Saucy & Lucille make a splash with flirty, feminine swimwear

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What do you get when you put two sisters – one a chef; one a marketing guru – together? A new swimwear label, that’s what!  Now, that may not seem like the most logical combination but read on.  Styling You chats to one of the duo – Louisa (Lucille) Honan – about the soon-to-be-launched label, Saucy & Lucille.   

Saucy and Lucille Vespa Denim Raspberry Belle Bandeau $75; Rasberry Belle ruffle pant $75; Ruffle Me Up Polka Dot pant $75; Ruffle Me Up Polka Dot Bandeau $75

What are your backgrounds? 

After 14 years of running highly successful restaurants from Mooloolaba to Caloundra (on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast), my sister Sally has branched out into her “other” passion  – FASHION!  With my background in fashion design, events and marketing, I am coming along for the ride. Thus, we a forming a sisterly duo that has a mix of passion, knowledge and a determination to put Queensland on the map for high-level fashion. Who says you can’t  run a fashion empire from Caloundra? 

Have you always wanted to work together?  

We have always shared the same taste and sense of style – often turning up in the same outfits though we lived two hours apart and had no idea the other had the same outfit. This dream has been a long one in the making and has finally come to fruition for us. After discussing and dreaming of a fashion empire over many a champagne over the last 10 years, we decided it was now or never. With the addition of Sally’s swimwear store in her beachside restaurant at Caloundra, it seemed the perfect opportunity to let our creative juices flow and consolidate our sisterly partnership in the industry we both love.  We are both girly girls who like to dress up and who believe there is no such thing as being overdressed or over the top.  We love really girly things like dresses and ribbons and flowers and frills. We love being women and the launch of our range is our way of celebrating femininity and the power of sisterhood. 

What do you bring to the design process that complements the other?  

The best part of our designing sister duo is that we have completely different body shapes. Sally has a lean athletic physique. She likes her swimwear  Brazillian style, so a little skimpy in the bottom matched with bandeau and one shoulder  bikini tops . I, on the other hand, have a curvier female form, so I favour designs with a focus on keeping the curvy lines clean and in proportion.  You’ll find good support in the bust and bikini bottoms that actually keep you in. We hope to cater for women across this spectrum which is why our mix and match bikini bottoms and tops offer a great deal more options then your average range. You pick what suits your body. 

Why swimwear?  

Swimwear can be as awful to buy as a pair of jeans.  We wanted to change that.  This is the land of sun surf and sand.  Women should be out their enjoying themselves not feeling self conscious. We wanted to bring back some of the fun and frivolity of the old fashioned bathers and empower women to feel as good as they look. When you live in a coastal area in Queensland, you find yourself more often then not down by the beach.  We wanted a range that would take us from the beach, out to lunch and off to the shops without much fuss.  We have designed a range of swimwear that we wanted to wear ourselves and we are now excited to share our unique girly style with everyone. 

Describe a Saucy and Lucille customer?  

Our customer is intensely feminine, romantic and playful.  Saucy & Lucille is about having fun being a woman, and riding that fine female line between being saucy and sweet.  It’s about choosing when you want to be the minx and when you want to be the lady. Think Marilyn Monroe mixed with Audrey Hepburn, think Katherine Hepburn mixed with Lucille Ball. Our customer is not defined by her age but by her personality –  she just knows what she likes and what looks good on her body and has the confidence to dress in what she loves and what makes her feel good. She embraces her femininity and celebrates being a real woman. 

What makes your swimwear so covetable?  

Its uniqueness and its playfulness!  We intend only to make very small quantities in each style so when the range is sold out it is gone.  Each piece in any range will only have six to 10 sizes available. There is truly nothing worse then having 100 people in your swimmers at the same beach.  We also offer a customised swimwear service.  So if you love something from our range and it does not quite fit, we will measure it up and redesign it for you (as long as we have the fabric to do so) . If you are loving a pair of swimmers but are expecting – we can customise the swimwear so it works in with your mother-to-be needs. Our boutique collection is affordably priced with items ranging from $100 – $150 for full pieces and mix’n’match bikini tops and bottoms. 

Where will is it stocked?  

Our initial launch range is being stocked at Bathe at Saltwater – this is Sally’s swimwear store located in her beachside restaurant, Saltwater at Kings Beach, Caloundra. We will also be selling the full range of Saucy and Lucille swimwear through our online store  For the future we are looking to find a small selection of boutiques Australia wide to stock our swimwear exclusively in their area.   We are not looking to mass produce and be in department stores. We want our swimwear to be different and unique.  We are looking for retailers who share our approach to having fashion pieces that are a bit special. 

What are you waiting for?  Dive in and take a look at the collection … (and if you’d like to buy a ticket to the label’s launch on September 11, click here)   


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    A word from the designers re sizing if you’re ordering online:
    “Sizing is standard – But I would advise to go up a size as oppose to down a size if unsure.In some styles with alot of the frills (Belle style) I would advise to go up a size as the level of ruffles and stiching across the lycra does not allow as much stretch across the body.”

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