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I’ve known Queensland fashion designer Sacha Drake for many years now.  She’s long worn the title of Brisbane’s Frock Queen but in recent years it’s her passion for helping women embrace and flaunt their body shape that has brought Sacha even more attention.  

Sacha’s label does produce seasonal ranges – as well as her Stretch Essentials and Ultimate Black Dress collections – but the seasonal ranges are not designed at the mercy of current trends.  Sure, they give a nod to the latest styles but Sacha has always produced collections that are first and foremost fabulously feminine – and usually forgiving!  

Now you can visit the Sacha Drake website and find body shape notes on each and every design as well as a fantastic Custom Fit Search that, once you’ve filled in a few key details, can lead you to the perfect frock or frocks for you and the occasion you need one for.

Here are just six designs to whet your appetite for Spring 2010 … complete with body shape tips.  

Best for Apple body shapes


Marni Dress $275. Specifically designed for Apple Shape – blousing sits right on hips - taking advantage of Apple Shape’s best feature = slim hip.

Aviva Dress $199. Specifically designed to balance Apple Body Shape. Wide bat sleeve and direction of print draws attention to Apple Shape’s best feature = slim hip. Shorter length shows off slim legs.

 Best for Pear body shapes

This dress suits all body shapes – particularly Pear because flared A-line skirt, fabric skims rather than cling to hip and bottom.

Chatty Dress $229. This dress actually has an A-line skirt which is great for Pear Shapes but the direction of the black vertical panels create the illusion of a slimmer, more hourglass frame.

 Best for Hourglass body shapes

Antigone Dress plus Star Brooch $249. The asymmetrical neckline draws attention to the face and balances out the hip.

Allegra Dress $299. The asymmetrical neckline and stripes draw attention up the body to your face, adding height. The tie cinches in the waist, making the voluminous silk fold down to nothing.

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