Are you a sexy mother? Or sexy mother-to-be?

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You Sexy Mother author Jodie Hedley-Ward

When Jodie Hedley-Ward coined the phrase “You Sexy Mother” – the title of her first book – she wanted mums to do one thing every day that makes them feel good about themselves and hopefully a teeny bit sexy.

Now, I know, if you’re currently crazily sleep deprived and lucky to make it out of your pyjamas, let alone into saucy underwear, then you’re probably screaming expletives at me right now

But before you click off this post, find a little spot in your fuzzy subconscious for this little bit of information.

I’ve got three kids (one five-year-old and two teenagers) and I can tell you with a little bit of credibility that the crazy, hazy days of early motherhood do pass.  Sure, they’re replaced by tantrums and tears (and that’s just from me!) but at some point you do start to claw back a little of yourself.

So, Jodie, is an incredibly sexy mum of two.  But she didn’t just get to that point overnight.  That’s the point of her books, You Sexy Mother, You Sexy Mother The Journal, and her latest (with Terri Irwin’s personal trainer Kel Johnson), YSM Body Bible. They’re all road maps, if you like, designed to help you find your inner sexiness … at your own pace.

The You Sexy Mother books

For some of us it might take a little longer to connect the dots, but for others, they excel from the moment they find out they’re pregnant.

Which leads me to Jodie’s latest venture.

She’s teamed up with global maternity lingerie brand, HOTmilk, as a guest blogger on the brand’s newly launched site.

The Sunshine Coast-based author is going to be writing about “inspirational, relevant and transformational topics for those who want to look and feel good throughout their pregnancy and beyond”.

HOTmilk’s philosophy is to empower women around the world to maintain their sensuality and femininity through the wearing of sexy maternity lingerie.

“The philosophy behind HOTmilk is the same as the cornerstone of You Sexy Mother … the idea that sexy comes from the inside out,” says Jodie.

HOTmilk She was seemingly unaware bra $64.90; french knicker $29.90

So, did you look this hot when you were pregnant?  I didn’t.  What do you do every day to make you feel sexy? 

[Thanks so much for entering … the winner thanks to is Veggie Mama.]


And if you live in Brisbane you may want to get along to the launch of YSM Body Bible on November 25.

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  1. I love using Twenty 8 Essential oil blends, each morning to help awaken my skin and senses. It’s a few minutes of heaven each day!! That helps me to feel sexy and inspired to face the day! I love Instant calm blend and Romance and Intimacy.

  2. I think the most important thing to feel sexy is to feel good about yourself and to feel happy in yourself – I have to admit I don’t feel sexy everyday, but I can feel sexy when I look healthy and not too chubby. I have 2 sons (4 and 5) and we are having a third bubba – I definitely didn’t look like the photo above in my first 2 pregnancies, and I would LOVE to with this one 😀 Thanks!

  3. I always use pretty moisturisers and body butters so my skin is soft and I smell delicious! Makes me feel good even if my clothes don’t fit, I’m tired, or a bit ordinary 🙂

  4. My daughter is 11 and I am due baby number 2 in April. My first pregnancy I wore my partners clothes and slobbed around. This time I have bought lots of lovely clothes for my expanding tum, I use Coral Moon oil on my body & bump each night it makes me feel devine. My Husband loves his pregnant wife, and the fact that my little bump gets to him for a cuddle before the rest of me does ;o) I’m walking along the beach each day and am eating so well, this time I love being pregnant and am revelling in each glorius moment. Oh, and enjoying as much me time as I can before babys arrival…..

  5. I didn’t look sexy at all during my pregnancy… but for the first time in my life I felt it. The previously flabby tummy was all taught and hard – the closes I’ll get to rock hard abs!

  6. The thing that makes me feel sexy everyday is exercise, even just a brisk walk helps me to feel good about my body, releases endorphins and thus helps get me in the sexy kind of mood 😉

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