How does your team stack up in the first impression stakes?

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Are you a manager or a business owner in charge of a team of employees?  Do you and your employees offer the best possible first impression for your business?

If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, then it’s time to take stock.

Your employees are the frontline of your business.  How they dress and present themselves can impact on your company’s success.

It’s not enough to just supply a uniform.  Yes, it’s a starting point in creating a unified look but the process shouldn’t end with a “logoed” shirt.

Staff should feel positive about wearing their uniform.  This will only happen when they feel comfortable and confident in their uniform.

If you work for a major organisation then the uniform is usually determined by the corporate head office.  The plus here is that there are usually a lot of choices available, so each staff member (with access to good advice) can choose garments that fit and flatter.

If you own a small or medium-sized business and are looking at creating a new uniform or updating an existing one, it’s a process that should definitely be taken seriously.

One company I’m currently working with has formed a committee of staff members to ensure that the updated uniform appeals to all within the company. This is crucial when you have staff of varying ages, shapes and sizes. 

Once the uniform has been implemented, I will be conducting a workshop with the 50 staff members to help each of them understand how they can make the best first impression for their company.

That first impression not only depends on a uniform that fits and flatters, it depends on teaming that uniform with impeccable grooming.

Employees are the frontline of your business.  How they present themselves everyday can make a difference to how people perceive your business.

It’s important they make the time each morning to work on that polished look. It doesn’t have to be extreme, just consistent.

Remember, if your staff members are comfortable with how they are dressed and how they are groomed, that shows in their confidence.

It’s that confidence that will earn the respect of their peers and your customers.  Your staff becomes an asset to the business and your company’s brand will continue to grow.

Styling You offers corporate first impressions workshops for your team and Nikki is available to consult on your company’s uniform makeover. 

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  2. I tell all my staff that, what they wear to work, how they act, how they speak to customers, how they stand (their posture), basically everything you do while at work, this all portrays the image of LaVida. I know I have great staff and they try their best.
    I agree with what you say especially, if staff look great, they feel great and feel confident.

  3. To Annabel, Sass and bide and Bettina Liano Jeans are on sale at LaVida. Come in and the staff will help with the fit and style to suit you.

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    Hi Annabel, thanks for dropping by. I agree that your website is so important for your business branding and you’ve done an amazing job with yours. The colour you wore this morning was perfect for that branding – you also looked like yourself which is important for us to connect with you too.

    Thanks for your question. And yes, I think a post is warranted here. In a nutshell, I only spend money on anything if it is the perfect fit, perfect for my personality and perfect for my lifestyle and I apply this principle to bargains and expensive purchases alike. When it comes to jeans you can afford to spend more because you will wear them more often.

    I do like sass & bide and NYDJ jeans – quite opposite ends of the spectrum. One is for fashion; the other is in amazing fabric that makes you look a size smaller and feels like wearing trackies! When searching for jeans do start with speciality chain stores such as Just Jeans and Jeanswest. The staff should be trained in finding the perfect pair for you – and they have the variety in store to match you with those. Good luck and let me know how you go.

  5. Hi Nikki,

    really enjoying your style tips. We work from home with no uniform and our website is generally the first impression people get of us so we keep that looking stylish. When meeting people in person, especially for business looks are so important. I made an effort to put on a clean, smart top for a live web chat I just did and wore red because that’s one of my branded colors. Definitely agree, clothes do make us more confident and also show out personality too. Style tips are much needed and I’d love to spend more time on styling myself:)

    I have a style question for you. Not sure if you could make a post out of it but I want to splash out on a pair of designer jeans as a treat. Normally I buy Gap jeans which are cheaper. Do you think it’s worth splurging in a more expensive label and if so can you recommend one? An Australian label with long legs would be great:)

    Keep up the great blogging and thanks for sharing your tips with us.

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