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I’m very lucky (on many counts!) when it comes to accessing great fashion and loving it for a short time. 

In my role as co-host of fashion@ events, I’m dressed for the evening by the host boutique.  Inevitably I fall in lust with said outfit and proceed to rationalise not getting changed after the event back into my jeans and simply handing over my credit details. It’s a fashion trap.  There I am, feeling all glam and lovely … but would I really wear the gorgeous frock again? 

But before you get all antsy and think that it’s all very nice for that Nikki chick and that you’d give anything to be able to “borrow” a dress for the night, I have the answer. 

This genius of a site, lets you “browse” by designer, style or occasion and then you can rent your chosen garment or garments for so much per week. (They also let you know the retail price of the garment you have your eye one so you KNOW just how much you are “saving”.)  When you’re finished with your piece, simply return – no drycleaning costs! 

DressedUp offers the latest designer dresses from the likes of Nicola Finetti, Wayne Cooper and Manning Cartell to internationally coveted labels Rachael Gilbert and Camilla.  On the downside, sizing is generally only up to a 12 but if you are 12 and above, do look at designs by caftan queen, Camilla.  Camilla designs can be one-size fits all. 

Your dress will arrive beautifully wrapped and delivered within 1-4 days.   

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