Fabulous Friday May 7: What’s made your week?

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In honour of my new-look blog, this is my new weekly post, Fabulous Friday.  Every week, I’ll share a little about my week, the good stuff (I’m not into the negative), a little retail therapy and a few fun moments.  Then it’s your turn.  What made your week?  Did you find a fashion bargain?  See a great movie?  Read an inspirational book?  Leave a comment below. 

1.  Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW):  Anyone who’s anyone in fashion and beauty in Australia has been in Sydney this week for RAFW.  I’ve gotten over the fact that clearly I’m not anyone but what’s cheered me up no end has been the constant updates from the “anyones” on Twitter and Facebook.  Was so engrossed the other day/night that I totally forgot that I wasn’t actually in the front row of the Alex Perry show … I was in the front row of my lounge room, does that count? (Stay tuned, I’m currently dissecting all the looks and info from the shows. I’ll bring you your essential Spring/Summer ’10 looks next week so you’ll be front-row ready by September.) 


2.  Buy of the week:   Powderfinger tickets for the band’s final Sunshine Coast show … ever.  Trust me, this felt like winning the Lotto.  It was just days from my husband’s birthday and I had the heads-up on the pre-sale for the event.  The fan club allocation disappeared in minutes, but I thankfully scored through Visa.  Best part was pretending to my husband that we had missed out, and then presenting him with the Ticketek print-out in a box on his birthday.  Good. Wife. I. Am. 


3.  Lust-have of the week:   I’m contemplating investing in a new everyday bag (aforementioned husband doesn’t agree and likes to point out my existing bag collection … which, of course, is SO LAST YEAR). Cannot stop lusting over this handcrafted DeLuca tote by Luisa Clare ($429 plus $10 postage).  Doesn’t help that it’s available for sale in my shop!  Love the bold design of chunky, faceted beading, combined with a striking colour – it’s effortlessly chic but in a size that would be the powerhouse I need it to be to get me through whatever a work day dishes up.  Have I justified this lust-have enough? 


4.  Long, winding roads:  On Tuesday, I drove a very long way for a meeting – 3.5 hours to be precise – and then an hour later I promptly turned around and came back.  Was a great reminder that the world does not end once you drive over the Great Dividing Range – in fact it’s not only beautiful but when you venture beyond your geographical comfort zone you often meet some really lovely people.  This was the case for me – and one even turned out to be a distant relative! 

5.  Love and marriage:  I love a wedding at the best of times but last Sunday was simply one of the most special I’ve been too.  A gorgeous couple, married in an idyllic location, followed by a reception that rocked.  Did I mention they provided a party bus for us to get to there and back?  Thanks Monqiue and Kyle, may your life together continue as it’s begun … with champagne, great friends and bad dancing. 


6.  Happy Mum’s Day:  It’s two more sleeps until Mother’s Day.  My almost-five-year-old son announced yesterday afternoon that he was going to be very busy at pre-prep today.  “I’ve got to make a card and go to the shop by myself with my dollars. I won’t have time to play, Mum.”  Translation:  “Mrs Nicholls has told us boys that we’ll have to focus on a task and not play Ben 10 in the tree with our mates but that’s ok, Mum, because I’ll be able to buy you a really awesome present with the $2 you sent in for me to buy a gift from the Mother’s Day stall, which you and all the other mums donated to.”   

To all my mum readers and those who are lucky enough to be spending the day with their mum, Happy Mother’s Day.  Give the mum in your life a big hug.  She’s SO worth it.

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    Thanks so much everyone for your comments – funny, inspiring and fashionable. This week’s winner is Adrienne. Have a fabulous week and don’t forget to come back here on Friday and leave your comments!

  2. Great week ! Looked after my 71 year old Dad after his cataract surgery, so funny when a parent ‘moves home’ with the daughter and grandkids…..my lovely husband took me to sass and bide in james street and got me a great bodysuit i have been coveting for mothers’day and I followed Therese Rein’s lead and bought a maternity package from unicef to ensure a mum giving birth in a 3rd world country will be safe. ps one more guilty pleasure was buying the new chanel lippie in the colour paris (aka fire engine red), am planning on channeling gwen steffani this winter 😉

  3. Stumbling across a little shop that sells hand blown glass ornaments, jewelery, and accessories, where I found a heavy hand blown mushroom ornament with a luminous pattern within. A strikingly beautiful piece that my children do not yet know they are giving me for mothers day 😉

  4. Waxing, nails, fake tan and hair cut and colour all polished off this week. Next week I’m out for coffees and shopping in Claremont!

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  6. I thought my week was super when I discovered the Bettina Liano section at Sunshine Plaza Myer – I am not hard to please! However I would have to say the highlight this week was yesterday, after 55 minutes of patiently being on hold, I managed to get Splendour in the Grass tickets! I am feeling very lucky 🙂

  7. Good wife she is indeed. Yes, thanks to Nik’s sneaky expertise with the lovely people at Visa, we are off to rock out with Bernard and the Powderfinger boys one last time when they roll into Caloundra for the Music Festival / their last gig on the Coast (time will tell..). Another birthday this week and once again spoiled with love and pressies by Nik and the kids, and the family. Thank you. Love you x

  8. This week… Life was definately smiling in my direction.
    Each morning I woke with a spring in my step and felt like I could take on the world. With days warm and sunny, and the nights made for fluffy slippers and feather down doonas perfect for snuggling. My work bought me so much joy with the people I met, the books I sold, the couples I married and the brides that rang me excited to plan thier wedding day. My children made me laugh and cry with thier funny little ways, but best of all I am now 7 days closer to leaving for Italy. Thank you Universe.

  9. It’s been a fabby week, my parents booked their flights from Scotland and are visiting in October. WE booked our flight to visit My husbands parents for xmas in ARIZONA, AND I picked up a stunning Witchery top and vintage Oroton bag from the Op shop. xxxx

  10. Nikki!
    This week, I had the privilege of meeting a new client, who purchased a special ‘re-marque’ print from my fan page, and the best part! They found me because of my donation to your competition prizes, and I’ve also made the leap into red bubble making some of my artwork available as cards… this has been on my to-do list for years!

  11. My Week was well and truly fabulous when a much younger woman complimented me on my “wonderful cleavage”. I had bought a pushup bra/corselet two years ago and only this week managed to squeeze into it but obviously the results are worth the effort.

  12. WHAT A WEEK !!! Rollercoaster week everyone wants to buy a house !!!! buy of the week would have to be my REORDER of pink stickers to go on my signs SOLD BY BELINDA etc dont mind paying for those !!! lol lol Looking forward to mothers day my son is going to cook me breakfast lunch and dinner, how sweet all good have a nice weekend x

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