SATC2 … what’s with the plastic characters on the poster?

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Yesterday, Amy Remeikis* forwarded me the movie poster for Sex and the City 2, which had been forwarded on to her.  She was NOT excited.  This had me initially surprised because Amy is a massive fan.  I say, initially, because once I scrolled down and viewed the object of her disappointment, I understood.  “There is nothing good about this poster.  Kim looks like she is plastic and SJP… seriously?  This is the best they could come up with for what is meant to be an empowering movie about older women living their lives?”  I seconded those fighting words and promptly asked her to expand on it for Styling You readers.  Here are her thoughts … would love to hear yours (leave a comment below).

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*Guest blogger Amy Remeikis is a married, twenty-something, beauty-and-fashion-obsessed journalist, who has swapped newspaper deadlines and police rounds for a year of teaching kids English … in Korea. 

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  1. When I first saw this add I actually wondered if Kim Cattrall had had another hissy fit over salaries and quit. “Who’s that actress they’ve got playing Samantha now?” were the first words out of my mouth…

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