Charmed, I’m sure. Free Vivid Charms gift with purchase.

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The concept of charm jewellery has been around for years –  I still remember my Nan’s charm bracelet she proudly wore when I was a kid.  She had a different charm for each of her trips she did with my Pop.  There was a world of wonder on that wrist.

Melbourne’s Santina Perin saw a gap in the jewellery market and set about creating a business offering jewellery pieces as individual as you. She has taken the trend for modern charm bracelets and sourced charms that are fun – and collectable.  And they clip on.

Stretchy bracelet with silver heart $24.95


Start with a bracelet (or necklace) and choose a charm or two.  My current faves are the egg-shaped charms (the perfect guilt-free Easter treat) and I’m a sucker for all things fashion and shoe related!

For a limited time only*, Styling You readers will receive a gift of a pair crystal earrings valued at $15 (pictured below) with every purchase over $25.

* After payment is processed return to the Vivid Charms Jewellery website. Click on “Contact Us”.  Send an email stating your your name, number and email address.  In the comments section, type Styleme.  This will then validate the free offer.


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