Want to conceal your cleavage? Snap on a Bstring

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A what you ask?  A Bstring.  An ingenious clothing invention designed to easily attach to your bra so those low cut tops don’t appear so low cut.

Bstring (cutely packaged an $19.95 each)

That is, of course, if you don’t want them to reveal so much.  I know a lot of women are are very happy and confident to get the girls out there.  And good luck to them, I say.

Without Bstring

Others – particularly in certain situations – prefer to exercise a little discretion.

With Bstring

So, how does the Bstring work?

Each Bstring ($19.95 each … they come in black or white and one size fits most) is a v-shaped piece of fabric that secures to your bra and basically gives the illusion that you’ve layered another top underneath the low-cleavage top.

So why not layer instead?  Because sometimes we don’t want the extra bulk and warmth that comes from layering a cami underneath a top (plus they can ride up unless you tuck them into your knickers like your Nana made you when you were four … or was that just me?).

It’s one of those, “why didn’t I think of it first?” inventions.  Luckily, Sunshine Coast-based Christine Jackson did.  And she’s garnered a lot of media attention for her patent.


Styling You would love to give FOUR lucky readers the chance to win a Bstring.  Simply leave a comment below letting me know why your cleavage needs covering.

[Thanks for entering, the winners selected via random.org are Michelle, Sharon, Fiona and Suzanna Agar]

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  1. Mine needs covering, because it just does ,i have stopped wearing strappy dresses beacause  i dont like the girls poking out and flashing everyone i meet so this would be great.

  2. Love this idea!! Can’t wait to try this out myself, I keep rejecting clothes based on the fact that they show off my ‘puppies’. Too hot in QLD to wear cami in the middle of summer, so I wear t-shirts and look ‘daggy’ instead of standing out!

  3. I absolutely hate getting cleavage sunburn in summer – the red stripe across your chest can really limit your wardrobe top-options

  4. i used to love getting the girls out (haha) and still do sometimes, but now i am a mum its too hard to look after my bubba and watch im not showing too much cleavage! the B-String is perfect! i leave it attached to my favourite bra and use it nearly everyday. cant wait to get another bstring in a different colour!

  5. A BSTRING is just what I need!! I have lots of cute little tops with low necklines, that I never feel comfortable to wear now that Im at home running around with my two little girls. A BString would be a great way to expand my wardrobe with out buying new clothes.

  6. Woohoo…no more double layers in the maximum humidity of summer! I’ll definitely be after one of each…here’s hoping they’re eventually going to come in every colour!!

  7. As a breastfeeding Mumma, some days you never know if you’ll be elegantly hinting at cleavage or working at hooters – BString sounds like a wonderful idea!

  8. It’s actually for my wife as I don’t want other males staring into the cavernous depths of her more than ample cleavage; that’s only for me.

  9. Eventually the time arrives when we have to concede that a wrinkly decollatage is not alluring. And yet we may not be ready to resign ourselves to matronly dresses. This is where the Bstring allows us to enjoy fashion without sacrificing dignity.

  10. I’m a grandmother and I prefer to be a little modest; I have a couple of yummy silky summer jackets but don’t want to wear much underneath. The B-string is perfect! Also brilliant for a floppy fronted dress and my low cut Tee-hoodie. Love them.

  11. I love my B-strings – especially in summer when I wear my strappy tops and dont want to have to wear double layers. I have a black and white one…please can we get some other colours too??

  12. Great idea! My problem is normally at home as I have various people coming and going and really don’t like layering as it gets hot and bothersome. I would buy one of each colour.

  13. Cleavage? Wha?

    Oh wait, I can think of one top I have, that is completely NOT suitable for work, but I would dearly love it to be… plus I could always remove the bstring fo friday night drinks!

  14. V neck and scoop neck tops are so much more flattering for curvy big busted women than higher necklines. Unfortunately that means that a bit of cleavage is shown inadvertantly. I love that the B String can be retro fitted to all my necklines! I can’t believe that I didn’t think of it before. I do have a draw of various camis but you are right they ride up and are hot and uncomfortable in summer. Great news!

  15. I don’t buy low cut tops for this very reason, I dont want the world seeing me… erm… assets! I am forever spilling out of dresses, like my new Peter Morrissey dress, I was contemplating wearing it backwards, so I don’t have to safety pin it!

  16. I am all for showing off your assets, however, there are certain occasions – family gatherings, for example – when you don’t really want the girls out for public viewing. I often wear camis under certain tops and dresses and in Queensland, it’s downright ridiculous. A B-string would be the answer! Hooray for the inventors of the B-string for taking this from a ‘wouldn’t it be good if…’ idea to actually doing it!

    1. Hi, for girls with a fuller bust, it’s hard to get a nice neckline without falling out of the V… AND especially now the hotter weather is here it’s just too hot to layer.. After spending 15 minutes sewing a ‘V’ piece of material into my V neck dress on Saturday, I’m absolutely sold on B string and I’m getting B strings, one in every colour. xx Suzanne

    2. I don’t have a fuller bust – and for that reason I love the b-string. Now I can buy all those great summer dresses that are just that little bit to low and I don’t have to sweat it out under a cami. Thanks Christine!

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