Will you do a double-take on Double Denim?

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I roll with a lot of fashion trends.  It’s my job to do so, after all.

But this one had me stopped right in my Spring/Summer ’10 catwalk tracks.

Every glossy magazine I open this month is espousing the virtues of Double Denim.  The same magazines that last month would have listed this as a crime – not a trend!

For the uninitiated, Double Denim, is the act of wearing more than one item of denim – in the same outfit.  Also known as Denim on Denim.

Circa 1983 this look had a SPECIAL stone or acid wash look to it.  High-waisted denim teamed with a denim jacket … and probably a perm.  For younger readers, think Kath Day-Knight.  Yes, it was not pretty.

Which is why I’m really not coping with the world’s fashion elite now telling us to embrace the look.

Apparently it’s ok because the look has gone down the catwalk at Dolce & Gabbana and Chloe.  Closer to home, Country Road isn’t teaming blue denim with blue denim (yet!) but they are selling a denim shirt that looks suspiciously like the one I purchased in 1990 from their very store.   It was called chambray back then.

Country Road Indigo Western shirt $99; white slub tunic $49.95; Late Night Darted Knee Detailed jean $129; Rich Brown Tess Suede ankle boot $199. www.countryroad.com.au

And apparently it’s ok to embrace Double Denim as long as you follow some simple rules:

  1. 1. Wear two denim pieces in the one outfit.  Just make sure that they are in different tones, eg dark denim with light.
  2. 2. Add tan accessories – belts and shoes – to break up the sea of denim. 
  3. 3. Make sure your denim pieces are not embellished or detailed in their design. You are making enough of a statement without studs or dirty washes.

Mmmm, so much effort to make a really bad fashion trend work.  I’m with fashionising.com – this website is on a campaign to rid the fashion world of this disturbing trend.

Who’s with us?  (Leave a comment below!)

PS.  Those who lived through Double Denim the first time round – and survived – will also be THRILLED to know that the brogue is back too.  Denim jeans, (his) denim shirt and tan loafers?   Oh, help me alight from this fashion Ferris wheel.  NOW.

Dolce & Gabbana S/S '10Dolce & Gabbana S/S '10

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  3. I totally agree!! Ever since the Irish girl band ‘Bewitched’ insisted on bringing back this look (again!!) in the early 90s, it is one fashion trend I will never wear!

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