New season, new trends. What’s your pick?

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Up here in Queensland we had a little bit of a “Spring-tease” at the weekend. It was all very lovely and warm but it did cause me to have a little wardrobe conniption (not least because I’ve not had a spray tan since donning tights back in May) but because I had planned an outfit for a friend’s girly birthday lunch around it being crispy and fresh.

And it was anything but. It was 27 degrees … way too hot for killer boots and a trench coat. I did find a flowy kaftan dress that worked but it got me thinking. What will I want to wear in just one month’s time when winter is well and truly over anywhere north of the Tweed River?

According to Country Road, it will be one of three hot trends:

TRIBAL LUXE: Tribal embellishments meet cargo cool as animal inspired prints and khaki sportswear define the new urban bohemian. Accessorise with a studded pouch bag or textured clutch.

Wardrobe must: a dress with a graphic or digital print design

Country Road Tribal Luxe - August 2010

MODERN NAUTICAL: Dip into an ocean of blues in the urban nautical story. Take leave in washed denim, striped cardigans and relaxed piped blazers, paired with authentic cotton chinos or vintage shorts. Time out should be as cool as it is comfortable.

Wardrobe must: a loose-fitting striped tee

Country Road Urban Nautical - August 2010

BOOT CAMP: Kick off summer with the spirit of adventure. Modern military influences call for an urban safari sojourn as flap pocket anoraks, fine mesh knits and cargo fatigues form the new metropolitan uniform.

Wardrobe must: soft-tailored shorts in olive or stone

Country Road Boot Camp - August 2010

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