Get Nude this spring/summer 2010 … it’s all in the shade

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As a stylist, I’m often asked if I “do” people’s colours.  The short answer is no. 

Yes, I do believe that certain colours suit certain skin and hair tones but I don’t think people should be restricted to choosing fashion based on a swatch of eight summer or winter colours.  Where does it leave you if those colours are not in fashion?

Frustrated, that’s where.  And frustration is something I like to help clients remove from their clothes shopping equation.  I want them to be armed with the confidence to know what really suits them so that they can confidently shop for garments they’ll actually wear … and feel amazing in.

And confidence comes in many different colours.

For some of my clients that confidence comes from wearing black, greys, taupes and whites.  For others it comes from beautiful shades of purple and red.  Some like to mix it up.  And that’s ok.

And then the fashion world throws at us a tricky colour to mix into our wardrobe.  This spring, that’s nude.  All shades of it, from soft skin, champagne and blush tones through to earthy beiges and gold. There really is a nude for you.  It’s just a matter of trial and error (and possibly a spray tan) to find the one for you.

Light skin tones should opt for more of a rosey, pinky shade, where as darker tones can go seek out a taupe.  Just steer clear of a nude tone that is exactly the shade of your skin.

It’s definitely a feminine shade and well suited to the current trend of draped garments.   Steer clear of fitted nude garments, because, well … you will look … nude.

Play around with different tones of nude.  Sometimes a shimmer on nude will work better, as will combining a nude top with a statement scarf or necklace. Work nude back and layer with greys and black if your nude of choice is “washing” you out. 

And if all else fails, the best way to embrace nude this season is with a pair of nude shoes. Nude shoes (no matter what their design) have the beautiful effect of toning in with your skin and visually lengthening your legs.  What’s not to love about that?

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