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Do you have a “where were you when the first Stella McCartney for Target range landed in store?”  I do.  I was working as a fashion editor at my local newspaper, which came in as a very handy excuse as to why I wasn’t at my desk at 9am on that Monday morning. 

Stella McCartney for Target French blue lace dress $199

I’d dropped off my yougest son to his daycare mum and made the big kids get the bus, thinking I’d have to fight others at Sunshine Plaza to get my hands on the one or two items I wanted to buy (ahhemm, I mean, to cover the colour and the excitement of the launch for the next day’s paper).    Here’s what I reported (… after I finished at the layby counter):   

Me reporting on the last Stella McCartney for Target launch for The Sunshine Coast Daily

To be honest I was disappointed there wasn’t any of the pushing and shoving shenanigans that went on in stores in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Maybe this time, things will be different. 

That’s right, I said, THIS TIME. 

Unless you’ve been hiding under a bloody big fashion rock for the past couple of weeks, you will of course know that Stella M is back lending her style to Target so that we mere mortals can get a taste of her design holiness. 

Mark this date in your diary, now, girls:  Friday, October 29, 2010.  Yes, that’s right.  You have just over a week to pre-plan your purchases and shopping strategy. 

The Stella McCartney Designers for Target collection showcases more than 40 pieces, including accessories that start at $20.  Sizing is from 6-16. The collection incorporates key themes from her recent runway collections but also some garments created exclusively for Target. 

The colour palette is pared back, there’s a sense of elegant minimalism to the silhouettes but a strong attention to detail.    

My faves are the French blue lace dress ($199); Tulip-shaped trench with tie belt in navy or off white ($249); Print bow gathered dress ($149); and the Love bangles ($29 each). 

Stella McCartney for Target 2010 Tulip-shaped trench with tie belt in navy or off white ($249)

If I had to narrow it down to one piece (and let’s face it, I probably will have to), my money’s on the Tulip-shaped trench (pictured above).

 “This collection is really much more about evening, much more luxurious,” Stella said.  “We addressed daywear specifically with the last collection and with this one we focused much more on cocktail styles that can also adapt to day wear.” 

The Stella McCartney for Target collection will be available in Target’s 102 stores throughout Australia.   The full collection is only available at certain stores.  Check on the website for which ones.

Stella McCartney for Target 2010 Print bow gathered dress ($149)

Check out the entire lookbook (with prices) here and tell me what you’re putting on your shopping wishlist. 

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  1. If you expect locals to support you as a business owner on the Sunshine Coast, well wouldn’t you recommend local independent businesses? Instead of multi-national corporations..
    Haven’t you heard about the economy retail crisis?
    Do you really think it’s affecting MYER and TARGET?
    Why would you recommended corporations worth billions of dollars, and here is your community struggling with shops closing down around us.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I am an avid support of independent businesses on the Sunshine Coast – and beyond. I blog about those businesses, take customers to their stores and regularly give word of mouth recommendations. My very happy client list is testimony to that. As a reporter of fashion and beauty in Australia it’s a newsworthy event that this collection is being launched in store. Unfortunately you’ve chosen not to indicate your name with this comment, otherwise, I’d happily phone you and talk to you.

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