Do you have a gift for gift buying?

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I’ve talked about gift buying before.  I truly believe everyone falls into two camps:  those who get it and those who don’t. 

Whatever the occasion, there are those who rise to it and find just THE thing for the person being celebrated and there are those who don’t have a clue.

And I don’t want to even mention those who don’t even bother!

I got chatting with Bronnie Curnow of Beautiful Gifts about this and she agreed.  The biggest mistake people make is that they buy for themselves, not the person on the receiving end of their gift, she says.

And Bronnie should know.  Beautiful Gifts is is an online gift store where you can find gifts for every occasion including birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, children’s gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, Christmas gifts, baby gifts, pet gifts and many more.  Products include plush toys, aroma reeds, candles, jewellery, bags, bath & body with brands such as Royal Doulton, Christopher Vine Design, Glamour Academy, Nougat, Doog, Safade, Lollia, and Twist & Pout.   Best of all they come exquisitely wrapped, so that job’s done too.  Bronnie’s also got a blog too.

I asked Bronnie to guest blog for Styling You in my ongoing campaign to have all people skilled in the art of gift giving.  She’s not only done that but also offered two prizes for Styling You readers.  Read on for details on how to win one.

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Do you have the knack for finding just the right gift for someone else?  Beautiful Gifts has two Lollia candles prizes to give away to those who do.   This brand is huge in the US and has featured on the OPRAH. 

First prize: Large Lollia candle – burn time of up to 240hrs, $99.95

Second prize: Small candle – burn time of up to 80hrs, $59.95

All you need to do is leave a comment below letting me know what’s the best gift you have ever bought for someone and why?  The competition closes May 26, 2010.

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  1. Thanks so much for entering everyone – and more importantly sharing your gift giving ideas with Styling You readers. You are all special caring people!
    The winners of the Lollia candles are … Elly and Jenni.

  2. I love shopping for gifts and always try to think of something that will make the receiver smile. Even with my corporate gifts I try to avoid the usual impersonal suspects that scream either ‘i don’t really know who you are’ or worse ‘I don’t care’. I am also a bit crafty so often handmake something special for people, something I find that most people really appreciate in this commercial day and age.

  3. All the gifts i give are highly personalised, i’m always observing and listening to what people say, and not necessarily the blatant comments like “ohhh i really want that for my birthday” the soft subtle things they pick up or mention they wish they had. One of the first ones i recall was many years ago as a teenager my Aunt passed comment around the Christmas table how the only thing missing was a lovely gravy boat so next year i bought her a gravy boat and the year after a beautiful gravy spoon to go with it. My 17 yr old teenage daughter was being her usual cheeky self and when asked what she wanted for Christmas she would only answer with ” All i want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus” 😀 So after much searching i found her a beautiful Hippo Pandora Charm and bracelet. The joy i get is from seeing their joy with receiving something that they will use and enjoy for many years to come.

  4. The best gift I have ever bought was a “momento” photo book for my Mum’s 50th birthday. It took me over 30 hours to scan all the photos and arrange them into the software … but the result was amazing. My Mum LOVED it and in fact it turned into the biggest talking point as it got passed around the table and everyone started remembering things that had happened, people that were no longer with us, places they had lived. It was just truly amazing and I would not hesitate to do the same for other family members for milestone birthdays!

  5. The best gift I ever give to my mom was a chinese gem bracelet. I never given her real pricey gift before due financial issues. Since I had enough, I thought of giving her chinese gem bracelet for birthday’s day and it was $50. It was the last one on the table at the local craft fair. I thought it was pretty. She could use it when she goes out. She loves it, even her friends got jealous! lol.

  6. Just wanted to update that my Dads partner loved her pressie, she was over the moon. Last year she had breast cancer which was found early, thankfully but she has been a bit down since. So the present really picked her up and made her feel special. I love making people feel like that 🙂 Oh and my brother loved his too… Country Road gift voucher. He has had his eye on a jacket in there and now he can get it.

  7. I like giving surprise gifts to my cleaning customers, movie tickets, taking them to lunch, free fridge cleans etc, I really appreciate their support, if it wasn’t for the customers, I wouldn’t have a business. I love my customers, what can I say…

  8. As it is our business to make sure people buy awesome gifts … we have simply too many great ones to mention. However, my absolute personal favourites are the gifts that have obviously taken a lot of thought and have come straight from the heart. Whether it be that expensive watch that will just blow them away or a simple photo frame with a gorgeous photo of you and your loved one – as long as it demonstrates that the recipient was absolutely #1 priority when purchasing.

    Remember though – the gift is only part of it. Any gift NOT giftwrapped, is not a gift at all. Oh yeah…and the surprise element. What has happened to the surprise element!!! I refuse to give gifts to my friends/family that they know about. Be imaginative (or now for the cheeky plug … come and see us and we will be imaginative). xx

  9. I actually had to buy two presents this week… one for my Dad’s partner and one from my brother. I bought Dad’s partner a pamper voucher for a massage, facial etc and I bought my brother a fragrance gift set from Myer. Everyone usually loves the pressents I buy them and they rave about them for ages afterwards, so I must do something right 🙂

  10. I really love giving experiences and making memories rather than giving gifts that clutter up friends’ homes, so the best ones are theatre tickets!! Plan to take the recipient out for dinner before, or coffee after, and go to a show they would love! OR tickets to see a great comedian like Ross Noble, or Frank Woodley makes for an hilarious night, and lots of shared jokes afterwards!

  11. The best gift I ever bought someone was a cross stitch tapestry I bought and sewed for my Mum for her birthday last year. She loved it because it was of frogs (which she loves, strange!) and I had taken the time to stitch it for her. She shows everyone who comes to her house lol.
    Great Blog!

  12. My parents helped my husband and I out heaps the year that our second child was born and we wanted to get them something special as a thank you present. I’m a big believer in experiencing new things so we bought them a hot air balloon ride, with a champagne breakfast which they just loved.

  13. Buying a gift is extremely difficult if for someone who has everything. However, for to buy for some people like my wife it is easy, perfume, a pair of shoes, lingerie etc, and she is in 7th heaven.
    I love your blog, very well presented.

    Have a wonderful day.

  14. I am following Styling You on Twitter. I shared the contest. I am @kammikoza. I am a fan of Styling You on Facebook. I shared the contest w/ over 300 friends on fb. I would love to use those daily! =) I subscribed Styling You blog

  15. The best gift I have bought was also the cheapest I ever bought. For my Dad’s 60th I put on my creative hat and put together a powerpoint presentation (how very newage!) of things that make me think of him – it was complete with bad Dad jokes I have grown up with, family traditions and in-house family jokes. It reduced him, and other members of my family to tears of laughter while simultaneously warming their hearts. All I paid for was the printing and laminating of it, but that gift lives on – he shows it to EVERYONE!

  16. I love giving gifts that will make people laugh. Last year, two of my friends got married. He is lazy, loves fast food so I bought him something stupid but funny – a hot dog machine which basically warms the bun and the sausage (after it’s been cooked). As a more serious and lovely gift, I also bought them a $60 gift voucher to a dessert café that specialised in massive gelato/ice-cream meals! I am sure they both loved this gift, him loving junk food and she loving gelato.

  17. I like to give personal gifts especially to my mum – for mothers day a couple of years ago I bought coasters that you could personalise with your own photos. For her birthday this year I bought a memory book – a book which you fill out about memories you have of your mum. She loved them both!

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