Work out what bra is best for you? Videos show you how

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Buying a new bra is sometimes up there with swimwear … something we have to do but often akin to pulling teeth.

I guess any time when we’ve got to strip down to almost nothing in front of a mirror under harsh lighting, we’re not going to be getting too excited.  But as a stylist, I’m here to tell you that correct-fitting underwear is crucial to looking your very best every day.

The absolute worst thing you can do is not try the bra on.  The second worst thing you can do is not get good advice on your purchase.  Not only are boobies all different sizes, they are all different shapes.  You need to persevere to find the one that’s just right for your set! To help you on the path, before you get to the store, Berlei has created a number of really, really informative videos that will help narrow down your search.  There are even videos specific for maternity bras and fuller figures. With two out of three Australiam women still wearing the wrong bra size this is an invaluable tool for the time poor and allows you to work out the perfect fit from your own home.

Take a look below.

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