A Carefree life … or just 30 minutes … I wish

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This is the story of my attempt late on Saturday afternoon to steal a quiet 30 minutes to myself.  With the emphasis being on quiet.  And the hope that I’d actually get 60.

It’s a scenario played out so regularly in most homes inhabited by small and large children that most mums I know don’t even bother.  They just open the wine.

But I had been sent a little parcel of self-indulgence as motivation.  The parcel from Carefree Flexia tampons included, well yes, tampons, but also vanilla bath salts, a candle, chocolates and a t2 tea bag … and was packaged thus:

My Carefree Flexia gift pack

The package was calling to me as I walked past my desk.  I looked around and surprisingly all three kids were amusing themselves in separate rooms {thereby minimising potential for niggling and fighting} and husband was making the dinner.  The little voice inside my head was screaming, “quick, make your move NOW”. {The same voice also told me to ditch the tea bag and pour a glass of sauv blanc … just saying}

So I made a run for it.  Into the bathroom {our only bathroom!} with my wine, bath salts and candle.  And here’s where I made my first big mistake.

I shut the door.

Bad move. Very bad move.

With one seemingly innocent act I had alerted the four other members of our household to the fact that I was in fact trying to achieve TIME TO MYSELF.

Swigging down that glass of vino,  I firmly {oh, all right, my cranky pants voice came out} informed all who came to see what I was “up to” that I was working.  That I had to experience 30 minutes by myself to write a blog about it for the good people at Carefree.  And could they please just bugger off.

That didn’t work. 

I counter-attacked by putting on an organic face mask from the gorgeous girls at Twenty8.  I love their Nourishing Clay Treatment mask – and the effect it has  on my skin – but when applied it does have a lovely baby poo colour to it.  PERFECT for scaring away bothersome family members.

Twenty8 Nourish Clay Treatment Mask $48. www.twenty8.com

Ahhh … peace at last.

With my wine topped up by the husband and the candle lit, all that was left for me to do was to lie back and imagine …

Imagine that I lived in this house:

Our new home ... well it will be when Boystown ring next week.

And imagine that this was the bath that I was soaking in:

My dream bath ...

Life would definitely be Carefree.

PS.  The choccies didn’t go with my sauv blanc but they did go down a treat after the kids had gone to bed later that night.

PPS.  Leave a comment below and tell me how you would spend a Carefree 30 minutes if you had it?

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  1. Thirty minutes?!?! I’d love that long.I had to laugh at the door closing bit, because my two year old son has bionic hearing when I close the door! If I did ever get thirty minutes, I would love a bath – specially because we don’t have one in our little cottage…with candles, music and a good book!

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  2. Ha! There’s no one and nothing as stealthy as a mother trying to sidle away for a quick 30 minutes of peace. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…. As for what I would do? In 30 minutes? Have a hot cup of tea and sit on the deck in the sunshine. Wherever it’s gone.

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  3. I can’t believe you shut the door. What. Were. You. Thinking?

    Counter-intuitive as it is, I now perform my morning ablutions with the door wide open. Nobody bothers me. It might have something to do with the smell…

    As for a Carefree 30 minutes? I’d spend it in bed, with a good book and a glass of champagne. No, make that a bottle and a straw.

  4. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a nice warm bubble bath right now! With my last two pregnancies, my husband would run me a bath, make it all bubbly and delicious smelling, surround the bath with candles and give me a juice to sip… This time around I seem to have missed out and not had a single bath 🙁

    1. Becky, third pregnancies, like third children just seem to happen with a minimum of fuss and they (and you) just get on with it. Just ask my youngest to show you his baby book. He’s so desperate for it to be filled that he points to the images printed on the page and asks, “was that our dog?” or “was that me as a baby?”. LOL … sometimes I say yes.

  5. Kids have a sixth sense about these things don’t they! Muffin gets in the car and says “I smell something” picking up on any morsel of food or mint that may have been consumed through the course of the day.

    If I got a parcel like that every month, I’d be a lot more pleasant 🙂

  6. Hunny that is the best blog! And I am sure every mother out there relates! Advice:

    Firstly… Dont shut any doors hunny, go a la naturele! A naked mother with karitane poo yellow mask on armed with alcohol would work a treat – especially if they have friends over!

    Secondly… Dont just pour a glass – take the whole bottle in and threaten lives should anyone bother you…

    And thirdly… well if you follow one and two there wont be a 3!!

    Love your work hunny… and ditto to the above! We had our 30 Carefree minutes by leaving home and working in Sydney for the week! Now that was me time!!

  7. If i had 30 minutes to myself i would do NOTHING would love to have that time to catch my breath and think !!! we have baths !!! but the catch is the only time i have bubbles is with two little cheeky monkey’s as i run one and being a working mother they all come running and i feel guilty so we all end up in there barbie dolls duckies you name it ( the girls love it !! ) but i do dream of a day that i could have one alone with candles and treats !!! maybe at midnight !!! i could start a trend !! yes but there is nothing like a relaxing bath ( when we used to go away !! the first thing i would do when we checked in was have a bath nothing better to settle in !! ) xx bel

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  8. I received one of the carefree packs too.. the choccies were nice but I haven’t had a chance to use the bath salts or candle yet :S and we have a spa bath!!! By night time rolls around I am usually too tired to even contemplate having a bath…. must make time for me though!
    Had to laugh about baby poo mask… I have the cloth masks and the kids think I look like a mummy mummy! lol
    If I had 30 minutes free, I would read my magazines I have piled on the coffee table! Hmm ok that might take longer than 30 minutes…

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      Kellie – get thee to your spa bath. We used to have one in our old house (we sacrificed space, a second bathroom and a spa bath to be closer to the beach!) and didn’t use it enough. Funny what you miss when you don’t have one. Oh, I’ve done those masks too – they have a similar scary effect to ward off children and advances from husbands :;

  9. ha ha your blog made me laugh 🙂 Well … unfortunately I don’t even have a bath up here in Newman … but if I had 30 minutes to myself (without Mr W’s 2 dogs slobbering and jumping all over me) … I think I’d grab my ipod and one of the many mags I’ve bought over the past 2 wks and escape to backyard wtih a glass of wine … apparently I have to make the most of the fresh air now, because the flies and heat are due any minute!! xx
    ps … can I please book a guest room in your new mansion?

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      iPod, wine and mags … sounds great, Kate. And oh, the guest room is fab in the new house. (Has it’s own entry, ensuite and overlooks pool) My daughter has claimed it but she has been told she’d have to sleep in the media room if anyone came to stay 🙂

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