What fashion trends will you embrace at work this autumn/winter?

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A new fashion season is upon us.  I realise that everyone’s excitement levels may not be as high as mine but indulge me a little …

A new fashion season is not just an opportunity to go shopping (although that is a definite upside for me), it’s a chance to re-visit some favourite wardrobe pieces which you may have forgotten about after flouncing around in floaty frocks for six months.

The big plus about the weather cooling down, is that it’s a whole lot easier to look “dressed up” when you are able to wear a number of layers. Try to do that in summer and you will melt from heat exhaustion before you even leave the front door!

So what are the key Autumn/Winter 2010 trends that may make into your working wardrobe?

1. The black blazer.  This is your go-to garment for the season ahead.  Allocate a sizeable chunk of your new-season budget to this key piece.  Look for a version with shoulder details but for wardrobe longevity, make sure the shoulder statement isn’t too Dynasty 1982.  Wear during the week with tailored pants and silk tops; wear at the weekend with jeans and a tee.

Country Road double breaster blazer $299 Metallic tank $79.95 Pleat-front pants $199 www.countryroad.com.au

2. Pastels.  Another throwback to the ’80s.  Take care that your chosen hue (think lilac, camel, soft grey, white and nude) doesn’t wash out your skin tone.  For a piece that fits this trend but one you’ll still wear next winter, invest in a light coloured trench.

Hussy Labyrinth Shift Sky $298 www.hussy.com.au

3.  Draped dresses.  This is your chance to show your feminine side.  Choose the right cut and this style is oh, so flattering.  Add a black blazer, opaque tights and ankle boots for work;  swap boots for platformed pumps for a night out at the weekend.

This is Genevieve dress. Ph 03 9826 5460

4.  Boots – ankle or over the knee.  This season boots are one extreme or the other.  There are tricks to wearing either as both trends are not for the faint-hearted.  Ankle boots give the illusion of chopping your legs off – to avoid this wear black ankle boots with black opaque tights.  Over-the-knee boots need extreme confidence, great legs and a fashion-forward attitude or else you risk a Julia Roberts-Pretty Woman moment!

Betts Mo boot $129.99 www.betts.com.au

 Betts Willow boot $139.99 www.betts.com.au


5.  Pants – jeggings or front-pleated.  Two extremes again.  Jeggings are leggings shaped like skinny leg jeans.  They are great for most body shapes – it just depends on what you where with them.  Front-pleated pants are not flattering if your belly is the thing you most like to disguise.  Pleats have the opposite effect!

Country Road Stripe Longline knit $129 Seam Detail Skinny Jeans $129 Washed Leather Clutch $189  Suede ankle boots $199 www.countryroad.com.au

Like any new fashion season, navigate your way carefully around new trends.  Not all trends will suit all people.  Find the one or two that do and your wardrobe will be refreshed – in a good way!

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  1. ill be fashionable & bright this winter at work, hopefully to motivate me & the other staff. Im wearing colourful leggings already, with different winter dresses/skirts & Long Black Boots…

  2. Grab Denim are also doing an awesome blue jean denim jegging with all the right distress marks – the best jegging I’ve seen yet (and I have the Country Road ones)
    Make sure you get a size smaller than your usual because they will stretch as you wear them.
    I haven’t seen them on the Grab website but you can find them in-store at DFO Brisbane Airport. David Jones and Universal stores also stock Grab so try there too.
    Good luck.

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