to party. Don’t leave home without these four fashion tips

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The dust has barely settled on our Melbourne Cup frocks and the first of the Christmas party invites has landed in the inbox.  Welcome to the seaon of silliness.  The season where people you see almost every week say, “we should catch up before Christmas” and before you have a chance to say, “we’ll, we’re going to lunch next week and we’ll both be at that barbecue in two weeks time”, she’s whipped out her Blackberry and wants to sync in with your schedule. 

I said silliness, remember. 

Apart from surviving two months of champagne guzzling and canape inhaling (and still getting into a swimsuit for you summer getaway … eek), every self-respecting party girl, knows that it pays to plan ahead in the fashion department. 

I’m not suggesting you head out and buy a whole new wardrobe, but a few well-chosen pieces to re-invigorate what you’ve already got, will mean you will be prepared for everything from the office party, to client cocktails to a family barbecue. 

Here are my essentials: 

1. The dress/dresses.  Consider the dress your wing man in the party fashion department.  It’s one garment that you have to think about, no mix and matching with coordinates required.  Simply pop on and look fab.  The fab part comes from choosing a dress that suits you – and the occasion you’ll be wearing it at.  Making an entrance at a party can be daunting (particularly if there is no-one at the door offering you a champers) so you want your confidence factor to be buzzing.  Enlist the help of shapewear if you need, or opt for flowing and free (my choice in a Queensland humid summer).  

For that Sunday afternoon soiree: 

Salita Matthews dress $420 (also available in black)

For cocktails on the bosses’ budget: 

Bettina Liano dress $650


Flirt frill dress $239. Ph 02 9519 133

For lunch with the girls: 

Jacqui E Allegra Dress $259.95

2.  The accessories.   I love a statement at the best of time but at a party, a statement jewellery piece is your friend.  It’s your portable ice-breaker, the thing people will comment on once they’ve got past the “how are you?”, “I’m good”.  My money’s on accessories worn around your face or on the fingers or wrist of your drinking arm, most commonly seen near your face at parties.  You want the attention there so you can entertain with your scintilating wit, don’t you? 

The statement necklace: 

Salita Matthews necklace $380

The statement ring: 

Secrets Shhh Violet diamond simulant cocktail ring in platinum on silver $150

3.  The shoes.   I swing both ways when it comes to parties.  Get your mind out of the 3am gutter … I mean with heel height.  I love my heels.  No, they are NOT comfortable, but with a platform and plenty of French Martinis I can survive a couple of hours pretending to be of super model height.  But if I’m wanting longevity and some bad dancing thrown in, I’ll opt for a maxi and flats.  Whatever your height preference, choose the colour nude this season.  Makes your legs look longer. True.

Peep Toe Miss Mondrian $275

Nude Jolene flats $159.95

4.  The bag.  Leave the day bag at home or at the office.  You just need your essentials – phone, keys, money, card and lip gloss.  Loving the new over-the-shoulder mini bags that have come back this season.  Safely pop it over your shoulder, enabling you to do the champers-canape-serviette-shake-hands-or-air-kiss-juggle without wearing it all down your new frock. (I know you’re nodding your head here and remembering the beetroot dip incident of 2006 … or is that just me?)

Luisa Clare bow bag gold $129

Nail these four fashion essentials and I can almost guarantee you’ll avoid any embarrassing photos showing up on Facebook or Twitter … I said almost.  I can’t actually control what goes down when you get that glint in your eye as you spy the photocopier.  But, what’s your party fashion secret?  Spill below, I’d love to know. 

And I know you want more, so check out my party beauty essentials here.

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