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Karen Walker Bell Earrings (9ct Gold) $892

It won’t surprise you to know that I spend  A LOT of time online.  I call it research.  Others may call it obsessive.  Whatever you call it (and by the very fact that you’re here and reading this I suspect you fall into the research category), I love it when my “research” unearths little gems.

I first stumbled across HoneyHoney earlier this year when I was alerted via Twitter to its Butter London range of nail colours.  This WA-based online shopping site differs from others because of the very nature of the luxe and quirky products it sources from around the world and sells.

In fact, you’ll find plenty to browse … from new, retro and vintage fashion and accessories from across the globe.  HoneyHoney is the brainchild of “Queen Bee” Fiona Kalaf, who understands her customers’ needs for new and exciting pieces.

From those (Butter London) chemical-free nail lacquers from Seattle; quirky notebooks from Sweden; whimsical jewellery from New Zealand; leather luxe accessories from New York; organic cotton from Kenya; and, retro-cool sunnies from the UK, you are guaranteed a lust-have online shopping experience.

These new luxe accessories have just arrived …

Fiona Paxton Harley Necklace $385; Como Chainmail Necklace $415

Angel Jackson Studded Sequin Satchel $465

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