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What do you get when you put 25 bloggers (and their guests) in a confined space surrounded by wall-to-wall displays of beauty treats? Sheer girlie madness, that’s what. An that’s just the scene I encountered on arrival at the Benefit Boutique (Paddington, Sydney) at lunch time on Sunday.  It was filled with excited women being preened, primped, lashed and browed in a well-executed beauty production line.   

Cosmetic heaven ... Benefit boutique, Paddington, NSW

Cosmetic heaven ... Benefit boutique, Paddington, NSW

This was the pre-event for the main event, organised by Sydney PR firm, Maxted Thomas.   I’d flown in that morning and rendezvoused with fellow blogger and Twitter-pal, Melbourne-based Kellie McCurdy {aka Mummy of Style and Substance pictured below}, at the airport.  We brunched with blogger Sam Winter {aka Sassi Sam} before cabbing it to Benefit and handing ourselves over to be “Benefied”.        

Me and Kellie McCurdy (aka Mummy of Style and Substance)

Less than an hour later, we’re on an orange mini-bus heading to hair guru, Brad Ngata’s salon in Surry Hills.  I am the proverbial kid in a candy shop.  I’m handed a calico tote and a champagne and next thing I know, I’m seated and Brad is wielding a pair of ghds through my hair.         

Brad Ngata wields his ghds

Photo op over and I’m onwards and upwards, negotiating the narrow terrace staircase that leads straight into a talk by the Nivea team on its Q10 range {I return later to hear about its new sunscreen – which has this Queenslander very excited}.      

The Nivea team talks Ultra Beach Protect SPF 30+

Trilogy and Jane Iredale are sitting side by side in the adjoining room.  Girls are being introduced to the Jane Iredale Dream Tint {THE best tinted mineral moisturiser around} and at Trilogy we discover that this company may be famous for its Certified Organic Rosehip Oil but that it has so much more to offer, including a new Sensitive Skin range I’m about to road test.  

Bloggers get the mineral makeup treatment from Jane Iredale

Back down another narrow staircase and it’s time for fabulous taupe coloured nails from the Orly team {I CANNOT believe the power of Orly’s Won’t Chip top coat.  I still don’t have a chip and that’s unheard of for me.} before my final schuzzing from the mobile “Benebabes”.  One of the gorgeous girls comments as she spritzes on a new Crescent Row fragrance that I need to be going out to dinner that night but, alas, my date is with Virgin Blue and a plane ride back to my real life …  

Fully Benefied!

… but I do have a LOT of “candy” to play with over the next few days.    

Lots of goodies to try out ... tough job, I know x

Stay tuned … I’ll be reporting back with my fave beauty finds from the event.  You know, just so you know what’s worth spending your cash on.  

{Oh a PS.  A big shout out to some of the lovely bloggers I got to meet and say hi in 3D too – wish we’d had more time to chat – Mrs Woog, Ms Critique, Am I There Yet, Pink Diva Beauty Spot, As Seen In, Ponikuta and Wordsmithlane – I love that the blogging community offers a great network for everyone.}  

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