Lydia Jewels unveils Sex and the City micro collection

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I’ve refrained from sharing my excitement about this week … Sex and the City 2 Week.  But I shall refrain no more. I care not for the panning that so-called critics have given my girls.  I, for one, am very much looking forward to watching it tomorrow night.  

Learning that Lydia Jewels has created a micro collection dedicated to Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte has me even more giddy.

Contemporary jewellery designer Lydia-Jane Saunders has captured the essence of each of the show’s lead characters, creating a statement piece in each’s honour.

The Carrie necklace features a signature long chain and flower pendant.  For Miranda, there’s a hint of Morocco in the silver multi-strand chain earrings with a vibrant green stone.  We all know Samantha loves her jewellery and fashion loud and proud, and the Samantha earrings are just that with a gold leaf designed finished with a black Swaroski crystal.  And for ladylike Charlotte, a charm bracelet with a twist – the charms have been replaced with pearls and enclosed crystals and finished off with a delicate silver bow.

But get in quick … the collection is only available as long as Sex and the City 2 is in cinemas.

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