Fabulous Friday April 16: what’s made your week?

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In honour of my new-look blog, this is my new weekly post, Fabulous Friday.  Every week, I’ll share a little about my week, the good stuff (I’m not into the negative), a little retail therapy and a few fun moments.  Then it’s your turn.  What made your week?  Did you find a fashion bargain?  See a great movie?  Read an inspirational book?  Leave a comment below.

1.  Embracing The Year of Being Kind to Myself.  This is what I’ve declared (to myself) that this year is.  Last year, I punished my body through some hardcore personal training and ended up getting sick every three weeks.  BIG SIGN THAT THIS WAS NOT WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING.  Too much stress on a body whose immune system was already compromised from living with Hashimotos (an auto-immune disease) for 10 years.  Up until this year, I’ve mainly “treated” it through use of thyroid medication. This year, I decided to investigate a little further and stumbled across Sarah Wilson’s posts on her battle with Hashimotos.  CHANGED MY LIFE.  I’ve gone all zen, embraced yoga, walks to the beach every morning and made some radical changes to what goes in my mouth (a lot less champers for starters and I’m now a gluten-free girl).  Feeling SO much better – still a way to go but glad I’m finally getting somewhere.  (Must remember how good I’m feeling sans alcohol when on hen’s weekend in Byron Bay this weekend … must!)

2.  My website button. Since starting my blog almost two years ago, I’ve discovered a big wide world of fabulous people in the blogging and social networking community, including Sarah Wilson above.  I love “meeting” people and finding out how they got to be where they are now.  One such person is Bree Lawson.  Bree’s new blog, www.theblogstylist.com is about blogging – but written in a way that if you’re new to the game, you’ll be able to understand what she’s on about.  She’s a former beauty editor and online beauty ed and she writes posts on how to make your blog work better. This week she made me a website button after writing a post to explain about buttons.  Thanks Bree … hope to see my button popping up everywhere. (hint, hint  people … grab the code from my website and post it on yours … if you have a button, let me know)

3.  Buy of the week:  Tulipani Union Square t-shirt ($114.95) I’m a big fan of this label designed and created here on the Sunshine Coast and sold all around Australia.  Yes, an Australian-made label … they do still exist! Loving this over-sized tee, with sequinned and ribbon detailing.  Very now and a perfect trans-seasonal piece worn with jeans or slim-leg pants.  As it cools down, simply add a blazer. Available online at High Heels Mooloolaba.

4.  Lust-have:  This photo’s gone straight to the vision board.  Yes, I’ve found my new dream car.  It’s compact, yet more like a small SUV, it’s got a hatch boot with fold-down seats for my clothing racks and it comes in the red or black of my corporate colours.  Can’t you just see the Styling You logo on the side?  The car in question in the newly launched BMW X1, with which I got up close and personal at last Friday’s launch at Coastline BMW

5.  OMG moment:  Received an email earlier this week announcing that I’d been nominated in this year’s Sunshine Coast Style Awards.  Am beside myself – I’m supposed to style others for things like this.  What on earth am I going to wear?  Best bit … the awards are on opening night of Sex and the City 2 at Noosa Cinemas.  Feel free to join me … would love the moral support.

6.  Proud mum moment:  My eldest son (he’s almost 15) was the only entrant from his school to make the state finals of the Brain Bee Neuroscience Competition.  Completely baffled as to where this maths-science brain has come from but have checked the birth certificate again … yes, he is mine!  He’ll probably kill me for posting this photo but that’s him catching a wave at Mooloolaba over Easter.  No pressure, Ben, but if you could win the nationals then we can both go to the international finals in the US and I can meet my new American blogging friends … and maybe shop?

So, now over to you … what’s made your week?  Leave a comment below.

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  2. I made it through Week !!! as gone back to school to do my principals license for the real estate, all good though they dont tell you in the fine print assignments !!! so have taken some time off to do them and just be a mum ( working from home still show must go on !!! ) i am cooking cleaning and buying kitchenware where has Bel gone !!!!! so not me !!! kids are loving it so it is great to just unwind and play with playdough etc with little ones and hang out with the big ones its nice to take a moment !!! before it all happens, so thats me buy for the week would be homewares for the house from freedom, great catalogue out at present, and Room Seven on net also homewares georgeous linen etc !! i am going to get house sorted then shout myself day at plaza for a few winter pieces for myself so will keeping an eye on your site for great buys !!! belx

  3. We will take you up on that Byron offer soon, btw you should stay at Thomson Cottage, it’s beautiful, right on the sand dunes! We just got back from Phuket! I am loving the temperature over there. Hate winter :-(. Ps I think Luba is stuck in Norway due to volcano ash.eek xx Catch up soon love A xx

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    Oh, Adrienne, thanks so much! And that husband of yours, I’ll tell you again … KEEPER!! Miss you too. Was just at Byron for the night and thought of you guys. Would love to have a night there with you both!xx

  5. Hey Nik, of course you would be nominated for a Style Award!! You are Gorgeous! Hope young Benny comes thru as well and wins a trip to usa, Chelsea is sure he is brainy enough. Anyway am loving your fabulous Friday Blog. My week was made fantastic by my lovely husband having my brother in law Dave in new york send me an i pad for our 16th wedding anniversary. Too sweet. Also maanged to get a pair of True Religion Jeans I have been loving for $200 off in DJs sale!! Yeeha . Miss you guys Love A 🙂 xx ps get that BMW girl xx

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  7. Congratulations Nikki, I would love to support you on Award night.
    Happy highlight for me this week was hearing the positive feedback from the guests I took on retreat last month. To see the happy changes within them is such a reward for me. I love my job!

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