Product review: Aero Minerale Makeup Mist and Mist Mirror

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Guest blogger:  Jodie Mellors, registered nurse, beauty consultant and makeup artist, has just  hit her 40s … shhhh, is married with three children, 21, 18 and 14. She loves being active and participates in a range of activities – cycling is her favourite at present.

Aero Minerale Mist Mirror $15

I was very excited to receive a gorgeous parcel in the form of a bag containing the mist mirror in it and a spray on mineral foundation to try. It was exquisitely packaged. Being a makeup artist I was keen to give this product a try.  The mist mirror is the answer to the fear of spraying skincare and makeup products directly onto the face without getting the products onto the hair. It is a soft, light, polypropylene “mirror” (you hold it like a mirror), place it over the face, moulding it the edge of the hairline. This creates a shield protecting the hairline from the products being sprayed. I found the concept great and can see that it would also be good for spray on spritzers, toners, and foundations. When I sprayed the foundation I found that I had to use a sponge to blend the product back to the hairline.

Aero Minerale Makeup Mist $34.95

Aero mineral makeup mist is a hydrating, liquid mineral foundation in a revolutionary aerosol application that provides flawless, sheer to medium coverage for all skin types. The foundation works by suspending micro-minerals in a water formulation. Once misted over the skin the water evaporates and the minerals disperse over the skin to provide that flawless, “air brushed look”. It is available in 10 shades, simply shake, aim and spray. I decided to try the mist mirror and the aero mineral makeup mist on my daughter. Not used to spraying on foundation I did find it difficult to do and found that my application was not quite even in coverage. This could be due to my lack of expertise with this product and the need for practice. I had to remember to stop spraying and allow her to take a breath. The foundation looked quite thick initially and wet. I found that I had to get a sponge and even out the coverage and also to blend to the hairline and around the chin area. The product was quick drying and the wet look soon settled. I finished off her makeover to see how the end result came up and I didn’t think it looked to bad at all. Though on close inspection you could see foundation was patchy. My daughter said it felt like she hadn’t any foundation on. So it was lightweight to wear.  I was able to create a lovely makeover!

Available nationally through pharmacies and salons and online at

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  1. Great to receive your comments … that’s exactly why I have guest beauty bloggers – real people trying products for the real world. One person’s experience may not be the same as another’s.

  2. I bought one of these foundations last week. Love it!
    The first time I sprayed it i used way too much! It wasnt heavy but it took a while to dry. After a few goes i got the hang of it and now it only takes me a few minutes to apply. I think less is more.
    I go to the gym after work too and it doesnt sweat off which is a bonus! Cant say i find it blotchy. Sometimes if i spray too close i blend with a sponge. Havnt noticed a smell. Mist mirror is awesome!

  3. I tried this last year, a friend sent it over from the states. I used it once and never again. It was far too blotchy for me and smelt quite strong. The end result looks alright when blended with a sponge, but I just didn’t like the whole experience much.

    Great review though, your daughter looks lovely. : ]

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