Fabulous Friday video style tip: November 19, 2010

Nikki ParkinsonFashion 8 Comments

Welcome to your Fabulous Friday style tip … something on the video to think about before the weekend.  This week I’m stating my case for the maxi dress – your go-to summer dress.  It’s no wonder this style continues to show up season after season.

And here’s a maxi look I’m loving at Trenery right now:

Trenery Crop Linen Jacket $179; Mitred Stripe Maxi Dress $149; Abby Cut Out Sandal $99. www.trenery.com.au

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  1. Love a maxi!

    I know winter isn’t on your radar at the moment. It’s just that it’s getting seriously cold here in the UK, and I would freeze to death in the party dresses the magazines are featuring. How are you meant to frock up when it’s frigging cold? Any archives you can point me to? Thank you!!

    1. Ahh, I hear you. It astounds me that party dresses for winter look the same as party dresses for summer. My advice would be to check with where you are going to see if they’ve amped up the central heating and invest in a “going out” coat (I got one in cream this year for that purpose) to get you to and from.

      1. Good thinking, thanks. Everywhere is heated but I’m usually still cold from getting there (until the wine kicks in). My coat is great but a giant doona really, albeit with zip and sleeves. So maybe I should be thinking of the coat, not the dress.

        Hmmmmm. A warm coat that doesn’t make me look like a big marshmellow. A challenge, but not impossible.

        Thanks again!

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