Fabulous Friday July 9: What’s made your week?

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Welcome to Fabulous Friday.  Every week, I share a little about my week, the good stuff (I’m not into the negative), a little retail therapy and a few fun moments.  Then it’s your turn.  What made your week?  Did you find a fashion bargain?  See a great movie?  Read an inspirational book?  Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

I’ve sort of been on a break this week.  I say sort of because when you a sole operator, it’s a little bit difficult to step away mid-year.  And I also use the term break quite loosely as anyone who’s been enjoying the joy that is school holidays knows that having the kids at home (ie, in the office!) knows that it’s not all movie outings and ice-cream.  In fact, if I had my hibernating way (and it’s been hibernating weather this week), I’d be at home all day watching DVDs, sipping hot chocolates and enjoying every minute in my fluffy bed socks.  But it’s a known fact that small children do not share this view.

This is a conversation that could have gone down in our house this week (oh, all right, you got me … it did):

Flynn: Mum, when are you getting out of bed?

Me:  Five more minutes.

(Five minutes later) Flynn:  Mummmm, can I please have some breakfast?

At this point, I do relent, as it’s … well … it IS nearly 8am (oops).  I get up, put fluffy socks on. Put load of washing on.  Congratulate myself on achieving this task.  Make Flynn ham on toast and a warm honey drink (I’m a push over on holidays).  Switch on computer.

Flynn:  Mum, step away from the computer.

Me:  I just need to send these emails.  Five more minutes.

Flynn:  Mum, it was your choice yesterday (we had an exciting, not to mention educational, trip to the bank, post office and supermarket). Today is all about ME!  You need to get in the shower and do your makeup.  We’re going to the toy shop so I can spend my dollars (he had been given $20 by his visiting great uncle and aunty from the UK and he was quite concerned – rightly so – that I’d already spent it the day before).

Did I mention that Flynn, my youngest, is just two weeks shy of five years old?  I’m in big trouble with this one.  My eldest son turned 15 on Sunday and the only trouble he gave me was the concern that his friends are clearly too polite and considerate.  He had five mates over for a night of gaming but out of concern for their parents (not my beauty sleep at all!) I suggested they switch off at 2.30am.  And they did.  And then they cleaned their teeth before going to bed!  Excuse me, did they not read the teenage boy manual? 

This week wasn’t all about the kids.  No, I actually dressed up twice and did a giant happy dance around the lounge room once.

The happy dance?

On Monday morning, I found out my written submission had passed the judges’ scrutiny in the Sunshine Coast Business Woman of the Year Awards and I was announced as one of eight finalists in the micro/small business category.  To say I was excited may have been just a wee bit of an understatement, hence the happy dance.  Next step is the panel interview on July 19 and then the big night on August 14.

My dress up occasions?

Tuesday night:  The White House Celebrations team hosted its bi-monthly On the Red Carpet networking event at Maselli Deli in Kawana.  I love these events (and not just because I was guest of honour at the first one last year!) because they really do know how to celebrate people.  This night was no exception – four young Sunshine Coast businessmen had an afternoon of bar hopping and massages before a limo ride to the venue and a red carpet arrival in front of 80 people. 

Thursday night:  Faye Rolph Models hosted a new-season showcase of fashion and jewellery by rising star designer, Salita Matthews, at its glamorous Sunshine Coast venue.  Salita’s work features this month in Harper’s Bazaar – and for very good reason.  Her neck pieces are simply stunning works of art and work to lift even the most basic tee or top to a fantastic, new fashion level.  I’ll have more about Salita on the blog next week.  If you live in Brisbane, check out her work at The Tribune in the Valley.

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  2. Attracting 92 people to our “On The Red Carpet” event to celebrate four amazing guys was certainly our highlight this week! It is such a buzz to know that you have contributed to four amazing individuals getting well deserved recognition for the contribution they make to the community and businesses within which they operate.

    It was also so great to get soooo much feedback from people about how they really connected with people…sometimes people that they have had on the fringe of their lives for sometime and now have a greater bond. So exciting to be a part of that! Thank you Nikki for being such a large part of that too and inspiring our inner geek with our Live Facebook station xx

  3. On the weekend 4 girls I have never met in person travelled to my town for a weekend celebrating female friendship (newage) creativity, fashion and rural Australia. We did a photoshoot,bonded and had lots of champagne! Definitely an experience I will put in my highlights list for life!!!

  4. WWWwwweeeeellllll…..my highlight was clothing! Just returning from a trip to Bali, I came across this shop that has to die for kids clothing! I found a dress for my daughter to wear to my 40th! Pretty pink sequins top to tail – rose pinks to warm sunset pinks! Lovely……

    But in the joy was a little bit of sad when you are reminded how lucky we all are 🙂 I came back to earth with a thud a few times when I saw some of the poverty and living standards in Bali. So in hindsight, the dress is pretty, but I have alot more to be happy about…friends, family and a pretty darn good old life x x Happy Friday x x

  5. 10 years ago- I started an undergraduate Psychology degree. My kids were 11 and 10 years old then. I got up at 4am every morning to study for a few hours, then got them off to school and went to work. It was a busy time, but it was the best time. And so worth the hard work. I am now writing up my PhD thesis! That is something I never thought I would do-small steps lead you to amazing places don’t they?

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